Yamato 2199 Groupwatch – Episode 4

An important episode… One that sets a lot of moving parts into action. Watch the episode, drop by and let’s chat!

Apprentice Mages Lounge.

Explosions!  Drama!  Aliens!  Romance!  This episode has all the stuff that defines a space opera…

Screenshot (202)

So, let’s hit the jump and check out this episode!

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Yamato 2199 group watch – Eps 1 & 2

Three years have passed, and this is still one of my favorite shows ever. Time to give it a rewatch.

Apprentice Mages Lounge.

And, we’re underway!   Strap in and enjoy the ride, because we’re in for 26 weeks of sci-fi action, adventure, and more as and more we watch the reboot of Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199!

Why did I choose a video from an unrelated franchise to head my post?  Hit the jump and find out!

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