About the Apprentice Mages Lounge:

This blog actually started a couple of years ago, in the comments section of iblessall’s Mage in a Barrel…  Back then, he posted regular weekly comments on the currently anime he was watching and it became a thing for readers to post their own down in the comments section.  But, as it happens as time passes, his focus eventually shifted away from those weekly  posts.

My hope is to resurrect those weekly discussions and to encourage interaction between readers here.

That’s also the genesis of the name Apprentice Mages Lounge – to honor the blog that inspired this one, and to emphasize that it’s a place to hang out and chat.

About your humble host:

I’m fifty something, and a resident of the great Pacific Northwet.  I saw my first anime way back in the 70’s when Star Blazers was airing while I was in high school.   About the same time the mini-series Shogun appeared, sparking a life long interest in Japanese culture and history.  (I’m actually something of a history nerd, having been active in the Society For Creative Anachronism for nearly thirty years now.)  Mostly my interest in anime lay dormant for years other than occasionally watching a series on Toonami.  But then we got a Netflix subscription and began working our way through all the Miyazaki films…  and the Sailor Moon reboot was announced…  and a friends daughter was heavy into this site called “Crunchyroll”…  and we bought a Roku…  We started watching current season anime with the Winter 2014 season and have never looked back.

You may have noticed I shifted from “I” to “we” there in the last paragraph…  My lovely bride (of 26 years as of this writing) is also an otaku.  We mostly watch the same shows, but also have our own interests.  She likes horror and mystery, which I loathe…  but rarely watches CGDCT and can take or leave most slice-of-life series (which are among my favorites).

You can see what I’ve watched and am watching at my page at Anime Planet.

Wrapping this up before it gets too long…  As I said above, I’m a history nerd and many other sorts of nerd as well.  I love to cook and to bake bread (not so much sweets though) and love a good single malt Scotch.  Though I don’t make much about it (because I don’t like others making a fuss over me), I’m also a veteran.  Ten years in the United States Navy Submarine Service back in the bad ol’ days of the Cold War.

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