A beginner bowl of Ramen

Pork ramen in serving bowl.

Long time readers will probably recall that I love food & cooking and am fascinated by Japanese cuisine…  I’ve been wanting to make ramen for a long time, but authentic ramen is so daunting!  Then, last week, an opportunity fell into my lap to make a basic bowl from scratch.

Grab your chopsticks, hit the jump, and let’s dig in!
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An update, looking forward, and some mid-season reviews.

So anyhow, I have managed to catch up on a few anime…  Some I’m watching and some we’re watching.  Since we’re coming up on mid-season, I decided to go with a few quick season reviews rather than try to review a ton of individual episodes.

So hit the jump, let’s chat about what I’m caught up on, look at what the next few weeks are going to look like, and talk about the featured image.

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With a heavy heart.

Screenshot (469)
If you follow my Twitter, you no doubt saw the news…  My mother passed away unexpectedly on Thursday.  So, for now, I’m on indefinite hiatus.

Screenshot (380)

This is…  especially hard because my Dad died a few years back.  And my other parents (my in laws) before that.

The funeral is the week after next, and then I go into the annual madness of the Kitsap County Fair…  So the hiatus will likely last at least through the end of August.  I have a few editorial pieces I may work on as my head allows, but I make no promises.

Bear with me folks, it’s a rough time but I will be back despite all the crazy in my life.  This blog, this community, is an important part of my life.

Worth Reading – 7/15/2019

Screenshot (150)

In this edition…  Shirobako, Land of the Lustrous, some thoughts on the responsibility of anime fans, and a couple of AMV’s.

Hit the jump and take a look at what’s Worth Reading!
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Summer 2019 – First Impressions – Part II

Fire Force - the Infernal emerges
Following up with more premieres and first impressions, and a look at how solid (or not) this season looks to be.  Ready or not, here it is – hit the jump and let’s dive right in!
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Favorite Anime OP’s & OP Bingo! – Week 5 (Finale!) and the winners!

05 Anime OP Bingo - Week 5

And now…  the big reveal!  Who guessed the final squares?  Who wins the prize?  Whose cuisine will reign supreme!?!

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Favorite Anime OP’s & OP Bingo! – Week 4

04 Anime OP Bingo - Week 4.jpg

Went geocaching on Sunday, and was tired as heck on Mon…  and it entirely slipped my mind that this post was due!  Jeez, what’s the point in having content ready to go and then forgetting about it?

So, let’s hit the jump and chat about this week’s OP’s!

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Looking back – Spring 2015 (Featuring Sound! Euphonium.)

Once again it’s time to look back four years to see what I was watching back then and talk about what I thought of it then and think of it now.  Since its Spring 2019, that means it’s time to look at Spring 2015.

Screenshot (406).png
Sound Euphonium

Hit the jump and let’s travel back in time to Spring 2015!

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Spring 2019 – Week 12(ish)

Screenshot (161).png
A few quick observations so as not to totally lose my momentum…

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Season 3 Part 2 – Episode 9 / Episode 58

Well, now we know where Eren got his tendency towards self indulgent/self pitying monologues…  He comes by it honest, inherited from his father.  (I kid…  Mostly.)

Speaking of inheritances, I’m still working out the implications of Eren possessing Royal blood and the Founding Titan.

A fascinating episode, fraught with portents for the future.  We’re in for less action and more politics I’m afraid.

Joshi Kausei Episode 12 (Finale)

I wish they’d chose more chapters from the manga like this one…  Joshi Kausei was always at it’s best when it’s just the friends derping around doing goofy stuff just because.

Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life Episode 12

Is it just me, or was the episode mostly filler(ish) so they could cliffhanger for the finale?

Senryu Girl (Senryuu Shoujo) Episode 12 (Finale)

There were two things many viewers wanted out of this show as the season progressed.  One was to see Eiji and Nanako become a canon couple.  We didn’t get that.  The other, was to see their first meeting…  and we did get that!  I don’t know if it lived up to anyone else’s expectations, but I was smiling all through the episode.  I won’t call it perfect, but it was pretty damn good.

I also wanted to talk a little about Eiji’s senryu…

Dear Mr. Santa
Can you convince my old man
Not to smoke in bed

I actually thought it was pretty good.  A nice blend of the childish (Santa) with the adult (concern for safety and health).  Seems to me about right for a first year high school student.  Others often see Eiji as a violent thug, but the poem once again reminds us (the viewers) that there’s more to that book than the cover.

Any thoughts?  Drop a comment and let’s chat!