Spring 2020 – First Impressions – Part I

Screenshot (218)
Even though it’s cool and grey outside, it’s Spring 2020 by the anime calendar. That means it’s time to dive in and check out the first batch of new shows. Hit the jump and let’s see what survives my first encounter.
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Angel Beats – a brief retrospective

Turns out that Angel Beats premiered ten years ago today…

This was an important show in my development as an otaku.  I’d been kinda getting into anime and watching stuff on Netflix, and while I’d enjoyed most nothing had actually clicked.  I don’t know why I picked Angel Beats, but within a few episodes I was seriously hooked and ended up marathoning it across two days.

When my wife got home from work, I convinced her to sit down and give it a try.  And even though I’d just finished it hours before – I sat right down and rewatched it.  My first ever rewatch, and one of only a handful of immediate rewatches.  (The last immediate rewatch that I can recall is Laid Back Camp – two years ago in the Winter 2018 season.)

So, a question for you…  What show struck you like a bolt of lightning?  What show changed you in a measurable way?  Drop a comment and let’s chat!

Let’s look forward to Spring 2020

Fruits Basket - Choosing the onigiri!

Welcome to my Spring 2020 anticipation post! Some choices are easy, sequels, continuations, adaptations of material I’m familiar with… The rest, working from ad blurbs and PVs on YouTube… Sometimes it’s like reading tea leaves. Through the wrong end of a telescope.

Anyhow, hit the jump and let’s take a look at the upcoming season!
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Winter 2020 – Week 6/7 & Midseason thoughts.

Chihayafuru - Harada and Suo face the luck of the draw.
Mid point of the season…  Time to make a gut check and see what shows are really worth continuing to watch, and which shows aren’t.  Hit the jump and let’s see what makes the cut!
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Winter 2020 – Week 3/4 – The Three Week Rule!

Madoka Magia Record - Tomoe Mami
It’s the (in)famous Week Three – when most series have put their cards on the table or had their first big twist.  And rightly or wrongly, when a lot of viewers decide to keep the show or give it the boot.

Which shows did I keep?  Which did I drop?  Which are still on the precipice?  Hit the jump and find out!
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Weathering with You – a Worth Reading special edition.

Weathering with You - Tenki no Ko - Hina and shrine
Makato Shinkai’s latest film hit the theaters last week, and many anime bloggers are posting their thoughts…  I’ve rounded up ones I’ve read and enjoyed and present them in this special edition of Worth Reading.  (Along with a fumbling mini-review and some of my own.)

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Winter 2020 – Week 2

Chihayafuru Ep 14 - Dr Harada
Wow…  Chihayafuru certainly delivered and then some this week!  If I chose an Episode of the Week, it would take the prize hands down.  Hit the jump and read about this and all the rest of this week’s episodes.  (Including the last of the premieres.)
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