Anime Playlist – an update.

Haven’t posted anything about my anime playlist in a bit, so I guess it’s time to update with my latest additions and thoughts.

Recent Additions:

Recovery of an MMO Junkie
Net-juu no Susume / “Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life”
Saturday Night Question – Megumi Nakajima

Rewatched MMO Junkie a couple of months back – and realized that I watched and listened to the OP every time.  Maybe I didn’t fall in love the first time around, but I certainly did this time.


Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!
(Eizōken ni wa Te o Dasu na!)
Chelmico – Easy Breezy

I watched the OP every single week, and loved it. But when I listened to the complete song, I didn’t like it so much. Still, wanted to share it because it’s a fun tune.  And an anime very much worth watching if you haven’t.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!
Otome Gēmu no Hametsu Furagu Shika Nai Akuyaku Reijō ni Tensei Shite Shimatta
angela – There’s More Than Just One Route For a Maiden!

Another song that fell into the “great OP, didn’t like the full song” category…  I think I liked the OP because of how neatly the music and animation were integrated.  You don’t often see it so very well done.


What OP’s have you enjoyed recently?  Bought any new anime music?  Drop a comment and let’s chat.

Summer 2020 – Looking ahead with hope!

Screenshot (159)
When I was kid…  Always looked forward to summer, long lazy days…  the beach…  and when I got older, yard chores.  Oh, wait, I didn’t look forward to that part.  Despite all the crazy in the world, and the changes to the upcoming season, still looking forward, so let’s take a peak into the crystal ball!
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Spring 2020 – Ending not with a bang, but with a whimper.

OK, despite not actually covering much of the season…(For which I apologize, it’s been a stressful few weeks.)  Thought I’d try and get out at least a few lines on the few shows that, between drops and delays, managed to make it through the season.

Hit the jump and let’s dive in!
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Photography in Anime – Photographic Genres – Sing Yesterday Episode 5

Sing Yesterday - Portrait photography
Minato’s thoughts on photography inspired a few thoughts of my own on the topic… I agree with him on some things, disagree on others.  I also look at other ways he can indulge in his budding passion for documentary photography.

Hit the jump and let’s look at some pictures!

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Sentai Spring Sale – an experiment in unboxing

Anime Unboxing
Like many people, I spent a little money on Sentai’s recent Spring Sale…  They always have great bargains on DVD’s and BD’s.  When the box dropped on my doorstep yesterday, I decided to try something new – shooting a series of unboxing photographs.

How did it turn out?  Hit the jump and find out!
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Spring 2020 – The Season So Far.

Price of Smiles - times like these.

A bit hard to write creatively what with everything going on, but I’m going to do my best to get back on that beast and keep going… So, hit the jump and let’s dive into what’s left of my anime season.

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Spring 2020 – First Impressions – Part I

Screenshot (218)
Even though it’s cool and grey outside, it’s Spring 2020 by the anime calendar. That means it’s time to dive in and check out the first batch of new shows. Hit the jump and let’s see what survives my first encounter.
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Angel Beats – a brief retrospective

Turns out that Angel Beats premiered ten years ago today…

This was an important show in my development as an otaku.  I’d been kinda getting into anime and watching stuff on Netflix, and while I’d enjoyed most nothing had actually clicked.  I don’t know why I picked Angel Beats, but within a few episodes I was seriously hooked and ended up marathoning it across two days.

When my wife got home from work, I convinced her to sit down and give it a try.  And even though I’d just finished it hours before – I sat right down and rewatched it.  My first ever rewatch, and one of only a handful of immediate rewatches.  (The last immediate rewatch that I can recall is Laid Back Camp – two years ago in the Winter 2018 season.)

So, a question for you…  What show struck you like a bolt of lightning?  What show changed you in a measurable way?  Drop a comment and let’s chat!

Let’s look forward to Spring 2020

Fruits Basket - Choosing the onigiri!

Welcome to my Spring 2020 anticipation post! Some choices are easy, sequels, continuations, adaptations of material I’m familiar with… The rest, working from ad blurbs and PVs on YouTube… Sometimes it’s like reading tea leaves. Through the wrong end of a telescope.

Anyhow, hit the jump and let’s take a look at the upcoming season!
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