Looking back – Spring 2014

Just for fun, each season I’m going to look back four years to see what I was watching back then and talk about what I thought of it then and now.  Since it’s Spring 2018, that means it’s time to look at Spring 2014 and cringe (or not) at what I watching back in my larval days.

Screenshot (406).png

Hit the jump and let’s travel back in time to Spring 2014!

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Spring 2018 – Week 5

Well, here we are for another week of fast hot takes on what I’ve watched this week, along with some links to interesting views elsewhere.  Hit the jump and let’s dive right in shall we?

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Anime OP AMVs, crossovers & parodies…

I know, I know.  A couple of weeks back I said that “it’s unusual to use the music from one anime to make an AMV for another”….  But there’s actually a special case where that’s less unusual.  Combining the OP track from one anime with footage from a second anime to create a crossover or parody opening sequence.

NNB Ren chon

And why does Renge feature as my introductory image?  You’ll have to hit the jump to find out!
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Yamato 2199 Group Watch – Episode 25

Last Episode – Memories of the Blue Planet

I have watched the 2199 finale.  Twice.  I have cried. Twice.  I still have no dammed idea how to write about it.

But I guess I can no longer avoid it…
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Spring 2018 – Week 4

Another week, another roundup of this week’s shows.

This week’s surprise discovery – a character’s name in a series this season has an unexpected real world meaning. What character? What meaning? You’ll have to read the entry to find out!

Seriosuly, I love sharing the odd side bits of information I find when researching shows.

Anyhow, hit the jump and let’s get right to it!

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Yamato 2199 Group Watch – Episode 25

Episode 24 – Battle Without End (The Forever War)

Screenshot (628)

Racing for to deliver Earth’s salvation – Yamato faces another deadly hurdle.  Will she survive?  Will Earth survive?

Hit the jump and let’s find out!
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Spring 2018 – Week 3

This week, mostly fast hot takes and I go full-bore grumpy old man on a couple of shows. (Hey! Maybe there’s my brand!)

If nothing else, do take a moment to read my discussion of Rokuhoudou. The second ep brings out some interesting things with regards to Japanese artisans.

So, let’s hit the jump and let’s dive right into it!
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AMV – Your Lie in April

Once again wandering around YouTube, I came across an interesting AMV…  The beautiful and haunting “Lonely Feather” (from Asterisk War / Gakusen Toshi Asterisk) used for an AMV for Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso).


Hit the jump to check it out!
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Yamato 2199 Group Watch – Episode 24

Episode 24 – The Distant Promised LandScreenshot (586)

Yamato finally reaches Iscandar… But is it really over? Hit the jump and find out!
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