Spring 2021 – Week 3

That most infamous of weeks! Week three, when either the plot is settled or the Big Twist hits. It’s also the usual point where folks make their “keep/drop” choice – and this season is unusual for me. There’s some weaker shows – but there’s no drops! Hit the jump and let’s see how each show stands.

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NANA – Anime Playlist

If, like me, you’re a fan of the classic anime NANA – there was very good news indeed this week.  After years of being unavailable, HiDive will start streaming it next Thursday (22nd of April)!

My wife and I have already decided we’ll be watching it regularly, as our schedule allows.  Haven’t seen it since it left Netflix oh-so-many years ago, can’t wait to see it again!

Anyhow, that means it’s a fine time for another edition of Anime Playlist!

Hit the jump and get ready to rock!

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Spring 2021 Week 2(ish)

Bit of a bobble this week, posting a day early because I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. As it works out, only one show gets skipped but such is life. Anyhow, we’ve got a lot to chat about so hit the jump and let’s run down this week’s episodes!

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Spring 2021 – First Impressions!

A little later than I intended… All because Steam had The Sims 4 on sale and I spent waaay too much time over the last couple of days playing it. Anyhow, I did watch a raft load of premiers and it’s time to chat about them. Hit the jump, let’s run ’em down!

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Final Episodes (and season reviews)! Ready! Go! – Winter 2021

Whew! It’s been a long, busy, crazy season! But here we are, wrapping it up. Not much to say in the intro this week, because I say lots down in the body of the post… Hit the jump and let’s run the season down!

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Laid Back Camp – Anime Playlist

As an anime season winds down, I start thinking about what music to add to my anime playlist. Winter 2021 is no exception, and yields some fine music indeed. And with so many sequels, it also lets me get caught up some on my backlog of Playlist posts!

So, without further ado, let’s hit the jump and listen to some laid back music!

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A leap of faith – Spring 2021 Anticipation!

Well, it’s that time again… Winter is fading and Spring approaches. There’s shows I’m sad to see go, shows I’m glad to be rid of. And there’s also shows to look forward to!

Hit the jump and let’s see what’s coming up for the next season!

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Plans revealed! – Winter 2021 – Week 11

I almost titled this week’s post “Endgame“, but that’s not an easy word to use lightly nowadays… Right or wrong, Avengers: Endgame loaded it with baggage and unsubtle connotations. But for Attack on Titan: Final Season and Dr. Stone: Stone Wars it’s definitely suitable.

Hit the jump, and let’s enter the endgame!

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Best Girl! – Winter 2021 – Week 10

Of course I would choose a picture of Best Girl being gleefully happy for this week’s featured image! One of the best scenes this week. (And there were a number of contenders.) Anyhow, hit the jump and let’s look at how things went this week.

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Final Arcs – Ready! Go! – Winter 2021 – Week 9

Busy, busy week as many shows are either setting up for or diving into their finale arcs! Lots to chat about this week and lots to look forward to.

Hit the jump and let’s chat!

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