Quick, hot takes – Winter 2022 – Week 9

Attack on Titan - Final Season - Annie

Last week’s weather was spring-like, and now we’re back to a bit more winterish…  And the winter season of anime is rounding the corner into the final sprint!  Hit the jump and see what happened!

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Not a bad week at all! – Winter 2022 – Week 7

My Dress Up Darling - It's only 126 episodes! Marin

Not a bad week on the anime front that is…  Crazy busy IRL Thurs and Friday, so really needed to get this out today.  And, since you’re seeing this, I obviously did.

So, without further ado, let’s hit the jump and run ’em down!

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Midseason! Winter 2022 – Week 6

My Dress Up Darling - Marin falls for Gojou

Midseason – when I traditionally give a mini-review of what I’m watching, and sometimes drop shows that aren’t really making the grade.  <drumroll>  What shows survive the cut?  Hit the jump and find out!

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AMV – Metropolis

Madhouse - Metropolis

Earlier today, ANN published Metropolis: The Lost Madhouse Masterpiece, about an anime film from the turn of the century that doesn’t get much discussion today…  Probably because it’s not streaming anywhere and as AFIAK never did.

But it reminded of this…  The first AMV I ever saw, long before I was into anime or knew what AMV’s even were.

Saw this sometime not long after the turn of the century, and regularly sought it out thereafter…  It combines music from one of my favorite albums (ELO’s seminal album Time) with imagery from the anime for a stunning whole.

We rented the movie off of Netflix many years ago, back when we were starting to watch anime, but I don’t recall it all that well.  Most that it seemed to be a bit tedious and had serious pacing problems. 

Doing some searching about, seems there’s quite a few ELO AMV’s… And of course ELO’s Prologue + Twilight is the soundtrack to one of the earliest AMV’s – the Daicon IV Opening.  May have to do a post someday.

Anyhow, just thought I’d share while it was on my mind.  Feel free to drop a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Winter 2022 – Week 4 – The Gut Punch edition.

Attack on Titan - Grisha, Zeke, Eren

All the shows are settling into their groove, except for Titan…  Which just keeps on punching the viewer in the gut.  So, let’s hit the jump and run ’em down!

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It’s that Special Week! – Winter 2022 – Week 3

Screenshot (527)


Week 3 is traditionally a make-or-break week, and I was recently reading a thing on Uma Mususme‘s second season – and I just couldn’t resist the pun.  And do you know how hard it is to come up with a weekly title sometimes?

What shows are gone in the third week?  What makes the cut?  Hit the jump and find out!

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In my backyard – Alien Worlds

(Original image courtesy of NASA.)

The week after Christmas, we had a snowstorm here…  Looking at the snow in the raking light of early morning, the landscape (snowscape?) reminded me of some of the photographs of other planets from NASA probes in the 1960’s.

So, as sometimes happens, I thought I’d share my photographs here.  Hit the jump if you’re curious.

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