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Presenting – The Apprentice Mages Lounge on Tumblr! I just set the connection up, so there’s not much there yet…  But all future posts will be cross posted.

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Adventuring with anime characters!

Over on 100 Words Anime, Karandi was asked:

Inquiring Minds Want To Know #11

Question: If you were to go on an adventure which involves fighting monsters in order to save someone important to you or to seek some great treasures, who are the anime characters who you’d love to accompany you and why? Also, what kind of ability do you want to have to defeat monsters?



Surprisingly, this took more thought than I would have expected… It turns out a well balanced party drawn from anime characters isn’t as easy as you might think.

Screenshot (526)

The traditional place for recruiting party members is the local tavern.  I sometimes picture the Apprentice Mages Lounge as a kind of gathering spot, so since we’re in the right place – so hit the jump and let’s see who I’d recruit.  Then let me know who you’d pick.

(But let’s avoid that shady looking character in the corner…)
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Yamato 2199 Group Watch – Episode 21


Episode 21 – Prison Planet 17

Screenshot (518)A busy episode with a lot going on!  Prison riots, revolutions, and a huge plot reveal…  Hit the jump and let’s get right to it?
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Winter 2018 – Week 12, the week of endings and farewells

Screenshot (513).png

Farewells are never easy, are they?  And this week we say a fond goodbye to some shows, while to others we sigh with relief and go man, I’m glad that’s done with!
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Yamato 2199 Group Watch – Episode 20


Episode 20 – Under a Rainbow Sun

Screenshot (475)This was… one hell of an episode.  One hand, it was a spectacularly directed and animated space battle.  On the other, something much more….

Hit the jump to find out what that is!
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Winter 2018 – Week 11

Screenshot (467).png

I’m trying to get each week’s cover screenshot be important and reflective of a show that week rather than just repeating a shot already used in the post…  And I think once you’ve read my review, you’ll agree with this choice.

That being said, let’s hit the jump and dive straight in!

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Hope Springs Eternal – Anticipating Spring 2018

Screenshot (159)

I used the same title last year…  But what the heck, it’s only once a year, right?  Hit the jump and let’s chat about the upcoming season and what I’m planning on watching!

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Yamato 2199 Group Watch – Episode 19


Episode 18 – They’re Here

Screenshot (450)Not an action filled episode, but a prelude to the action. Not much happens in some ways…  But it’s filled with interesting character moments, and brings past threads and events into the current context.  Most importantly, it’s setting the stage as 2199 moves towards its climax.

Hit the jump and let’s take a look!

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