Spring 2023 – First Impressions – Part II

Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury Season 2

The second, and final, batch of first impressions for Spring 2023!  Some good, some bad, some mixed impressions.  Hit the jump and let’s run ’em down.

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Spring 2023 – Anticipation, but no pun in the title.

Gundam - Witch From Mercury

He’s baaack…  and looking forward with anticipation to what could be a very good season of anime.

Hit the jump, and let’s run ’em down!

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To everything, there is a season.

Ever since I reached this decision a few months back, I’ve been agonizing over how to make this announcement.  Probably best to simply tell it straight…

Sword Art Online - YuunaWith the end of Fall 2022 season, we reach the end of weekly anime coverage here at the Lounge.


I opened the Lounge with the intent that weekly coverage of seasonal anime would be it’s centerpiece.  And for six years, for twenty four straight seasons, I’ve (more-or-less) managed to do that.  It’s the longest sustained effort I’ve ever made that wasn’t a job or my marriage.  (And just shy of 10% of my life to date!)

And along the way, there’s been a lot of laughter, tears, and good times.

But after the twin family emergencies of 2019 and the long years of COVID lockdown…  Well, I haven’t yet really recovered from either.  And the stress of having to think about every episode I watch and getting a post out each week hasn’t abated.

For my own mental health, something has to give.


Mind you, this is not goodbye!  I’m still planning on some seasonal coverage.  Anticipation posts, first impressions, mid season reviews, and season wrap ups…  Plus, I have a couple of drafts for Photography in Anime, a ton of songs to cover for my Anime Playlist series, and the long stalled Looking Back series of seasonal reviews.

There’s more than enough stuff to keep me in posts a couple of times a month for years to come.  And I’ve still got things to say.


Thank you to Dawn, to Wing, to HAL, and all the other commenters.  Y’all bring this place to life – and I hope you and everyone else who wanders by will keep coming by.

Thank you to the many other bloggers who’ve inspired me over the years.

Thank you to Bless-senpai, who was my inspiration and whose stepping back on weekly coverage was the original impetus for opening up the Lounge.


I’ll see you in a few days – after all, the Winter 2023 season begins today.  And this weekend, after we see if Gundam Mercury sticks it’s landing, I’ll have my Fall 2022 wrap up post.  After that, it’ll take a while to work out my new routine, please bear with me while I do.

Fall 2022 – Catching Up…

Do It Yourself - Purin joins the DIY club.

Take a week off for the holiday, hit a writer’s block, and all the sudden I have four weeks to catch up on…  Which I have finally managed to do more-or-less.

You know the drill, hit the jump and let’s run ’em down!

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Fall 2022 – Week 7

Yama No Susume - New Year's sunriseSunrise on Mt Hiwada…  Such a darn good sequence.

Anyhow, time to wrap up the week.  Some good eps, some great eps, some otherwise.  All that and the last of the mid-season mini reviews after the jump.

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Fall 2022 – Week 6

Elan and Suletta - Gundam - Witch from Mercury

And now we’re into midseason, the time I traditionally give mini-reviews of what I’m watching and look to see if there’s any I really should drop.  (I have a bad habit of sticking with shows past where I enjoy them.)

And, yeah, I talk about that episode.

All that after the jump!

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Fall 2022 – Week 4/5

Bocchi The Rock = Ryou, Lyrics, and Bocchi

And…  I’m baaack!  Life went sideways and I missed a week, but save one show, all caught up now.  Hit the jump and let’s run ’em down!

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Fall 2022 – Week 3

Gundam Mercury - Guel proposes to SulettaThoughts on power and parenthood in Gundam Mercury…  And on poor Twice…

And now that we’re into week 3, it’s also time to see what’s making the grade and what isn’t.

All that and more after the jump.

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