Fall 2022 – Week 2 – Anya is Back!

Spy X Family - Anya, Mr Dog, and the explosion that didn't happen.All in all, a pretty good week…  And Anya makes the header screenshot again!

Let’s hit the jump and take a look at this week in anime!

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Fall 2022 – Week 1 – And so it begins


And so… A new season is underway.  (Yay!)  There’s some good premieres, some less so, and then there’s Gundam Mercury for which words are difficult.  Hit the jump and let’s run ’em down!

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Fall 2022 Anticipation – Part I I – new series

Gundam - Witch From MercuryOK, so here’s the other reason I split this season’s anticipation post into two parts…  I narrowed it down to two screenshots, and couldn’t decide between them!  Not buying it?  Not even a little?

Ah, well.  OK then.  Hit the jump and let’s take a look at the new & original anime I’m looking forward to checking out this season.

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Fall 2022 Anticipation – Part I – the sequels

OK…  what else did you think I was going to choose as the lead image for this post?  What’s better imagery for heading into the new season than a girl taking her best friend and dragging her off into new adventures?  (Not fooling anyone am I?)

Anyhow, hit the jump and let’s take a look at the upcoming sequels.

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A quick note!

Contrary to appearances, I’m still here.  Life just took a few turns that kept me from being able to sustain the mood and energy for writing – and then we went on vacation for a week and a half.

The vacation by the way was awesome.  I got to hang out with all my siblings for the first time not at a funeral in nearly fifteen years.  My brother married his partner of many years.  (Delayed in part by the aforementioned funerals.)  I ate my way across the Piedmont and stuffed myself on food not available out here.  (I had Lexington Style BBQ on five of the nine days we were in town.)

If UPS’s tracking page isn’t misleading me – the package I shipped home, with stuff I can’t easily buy out here, should arrive today.  I mean yeah, mail order is a thing, but it’s expensive and there’s very few reliable sources for what I could pick up off the shelf at a grocery store while I was there.  Luxury stuff is easy to get, staples not so much.

Anyhow…  back to the point.

I’m waiting of a couple of final episodes to wrap up my season coverage of Summer 2022 and have written probably 80% of the rest.  I’m starting on my anticipation post for Fall 2022 – and it’s gonna be a doozy.  There’s a lot of sequels and not a few new anime to look forward to.  I should have that out by Friday PST…  Just in time for the bulk of the new stuff to start dropping on Saturday PST…

Thank you for continued patience!  I’ll be back on track shortly.

Summer 2022 – Week 5 – Clever title goes here.

Made in Abyss - Golden Sun - Riko Belaf Horror

It will happen eventually…  an episode of Abyss will end I won’t have a stunned look on my face as Riko did at the end of this week’s episode.  It has to, right?

All that and more after the jump!

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Summer 2022 – Week 3/4 – a week of some mini-reviews and some drops.

MADE IN ABYSS The Golden City of the Scorching Sun - Mitty

After last week’s crazy schedule, back in the blogging saddle again.  And bonus, that means you get to read about two weeks at once!  Two for the price of one!

Anyhow, hit the jump and let’s run ’em down.

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Summer 2022 – Week 2

Made in Abyss - Majikaja

Man…  Abyss.  I suspect that just like last time, I’ll be saying that a lot.  But Lycoris Recoil was also pretty good!  Other shows, not so much.  Anyhow, hit the jump and let’s run ’em down.

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Summer 2022 – Premieres – Week 1 (ish)

Made in Abyss - Vueko - Compass

And so…  another season begins!  Eight premieres so far, mostly decent or better.  Hit the jump and let’s get the new season underway!

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Summer 2022 – Looking forward to a new season!

Love After World Domination - Fireworks

Ahhh… Summer!  That means Summer Break, beaches, fireworks…  And a whole new slate of anime to consider.  Hit the jump and let’s talk about what’s coming our way in the next few weeks.

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