Opening Up

I meant for the Lounge to get started with the Winter 2017 season, but then I discovered the 12 Days of Anime project.  While I’m not really setup to write a full series of twelve posts…  there are some fun things to do looking back at 2016.

We’ll start off today with a look at my favorite openings of 2016.  Tell me about yours in the comments!

I could write quite a bit about the roles openings play, the different types, etc…  but I’ll leave all that for another day.  Pretty much I just want to run down my favorites of the last year in no particular order.

“Hikari no Hahen”, Yu Takahashi

An OP that perfectly matched the themes of the show… and one accorded a rare honor on my part.  I watched it through in its entirety every episode.

Erased (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi)
“Re: Re:”, Asian Kung Fu Generation

Though the show itself never quite fully recovered from its mid season stumble, I still loved the opening – full of energy and mystery.

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto (Sakamoto desu ga?)
“Coolest”, Customi Z

Cool, Cooler, Coolest!

Bonus:  Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans
“Raise Your Flag”, Man with a Mission

Not technically a 2015 opening – but IBO did air in 2015, so I’m going to let it slide in anyhow.  I just love the energy this one brings to the table.

Flying Witch
“Sharanran feat. 96 Neko”, miwa

Irrepressibly bouncy, a perfect match for a very lighthearted anime.

Sweetness and Lightning (Amaama to Inazuma)
“Harebare Fanfare”, by MimimemeMIMI

Probably my favorite OP of the entire year, mostly because Tsumugi is just darn cute and I love the final sequence of her jumping into her father’s arms.  The only other OP that I watched the entirety of every episode.

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