In the Background – Tomoya’s Figures.

Last night, we were watching the latest episode of Saekano and the figures on the shelf behind Tomoya’s shoulders caught my eye.  Because I’m currently avoiding the writing I should be doing, I took screenshots of them and identified all but one….  To make an excuse for wasting the time, I wrote up a blog post!  :)  :)

Anyone care to chime in and identify the Figure In Red?

Mystery solved thanks to WingKing!

Screenshot (28)

First up, all the screenshots:

Screenshot (27)

Screenshot (25)

Screenshot (28)

Screenshot (26)
Reference shot for the order of figures below.

It turns out our man Tomoya has rather eclectic taste in figures…  An interesting mix of well-known and more obscure characters.

From the room side of the shelf to the wall side:

  • The Figure In Red – a figure I can’t identify.  The face and hairstyle look somewhat like Kirigaya Sugaha (Leafa) from Sword Art Online, but the body seems off.
  • Kirigaya Suguha – (Sword Art Online)  Positively identified by commenter WingKing!  (See the comment thread below.)
  • Kaname Madoka  – (Madoka Magica) in her Magical Girl form.  (This one was easy.)
  • Shiba Miyuki – (The Irregular at Magic High School)  Another pretty easy one if you’ve seen the series because her costume with its filmy overdress is pretty unique.  (And because that figure is in my wishlist on Amazon.)
  • Akemi Homura – (Madoka Magica) which was another pretty easy one.
  • Asada Shino (“Sinon”) – (Swort Art Online II)  Honestly, I had a hard time at first because I couldn’t find a shot with anything but her leg…  But the shot looking towards the computer (the reference shot) made it clear who this was.
  • Uncertain – a figure I can’t positively identify because I can’t get a clear shot of it, but given the presence of Misaki Akeno from High School Fleet (see below) and having the same uniform, I’m tentatively tagging this one as Munetani Mashiro from the same series based on the pose and hairstyle.
  • Yui and Yuuki Asuna – (Sword Art Online)  One of the cutest figures ever.
  • Misaki Akeno – (High School Fleet) My brain kept telling me this was a shipgirl, so I kept looking through characters from Kancolle… Then I looked again at the hairstyle in the second image and it finally hit me – right concept, wrong series.  Not a shipgirl, but still a girl associated with a warship at sea, which lead me to Haifuri (which I watched last year).  Once I’d identified her, that lead to tentatively tagging the uncertain figure above as Misaki’s frenemy and co-protagonist.

Most interesting is that three of the eight figures come from series that aired after the first series of Saekano.  That’s a very nice touch by the production staff to keep his room up-to-date.  Tomoya may be busy with Cherry Blessing and trying to keep up with/fend off Eriri and Utahah-senpai, but he stays true to his otaku roots.  On the other hand, it breaks suspension-of-disbelief a little because I don’t think two years has passed in-world.

I recall the shelf behind him being full in the first season, so it would be fun (if I had the time) to go back and see who/what has been swapped out.

6 thoughts on “In the Background – Tomoya’s Figures.”

  1. I wouldn’t have recognised all those; especially not Haifuri. The one you’re missing is giving me a tip-of-the-tongue experience, but I’m not sure if I know who she is, or if she just reminds me of someone. Probably the latter.


    1. Honestly, if I hadn’t actually watched Haifuri, I’d be stumped too… Figures in schoolgirl outfits are hardly uncommon! :)


  2. I don’t know who it is either (though I also feel like I should), but you can bet it’s from a series that Aniplex owns the rights to. Saekano is an Aniplex show, and so are all the others you listed off.


    1. Nice catch… Yeah, it looks like all of us are in that “I should know” boat… :)

      I didn’t think it would be that easy, but on the off chance, I did google “aniplex figure red” but got nothing.


      1. Found it. You were right, it was Suguha/Leafa. It’s this figure:

        Someone on another board mentioned that these figures were all made by Good Smile Company too, which was the extra detail I needed to track it down. What was also throwing me off earlier was Madoka’s staff – the positioning of the middle prong in the picture made it look like the figure in red was wearing some kind of topknot.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Coolness! I’ll update the original post.

          Yeah, it took me a while to work out that was Madoka’s bow rather than a topknot too.


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