Just out of curiosity – a poll.

OK, maybe the picture isn’t anime related, but I was just discussing Curiosity over on a space related forum… and when the title for this post came to mind, well I just couldn’t resist.

I posted a poll on Twitter a week or so back, and while I didn’t have any particular expectation, I did find the results surprisingly close.  So, out of curiosity, I thought I’d run the same poll here at the Lounge.

Please take a moment to answer the poll and feel free to elaborate down in the comments!

Personally, I like other stuff in moderation.  I like to get to know the person behind the keyboard.  (One of my philosophies is “a stranger is just an old friend you haven’t met yet”.)

Edit:  The poll is now closed – the results can be seen here.

8 thoughts on “Just out of curiosity – a poll.”

  1. Other posts, too. It helps contextualise anime. When you have nothing but anime all the time, that tends to make it seem more important than it actually is (background effect rather than ideological stimulus). If it’s a topic I don’t care about, I don’t have to read it. Same for everyone else. Actually, you might leave the decision to “the market”. I remember you saying that your photography posts gained you a non-anime audience? (Something like that?)

    Also, I don’t see a poll.

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    1. I gained followers, yes. But very few seem to have subsequently interacted with any of my posts. This isn’t really meant as a referendum on content here, just something I was genuinely curious about. Other places, other times, I changed what I was doing in order to appease/attract an audience but that left me unhappy with what I was doing.

      The poll is showing up on my desktop and devices… It loads from a 3rd party site, so it appears after the rest of the page is loaded.


      1. Firefox on Windows XP. I can’t even tell where it would be. It never loads. (It’s a rather outdated combination; Firefox has ceased support for XP earlier this year, except for security updates.) I also run a few security add-ons (most notably adblock+) that might interfere. Maybe it’s the virus program?

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        1. Scratch that: it’s win7 not XP. I’m at home now, with XP, and I see the poll just fine. Voted, too. Also, you’re other poll had 5 votes. Given that, the only options are:


          That’s a 33,3 % chance of it being close, even it’s completely random, but extremes tend to be more unlikely in general, so… (Sorry, sociology geekery acting up again.)

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        2. Everyone has their geekery… Y’all are very lucky to have only been tangentially exposed to some of mine.
          (Like the Curiosity pun above.) :) :)

          There’s a lot more votes in this poll, and the results (so far) are even more lopsided.


  2. I definitely think having some other things in an anime blog is fine too! The charm of blogs is the blend between the factual and the personal, and getting to know a bit about the person behind the keyboard and what they enjoy aside from anime is interesting and fun! I both enjoy posts where someone combines the anime they’re watching with one of their other interests (e.g. someone talking about things like food in anime, clothes in anime, music in anime), and also a mixture of other personal interest stuff. The occasional book, (non-anime) film, or even just a plain personal post can be great!

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    1. Thanks for the reply! I had a lot of fun with food in anime on various forums when Koufuku Graffiti and Sweetness and Lightning were airing. Food & cooking (the two, to me, are not the same) are one of my major geekeries. Too bad Isekai Shokudou has been so uninteresting in that respect… (and hits the drop list this week.)

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