Yamato 2199 Groupwatch – Episode 4

Explosions!  Drama!  Aliens!  Romance!  This episode has all the stuff that defines a space opera…

Screenshot (202)

So, let’s hit the jump and check out this episode!

As usual, Scott (linked below) does a bang-up job of talking about the plot and the characters, so I’m going to hit the details that caught my eye.

In the first sequence, we learn the the local Gamilas commander isn’t happy with events but like a dutiful flunky he makes a report to his commander.  Said commander doesn’t want to report this failure, because it doesn’t reflect well on him.   So, he orders the local flunky to destroy the “Terrons” and he’ll see about promoting them from second class citizens.

Interesting.  Destroying Earth and preparing it for colonization is such a small thing in the overall Gamilas scheme of things that a low level flunky of an inferior social class is in charge.  And there’s a political dimension too…

Screenshot (196)

The next scene is that old staple of war dramas – the officers arguing over priorities and what to do next.  One officer is dedicated to direct execution of The Mission.  Another argues that destroying the Gamilas base serves to further the larger goal of saving Earth even if costs them a couple of days and makes hash of their schedule.

Screenshot (197).png

The debate is interrupted by another staple – the distress call.  Immediately the debate shifts to the morality of answering that call or ignoring it in favor of The Mission.  I found the way this was phrased very interesting…  2199 is sprinkled with odd and anachronistic maritime references.

Anyhow, their dilemma is soon solved – their main drive is failing and if not repaired The Mission is over.  And it justsohappens the only source of the material need to make the repairs is the same moon the distress signal comes from.

All old hat, all stuff we’ve seen before.  But tropes are still handy ways of moving the plot forward…  Speaking of moving forward, let’s keep moving forward ourselves.

Screenshot (198)
Screenshot (199).png

Hmm…  the Gamilas set out after the Yamato – and they want prisoners.  And the only human left on the ship sending the distress call is one frozen corpse.   I can’t help but think this isn’t a coincidence.

Screenshot (200)

You have to admire Makato – under attack, in the presence of the enemy, her priority is assisting the wounded. Even enemy wounded.  (As in the scene talking about the rescue operation, 2199 is big on emphasizing Doing The Right Thing.)  Only the soldiers sent against the medical team turn out to be androids of some sort.

First Class Gamilas, Second Class Gamilas, and now…  androids.

Screenshot (201).png

And the final big reveal…  The pistol Kodai found in the ship, and the ship itself, were his brother’s.  The brother who was thought to have died in the operation that diverted attention from Iscandar’s delivery of the final components of the Yamato‘s drive.  The brother that should have been Yamato‘s tactical officer.   Heavy stuff.

Screenshot (202)

And we fade to black with a grim reminder…

Anyhow, as the title of the post says this a group effort:

Yamato 2199 group watch:

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