I haven’t featured an AMV in quite a while, and I really shouldn’t be doing so with tomorrow’s post still just a raw mess of notes and incomplete thoughts.  But when Remy posted 5 Things I Really Like Experiencing in Anime this morning, this AMV immediately leapt to mind.

The things my mind does while still on it’s first cup of coffee…

It actually is a decent AMV.  I particularly like how the creator matched the action to the lyrics, and tied it back to the original video.  Though he misses in a couple of places towards the end, he does an amazing job of matching the lip flaps to the voices.  That’s editing work above and beyond the call.

For reference this is the original (Discovery Channel) version, one of them at any rate…  there are several, but this is the version that matches best I think.

Anyhow, now that you’re earwormed too what do you think?  Let me know down in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Boom-de-ah-da!”

  1. Nice one! I like it.

    And for a multi-series mix like this one, there’s the extra fun of playing the, “How many anime can I identify in this video?” game. I recognized at least eight, myself, five of which I own on disc. The author obviously has good taste. ;)

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    1. I think I recognized… Four? Five? But you watch a lot more older anime than I do. I’m pretty firmly a current season guy.

      The two Ghibli shots are of course “free squares”. :) I rarely say this because I’m not at all fond of gatekeeping or elitism, but anyone in anime fandom who hasn’t worked their way through Ghibli’s oeuvre is really missing out.


      1. Actually, there were at least three Ghibli movies in there I recognized (Howl, Spirited Away, and Castle in the Sky – I own the former two) plus Miyazaki’s pre-Ghibli “Castle of Cagliostro.” There are probably more since a couple of other clips looked very Ghibli-esque, but there’s a lot of Ghibli I haven’t seen in a very long time, or at all, so I couldn’t place them.

        The other clips from shows on my bookshelf were Read or Die (the woman with glasses at :30), Escaflowne (the mermaid in the tank at :36), and Sakura Wars (the girl with the red hair ribbon at :48). Sakura Wars is forgettable (I bought it blind because I loved the video game, and it turned out to be a thoroughly mediocre adaptation), but the other two were foundational to my roots as an anime fan.

        Which ones did you catch?

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        1. Howl and Spirited Away, plus Bebop. So I guess only three when I write it out. I paused on the fourth, crowd scene at :37 and it wasn’t what I thought it was, is that Castle in the Sky? It’s very recognizably Miyazaki.


          1. Castle in the Sky is the boy and girl flying together at :40. The crowd scene was one of the ones I figure is probably Ghibli, but I don’t know which one (same with the earlier clip of the kids on the bridge).


          2. I’m fairly sure the kids on the bridge are from Totoro. I’m not sure what crowd scene you’re referring to; the one with the pilots? If so, I don’t know.


        2. I half-got most of those, except Escaflowne, which looked awefully familiar (side-note: I rewatched Escaflowne last year, and I’d completely forgotten that character, too), and Sakura Wars, which I haven’t seen. I was going to say, there’s almost certainly some Lupin III in there until I remembered that’s probably Cagliostro. I think I saw Cowboy Bebop, and a lot of it looks familiar one way or another. At least one Macross is probably in there, too (I’ve seen none but Delta, so I can’t be sure).

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          1. Yeah, there’s definitely some Macross in there (the giant green head, for sure, and I think the clip just before Read or Die, too), but it’s been so long since I’ve watched any other Macross besides Delta and the original that I can’t be sure which iterations they came from.

            You’re not missing out on Sakura Wars, but the clip used in this video comes from the show’s OP, which actually isn’t bad – I always liked the song. OP linked here if you want to watch it.


          2. That’s a pretty good opening.

            I think I have another: the pic at 0:43 with the boy and the girl holding a pig is most likely Valkyria Chronicles. I haven’t actually seen the show, but the artstyle reminds me of the game (which I own, but haven’t played yet). Now if I could pin down the waving girl/boy (?) at 0:27 and the surprise shark…


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