Yamato 2199 Group Watch – Episode 21


Episode 21 – Prison Planet 17

Screenshot (518)A busy episode with a lot going on!  Prison riots, revolutions, and a huge plot reveal…  Hit the jump and let’s get right to it?

The episode opens with a sombre funeral scene.  Burying not only Yamato’s dead, but the Gamilas raiders as well.

Screenshot (514).png

Yuki arrives at Leptopoda, a Gamilas prison planet.  They believe her to be Iscandarian, and treat her as royalty. I find it interesting that her servant is Elisa Domel – as much as she might rebel against the Empire, she cannot not treat an apparent Iscandarian with anything short of servility and respect.  This is very interesting.  There’s a relationship here, between Gamilas and Iscandar that they’ve hinted at before.

Meanwhile…  General Dietz is still cooling his heels in prison.  They never do quite explain why Domel (whose wife is a rebel) is restored to his position, while Dietz remains in prison.  I’ve always ascribed that to Domel’s deep personal loyalty to Dessler.  Dietz is…  more loyal to the Empire and maybe something of a loose cannon.

Screenshot (515).png

But Melda (his daughter) and the two gentleman that were stalking her have headed up a plot to instigate a riot and free the Admiral.

Screenshot (516).png

They’re not the only ones unhappy with the situation…  Fraken, the commander of the Dimensional Submarine UX-01 is disgusted that the Empire cannot maintain itself without terror and robotic soldiers.  (My impression of him is that he deeply values personal loyalty.)

Screenshot (517).png

And we get another look at the racism that permeates the empire.

Meanwhile…  Kodai sets off from the Yamato to search for the materials they’ll need to repair her after the terrible battle at the Rainbow Cluster.  Yurisha appoints herself to accompany them because she wants Kodai to do what he really wants to do – rescue Yuki.  Yurisha seems to be able to sense and track Yuki, and also desires to see her rescued for reasons that are not made clear.

Thanks to interference by two mutineers who’d been freed by damage during the battle and who had taken refuge aboard the Seagull, it crash lands and the crew is captured by the Gamilas.  They arrive at the base at the height of the riot, and they are freed by the rioters.

Amidst the confusion Yuki is taken back to the UX-01, which makes a run for it.  Yurisha reveals their destination to Kodai… and something else.

Screenshot (518).png

UX-01 is headed for Gamilas – and Gamilas and Iscandar are twin worlds.  They’ve hinted at this many times. but now it’s out in the open.  Their journey to salvation will carry Yamato and her crew straight into the heart of the Empire itself.

Screenshot (519).png


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