Making Miso – Batch 1 finished.

The batch of miso I made back in November finally came out of the fermenter over the weekend!

Miso packed into storage jars.

Very tasty, though it tastes more like shoyu than miso.  (The two are closely related, so this isn’t a big surprise.)  To be honest, I didn’t expect any particular flavor as I didn’t target any actual style.  My usual method of learning to make new things is to just aim for the general vicinity…  and then refine as I master the skills and techniques.

I figure I’ll put the next batch down in late August/early September (my schedule is FULL until then), aiming at a fast fermenting lighter style.  This matches my miso soup recipe, which uses a blend of lighter and darker misos.  (A blend makes for a much better soup in my experience.)

Hopefully, this means that by November I’ll be able to make miso soup entirely with my home-made miso!

8 thoughts on “Making Miso – Batch 1 finished.”

  1. Ooh, I remembered the post, but I forgot they take time to ferment and was confused and doubting my memories. Good going.

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  2. Impressive! I’m quite curious – how do you control how strong your miso is? Since you mentioned wanting to make a batch of miso with a “lighter style” next time.

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    1. You make it lighter (or darker) by controlling the ratio of the three ingredients (soybeans, koji, salt) and by how long you let it ferment. (Lighter is shorter.)

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