Summer 2020 – a slow start indeed.

With the relatively small number of shows airing this season, and the even smaller number I’m planning on checking out, premieres are popping up only at extended intervals…  So, I thought I’d go ahead and drop a  quick post covering what I’ve seen so far.

Lapis Re:LiGHTs Episode 1

Lapis Re_LiGHTs Season 1 Episode 1

Lapis is…  a bit of a conundrum.  It was listed as being an idol show, but that was nowhere in evidence in the first episode.  And it’s girls using magic rather than magical girls.  (Though that was probably an own goal.)  What we did get was what looks to be the start of a fairly standard school drama.  Which isn’t a bad thing, the promo material made it clear that it was set at a school.  The bad thing is that it’s mostly stock parts drawn straight from a catalog.

However, I did enjoy myself.  The banter was decently written and the acting and direction top notch.  The animation was, in general, way better than you’d expect.

So I’d say that it’s off to a decent enough start.  I think it’ll take a few episodes to really tell one way or another…  It’s an original work, so they don’t really have any crib sheet to work from.

Status: Moderate keeper.

Monster Musume no Oisha-san
(Monster Girl Doctor)

Monster Girl Doctor
Here’s a show I can be much firmer in my opinions of…  It’s just not that good.  The plot, predictable.  The acting and direction, workmanlike at it’s very best.  The animation, dodgy.  And for a show tagged as being “ecchi”, it had no fanservice and it’s “sexiness” was largely limited to a lot of lame double innuendo.

At first I thought I might keep it…   I can see how folks could enjoy it, but as it stands, I didn’t really.  The more I think about it, the less I like it in retrospect.

Status: Dropped.


This meme was floating around Twitter over the last couple of days…  and I think anyone who knows me at all can guess the show…


So, that’s it for me.  Time to turn the mike over you in the comments section.  What do you think of these or any other new show?  How would you describe your favorite anime as boringly as possible?  Or anything else you want to chat about?  Drop a comment!

4 thoughts on “Summer 2020 – a slow start indeed.”

  1. Nothing I’ve seen so far is particularly good. You’ve described the two shows pretty much as I would. I do think the Monster Musume show could have some interesting world building at least. I doubt I’ll drop either of them, as there’s just not very much else to watch.

    My favourite premier so far that’s not a sequel is surprisingly Maou Gakuin, and it’s still not all that great. (It’s doubly surprising, since it reminds me a little of Mahouka, which bored me to tears.)

    At this rate the sequels are carrying this season. (Fire Force, for example, was exactly what you’d expect from Fire Force.)

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    1. Fire Force, for example, was exactly what you’d expect from Fire Force.

      I have to admit, that made me laugh. But there’s something to be said for shows that don’t put on airs and simply deliver what’s on the label.

      re:Maou Gakuin Opinions on that one vary all over the map… With the Mahouka sequel coming down the pike, I figure I’ll wait for the OG to get my fill of that style of story.

      At this rate the sequels are carrying this season.

      Agreed… all three of the shows I’m actually anticipating are all sequels.


  2. Just watched the first episode of Deca-Dence. I’m not quite in love with it but it’s my AotS frontrunner for now… not sure if that says more about the strength of this show or the weakness of the season so far. Still waiting on the SAO premiere, of course.

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    1. Also watched it, enjoyed it, will have more to say next week.

      Before calling an AOTS candidate though, I want to see OreGairu get rolling… (Deca-Dence certainly has potential, but it’s going to have to work hard to beat OreGairu’s track record.) Along with SAO (Asuna!) and Railgun, those are the three I’m really looking forward to.


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