Summer 2018 Week 8 – the open mic edition.

It has… been a week. What with one thing or another, it’s been a busy week. And I haven’t managed to finish my blog post… Which kinda sucks, given that I’ve actually managed to maintain my pace this season.

Anyhow, I am caught up through yesterday (Deca-Dence), so feel free to drop a comment with your thoughts on this week. My apologies, and I’ll be back next week, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

4 thoughts on “Summer 2018 Week 8 – the open mic edition.”

  1. Ah, life’s been pretty chaotic, so things happen. For me it’s been at least since the middle of 2019, but probably longer. I’m losing track. And as I’ve said last week (or the week before?), I’m rather stumped at what to say about it at all.

    In Lapis, for example, the girls actually got expelled, which I didn’t expect, and they do have somewhere to go with it, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter and isn’t a game changer. It’s still the same show you dropped.

    Nothing has changed my mind about any of the other shows. I still love Fruits Basket, Uzaki-chan is still forgettably entertaining, Deca-Dence is still a decent show overshadowed by untapped potential, and so on.

    I’ve just finished watching Princess Nine, a girl’s baseball show, (not to be confused with Cinderella Nine), which was actually good, but overdid the drama. And I recently for the first time re-watched all three seasons of Working!! in one go. The second season is definitely the weakest, also direction wise. Too many awkward 3D environments for example.

    This anime season isn’t going be a landmark in my watching history; neither positively nor negatively. It’s a decently entertaining season saved by sequels. Maybe I should pick up Pre-Cure?

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    1. re:@Lapis I’ve been skimming episode reviews here and there, nothing has yet lead me to believe I made a mistake.

      re:Working!! I always thought the 3rd was the weakest, or at least the most unlike the others. There was a rush to close out character arcs rather than relying on episodic events. It just didn’t sit well with me.


  2. I’ve had no intuition about any of the seasons of working’s relative status until I watched them back to back. I found the overall story pretty well set-up and actually pretty well paced, too. There was even a shot of Otou-san’s wife in season two; I thought she was first seen in season three. There’s a lot of connecting tissue that’s far from obvious, but stands out more when you watch it all in one go. Season 2 is a little like Empire Strikes Back; mostly connecting tissue: neither set-up, nor conclusion, so if you watch it in a season by itself it’s easy to watch it as unconnected skits, but there’s actually steady development. In terms of writing, I don’t feel I can actually make much of a difference between seasons.

    I’ve just looked it up: all three seasons have different directors, but season 2 and 3 share the same person in charge of series composition (first season had the same person in charge of direction and series composition). I’ll looke up the directors:

    Season 1: Yoshimasa Hiraike (AKB00048, Gugure Kokkuri san, Momokuri, Solty Rei)
    Season 2: Atsushi Oosuki (Kanokon, Ladies vs. Butlers, To Love Ru)
    Season 3: Yumi Kamakura (other than the spin-off http://WWW.Wagnaria and some Inazuma Eleven [which I haven’t seen], this is practically the only show she’s directed; Very active storyboarder, and episode director on shows like Haikyuu, Beast Player Erin, and Mai Hime… Basically someone who’s been around for a while and from the looks of it I wish she’d done more shows.)

    Had I looked up the directors beforehand, I’d have suspect that season 2 would have been my least favourite. Interesting.

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    1. I’ve had no intuition about any of the seasons of working’s relative status until I watched them back to back.

      That makes sense… I guess I’ve seen that effect in marathons, when things are fresher in your mind. I know it works for re-watches when you don’t have to pay quite as much attention to what’s going on in the foreground.


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