Winter 2021 – First Impressions – Part 1

Just a few quick impressions of the shows I’ve seen so far… Mostly because I need to get ready for the busy few days ahead. Both IRL (have to do housework sometime!) and airing anime.

It’s not many shows, but hit the jump and let’s chat!

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Season 2

This is a classic case of “the contents of the tin exactly match the label”… Though it took a while to work out what was going on, there was nothing really unexpected.

This series is, I guess I’d call it a continuation more than sequel? Or maybe a side story? It takes place (apparently) the year following the original series, but it covers a different set of characters. Characters that were a side character and a minor character in the original.

I’m pretty certain that Tokia Teo is favoring an ankle injury… But in some ways, that’s just a detail. I don’t expect any major plot surprises.

I couldn’t resist posting a screen shot of Best [Horse] Girl desperately trying to stay awake while she watches a race in Japan from America.

Status: Likely keeper, probably won’t blog much about it.


I wish I could be more positive about Gekidol… But the episode didn’t really leave me much to work with.

Taken as an idol show, “paint-by-numbers” barely begins to describe how generic it was. There were pretty much no plot beats that I couldn’t have predicted. Taken as a science fiction show, it was worse. It committed the all to common sin of telling rather than showing… And it really shoved it in our face.

Status: Honestly, it had better get good fast. There just too much competition to survive this season by being merely barely ordinary.

Ura Sekai Picnic

Otherside Picnic

So, right after lambasting Gekidol for introducing a SF background and getting it all wrong… Along comes Ura Sekai Picnic, which shows us how to do it right. I quibble about being dropped right in the middle of the action, but it works. More importantly, the background is left in the background, show rather than tell. Yeah, there was a teeny bit of telling, but to some extent that’s inescapable.

If I have a problem with the show… It’s our two main characters. So far, they’re pretty stock. Not quite generic, but pretty predictable. If we get some depth here, this could be a very good show. So far, it’s not quite to those heights. But then, it’s the first episode and I can’t fairly expect them to spring forth fully realized.

Other than the stuff we already know, I don’t think it’s going to pay to try and predict where this story is going to go. There’s some nice puzzle pieces floating around just out of reach and I’m content to leave it at that.

Status: It’s really caught my interest, so, strong keeper.


So, what else has aired so far and where do I stand with them?

I can’t watch Promised Neverland until my wife gets home from work, so no spoilers please!

Soukou Musume Senki (LBX Girls) and I★ CHU have both aired… But neither are particularly high on my priority list. It doesn’t help that the early reviews are far from positive. If I get to them at all, it’ll be when things slow down or I drop enough shows to make room for them.

Last Dungeon/Starter Town has also aired, but I’m just not sure about it. I think I’ll pay attention to the buzz and make my decision then. I have an open mind about it, but it’s also not particularly high on my priority list.


So, I’ll try and push out another First Impressions over the weekend, but the sheer number of shows means they’ll likely be short blurbs… so it goes.

What’s your thought’s on these shows? On anything else that’s aired so far? (Wednesday afternoon, PST, GMT+8) Drop a comment and let’s chat!

2 thoughts on “Winter 2021 – First Impressions – Part 1”

  1. Uma Musume: Not quite up to the first season, but still fun enough. I felt they were playing Gold Ship more like a deliquent and less like the dork from the first season which was a bit of a disappointment. I wonder if they’re going to take a horsegirl of the week structure?

    Gekidol: I’m generally don’t mind to be told stuff, but if I’m told important stuff that then seems irrelevant there’s a problem. Also, not a single memorable character. I wouldn’t say it was bad, but I wouldn’t say it was good either, and in a busy season like this one I’m looking for shows to drop rather than to keep. It’s not quite gone yet, but it’s a candidate.

    Ura Sekai Picnic: Yes, this was good. I was worried that all those visual effects would trigger my photosensitivity, but nothing; good job on that. I actually like both characters; they have a good dynamic.

    I liked neither the LBX Girls nor the I*Chu anime. I’m probably not coming back for either of them. But I adored the Last Dungeon anime. I really love the art style, and surprisingly the plot promises to be interesting with every character having their own motivation (I have to say I’m not fond of the show playing a potentially interesting character as a yandere). I liked the premier about as much as Ura Sekai Picnic, which is not what I’d have expected.

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    1. Re: Uma Musume

      I wonder if they’re going to take a horsegirl of the week structure?

      According to the promo material, this season is going to be about Taito and McQueen. Good point about Gold Ship, I kinda felt something was off about her and “delinquent instead of doofus” nails it.

      And yeah, I have to keep in mind this is a “mindless but fun” show and treat it as such.

      Re: Gekidol
      We’re in strong agreement there… Get good or get gone are the watchwords for this season.

      LBX Girls, I*Chu: They’re all but being ignored by the community at large… And from what I’ve seen, that’s well deserved.


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