Spring 2022 – Week 2 – And go!

SPY X FAMILY - Anya - Such a cool liar

First batch of second episodes (which sounds weird as I type it) and last (for now) batch of premiers!  Hit the jump and let’s *go*!

The shows that I’m watching are in bold, shows my wife and I are watching together are in bold italicsstrikethrough marks dropped shows and (*) marks shows that are watched but not regularly reviewed.

Aharen-san wa

Aharen-san Is Indecipherable – Episode 2

Well, that was a bit of a disappointment.  The angry figure at the end of the first episode turned out to be Reina’s self-appointed one-note childhood friend/guardian.

Aheran-San No Mercy Reversi

The post credit scene over the Reversi board was pretty funny.  It was nice to see Reina’s character fleshed out a little.  (And some fun send ups of shonen & other battler tropes.)  Raidou at the end there, what a jerk – you had lost the game fair and square dude!

Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness

I’m targeting my weekly post for Wednesday, so that means I’ll steadily be a week behind.  I’ll pick up with Ep 2 next week.

Heroines Run the Show: The Unpopular Girl and the Secret Task

Heroine Tarumono! Kiraware Heroine to Naisho no Oshigoto

Just like Deaimon above, the second episode hasn’t aired yet.  Will pick up with Ep 2 next week.

Love After World Domination

Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de
Episode 1

Love After World Domination - Holding Hands

OK, so the main couple is cute as hell.  Well written, and well acted.  The send up of Super Sentai Teams was spot on.  The funny parts did make us laugh.

But all the same, I think the show is skating on thin ice.  Loveable dorks trying to figure out how to be in love?  Can be hard to pull off without being too repetitive.  Couples that must keep their relationship a secret?  A comedic staple so old it’s beard is greyer than mine.  And also hard to sustain.

I enjoyed the heck out of this episode, but there are also signs and portents that make me wary.

Trivia note:  One of the bad guys was Culverin Bear…  Nice touch, a culverin is a historical type of gun/cannon.

Status:  Keeper.

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie

Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san

I had high hopes for this one…  Unfortunately, by about five minutes in, you’d seen pretty much every conceit and joke on offer.  And not only was the execution wooden – they kept repeating the same jokes.

They absolutely drove it into the ground.

Status:  Dropped.


Episode 1

SPY X FAMILY - Anya - Such a cool liar

Oh. Em. Gee…  Have you ever watched a premiere episode so good you couldn’t wait for the second – but also fear that it can’t be that good again?  That’s how I feel after the premier of SPY X FAMILY.

The beating heart of the show is undoubtedly Anya.  The nailed her characterization – she’s a child, with a child’s view of the world.  Not an adult in a tiny body.  She absolutely stole the show.  (Renge, Naru, slide over.  I think you’re about to have company and competition.)

And they nicely balanced all the character and the heartwarming parts with the action parts.  Not too much or too little of anything.  Not too big a rush, though they managed to pack a lot in.  I like shows that take a few moments to breathe.


The Executioner and Her Way of Life

Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road
Episode 2

A bit of… slow and contemplative(?) episode?  If the first episode was mostly about worldbuilding and background, this episode was all about the scenario.  And it was pretty good, even if they did keep beating us over the head with Akari’s…  ditziness?  That’s not quite right, I don’t think she’s stupid or anything.  Just out-of-sync, probably still shocked by all the changes and trying to fit them into her world.

The Executioner and Her Way of Life - Akari

On the other hand…  I get this tickling feeling there’s something in her background.  She’s not chunibyo, but there’s something there.  Some reason she’s so eager to have escaped her previous life and found a friend.  But she didn’t really act dismayed when told she was being sent home.  It’s puzzling.

And now that I’m looking at that screenshot as I’m editing the post – does Akari look hypnotized or otherwise controlled?  I think she kinda does.  Maybe that explains her behavior.

Momo is the same kind of annoying pain-in-the-ass that Kuroko Shirai (Raildex) is.  But they introduced Kuroko by showing her dedication and capability first – and emphasized those qualities throughout the series.  Momo?  We just don’t know enough yet.  I hope she’s more than just a stock character, more than an annoying kohai.

Ya Boy Kongming!

Paripi Koumei – Episode 2

*Sigh*  Y’all know how I hate “monster of the weak” type episodes, and that’s what Kongming delivered this week.  Very well executed, granted, but still…

I get it, they need to really drive home how insanely smart Kongming is.  I’m just hoping this doesn’t serve as a template for too many future episodes.

Thought I had just now while doing the dishes…  You know what could be fun?  A monster-of-the-weak episode where it blows up in his face – where his raw genius and vast experience is unequal to our modern world.  Kongming, Super Genius, is kinda fun.  But that would be an interesting avenue to explore.


And yeah, I sometimes do my best writing in the shower, while doing dishes, while out having a smoke…   The core of at least two of this week’s writeups originated thus.   The problem is consistently being able to remember by the time I get to a keyboard and then express it coherently.


This is how insane the weather has been here the last few days:

Though there was no accumulation, it actually snowed for a little while yesterday!  Cold(er) days in April aren’t unheard of, but this above and beyond.


And, that’s pretty much it for me this week.  What are your thoughts this week?  How’s your weather?

Drop a comment and let’s chat!

2 thoughts on “Spring 2022 – Week 2 – And go!”

  1. @Aharen-san: Yeah, not fond of the friend’s introduction, and I don’t see much potential either. We’ll see.

    @Love After World Domination: I dropped this before the episode was through, and I’m still trying to figure out why. I can’t say it’s anything special either way, but it wasn’t so bad that I’d usually drop it. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood? (I’ve thought of picking it up again to see whether that’s the case, but it really wasn’t good enough for that either.) One thing that did annoy me is that if you’re going for milquetoast romcom couples, you’re wasting the concept. They’re probably going for gap moe or something, here – but that’s assymetric and works only for the girl (and not on me, to be honest), because milquetoast heroes are really common. Maybe that’s enough? Shrug It wasn’t bad and I still dropped it.

    @Shikimori: Yeah, that was pretty one-note. And the eyes are weird. In fact, Shikimoi’s kakkoii-mode is welcome simply because it gets rid of those kawaii-mode eyes. The show’s concept has always been pretty meh for me; a lot would have ridden on the execution, and, well, it’s just not really there. For some reason I’m still watching this, but that doesn’t mean I find it better then above show I dropped. I’m a mystery to myself, sometimes.

    @Spy X Family: I’m always a little nervous when watching highly anticipated shows; it’s not rare that I watch the episode and wonder what the appeal is. No need to worry here. This is without a doubt the best premier of the season so far. Anya is adorable (I don’t believe the age she professes.) Can’t wait to meet mum. This is a winner.

    @Executioner: The worldbuilding is this shows major draw so far; it’s actually interesting to some extent. Not much into the characters or story yet, but there’s potential. We’ll see.

    @Kongming: My main beef with this episode is that the conniving industry powerhouse is such a cliché, and one I don’t particularly care for. The episode is fun. I actually hope it’s “monster of the week”. Not sure I want her to stick around as the “antagoinst to be won over”. The show could make it work, but… well… Beyond that I had fun. Kongming’s strategeme is personal: I utterly suck at direction. In fact, if I’m having low-key nightmares (nightmares where nothing terrible happens, but a series of little misfortunes drains me) I often resort to wandering around in places I should know and still get lost. That’s how my mind works. I’d have totally been caught up in scheme. I’d never have a chance to begin with. Well played.

    Beyond that Ao Ashi was a really good sports premier, but it’s the type of show I often lose interest in, even though it’s good. I do recommend it to sports fans, though. It’s really well made. I’m definitely still on board, but if it runs for, say, 52 episodes (which many of these do) I can’t see myself going the distance. In fact, I’m not sure I’ll make a simple two-cour. (I’m not sure how far we’d get in a single cour; would they even have time to establish the team?) But yeah, fans of sports shows definitely should take note. (My sports show of the season is going to be Birdie Wing, though. I prefer the over-the-top silly ones.)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. @Executioner:

      The worldbuilding is this shows major draw so far; it’s actually interesting to some extent. Not much into the characters or story yet, but there’s potential. We’ll see.

      Yeah, that’s what I was trying to get at, they’re really taking their time setting the stage. Will the other shoe drop in the 3rd episode?


      Personal experiences can alter perceptions… I have a really good sense of direction and my position in 3d space, so maybe that further put me off? Agreed, I don’t really want to see “enemies won over”, but she doesn’t appear in the OP – so maybe there’s hope.

      I’ll keep an eye on your thoughts on Ao Ashi, but I’m in a good place as far as number of shows right now. The next couple of months IRL are pretty packed with this and that.


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