Fall 2021 – Week 7/8

Yuuki Yuuna - Karin challenges the godsYeah, whoops!  The holiday week and my wife taking vacation days caused my scattered brain to lose track of days…  So, don’t want to lose the momentum which means really quick thoughts this week.

Hit the jump and let’s go!

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Midseason comments – Fall 2021 – Weeks 5/6


This season has had its share of surprises…  both good and bad.  Either way, it’s mid-season and that means it’s time for the mid-season gut check!  What’s worth keeping, what’s being dropped?

Hit the jump and find out!

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A new record! Fall 2021 – Weeks 3/4

Yuuki Yuuna - First Generation Heroes

Something of an unusual occurrence this season, and a second that almost happened…  Plus it’s week three, that infamous week, and time to take a look at which shows are keepers, which are losers, and which are on probation.

All that and more after the jump!

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Fall 2021 – Week 1 & 2 / First Impressions Part II

Yuuki Yuuna - Great Mankai

Late….  sorry…  But there’s a lot of ground to cover here, so let’s just hit the jump and get right to it.  There’s a LOT to talk about.

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Fall 2021 – First Impressions – Part I

Yuuki Yuuna - Kanagawa Life

Sloow start this season…  as you might have guessed from my anticipation post, there’s just not much to choose from.  But four shows is enough to get started with, and I don’t want to delay this post too long…

So hit the jump, and let’s run em’ down!

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Getting (re)started – looking ahead at Fall 2021

Yuuki Yuuna - I will be a hero!

For various personal reasons, writing on Summer 2021 ended up being a bust. So, as is so popular these days, time for the Lounge to get a reboot.

Let’s hit the jump and dive right in!

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