Yamato 2199 Group Watch – Episode 6

Explosions! Hot ship-on-ship action! Evil Emperors!  This episode has it all….

Screenshot (240).png

So, hit the jump and let’s take a look at some of the details of this week’s episode.

As usual, Scott at Mech Anime Review (linked below) does a good job of hitting the high spots of the plot, so I’m going limit myself to various observations.

Sorry if this seems a bit more rushed and incomplete than usual…  With the Christmas holiday closing in, my schedule has gotten packed full.

Screenshot (236).png

After recapping the finale of the last episode…  we finally meet the Evil Emperor.  How do we know he’s the Bad Guy?  While everyone else we’ve seen so far has been working or fighting, he’s chilling in an onsen.

Screenshot (237).png

Speaking of bad guys…  Here’s an interesting detail of the base command center – a sculptured portrait of the Great Leader beneath the main view screen.  A reminder that He is always watching You.  In the old series, rather than using that fancy hologram system, the sculpture would light up and move when talking with the Emperor.

This is also the point where the bad guys discover that they’ve inadvertently lied to the Emperor…  Yamato wasn’t destroyed.   And for some bizarre reason, they’re floating upside down.

Screenshot (238).png

Which leads to one of silliest scenes I’ve ever seen – Captain Okita using a periscope to look out of the upside-down battleship to sight the targets.

Screenshot (239).png

While the Captain and the bridge crew are fighting the enemy…  The rest of the crew are busily working on damage control and tending the injured.

2199 doesn’t forget there’s more to the ship than the bridge crew.  One of the great things about the series is the amount of time it spends on side and secondary characters.  You really get the feel that the ship’s crew is more than just the main characters.  A big change from the old series is that many of those characters are women.

Yeah, that does lead to some fanservice (the women all wear jumpsuits), but that’s not the whole story.  Harada (the medic/nurse) does have large tracts of plot, but they also take time to build out her character.  Recall back in Ep 4 she reached out to treat an injured Gamilas…  And here, she’s out working hard tending to the Yamato‘s wounded.

There’s a lot of side characters that get screen time this episode, and almost all of them play huge roles later in the series.

Screenshot (240)

Anyhow, character bits over…  The Yamato engages the enemy base with her main guns.

The enemy flees their exploding base…  and though the Shultz escapes, the Yamato easily destroys the remaining enemy ships.

Screenshot (242).png

Yuuki smiles when Kodai calls in to announce the fighter group is returning.  She didn’t like him much to start with, but that’s changing…

Screenshot (243).png

And the episode ends with a stern reminder of the time limit Yamato and her crew is working under.

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  1. I’m glad you focused on the solid character moments that I missed. So many moments that wouldn’t drive important, but add an extra flair and feeling to the show.

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