Yamato 2199 Group Watch – Episode 12

Another heavily packed episode…  So, without further ado shall we dive right in?

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Hit the jump and enjoy!

A bit of writer’s block this week made me later on my weekly rundown, and pushed into the time available for this post…  So, it’ll be a bit thinner than usual, my apologies.

On the Gamilas side of things, the episode opens in Desler’s palace where he is speaking on the hotline – but to who?   In this scene, and several others, our attention is quietly directed to a blue planet hanging in the sky of Baleras. (The Gamilas home world.)  Is it connected to the mural in Desler’s palace we saw a few episode back?

Screenshot (343).png

And we’re told the blue planet is linked to the Yamato‘s destination… A mystery.

The next segment revolves around General Domel (whom we met briefly last episode.)  Desler places him in charge of hunting down the “Terron ship” (Yamato) and destroying it.  The Gamilas are certainly getting very concerned about a single ship, odd since they command an Empire with massive fleets.

We also learn more about the conditions on Baleras…  There seems to be some kind of Resistance movement, big enough to draw concern.  The reaction of the regime’s security apparatus is swift – off to the prison planets with them!  They’ve humanized many Gamilas across the course of the show, but the Security Director and his men as pretty uniformly depicted as scum.

Domel meets his wife at what seems to be a child’s grave…  They’re estranged I think, over what it not exactly clear, but not out of love.  An interesting touch.

Screenshot (344).png

The bulk of the episode on the Yamato‘s side was spent musing on family, the nature of truth (with regards to the ongoing argument over who started the war), and soldiers duty both to his superiors – and to himself.

But there was one odd and interesting bit.

Yuria (the medical assistant) was shown in a flashback?/dream…  and Yuuki was in the hospital after some kind of accident.  (The source of her memory loss?)  But there was another woman in there as well, virtually her twin, despite Yuuki’s being the only name on the door…

The dream ended with an apparition of a “beautiful woman”… And then we see an operator at the Automatic Navigation System seeing the same apparition.  And, as you’ll recall back in Ep 9, Alter was also seeking the Automatic Navigation System compartment – the home of the ship’s “Goddess“…

Screenshot (346).png
The episode ends with a cliffhanger – Yamato is under attack from an unseen enemy!

Screenshot (348).png

Screenshot (347).png

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