Yamato 2199 Group Watch – Episode 15


Episode 15 – Point of No Return

Political plots, cliffhangers, and a bang up space battle – another packed episode this week.

Screenshot (400)

Hit the jump and let’s get going!

There’s so much going on here this week, that once again I’m only going to hit the high spots.  It’s a practical impossibility to cover all the details.

Gamilas Side

Screenshot (393)
Once again we’re shown that not everyone is happy living under the iron thumb of Emperor Dessler…  The security forces chase a rebel and he leaps a house fence to hide.  When they come to search the house, note the name on the plaque.  Domel.  Dessler’s loyal General, who is currently tasked with chasing down and destroying Yamato.


Dislike for the regime is also shown when Director-General (of Security) Gimleh orders the complete destruction of a planet that has rebelled against the Empire…  after having the Gamilas planetary governor killed for failing to prevent or defeat the rebellion.

Screenshot (394).png

And the Big Development…  Leader Dessler dies when the ship he is traveling on explodes.  Not Good.  A government so heavily invested in a Single Leader seldom transfers power gracefully – especially when there’s no heir apparent.

Yamato Side

Apparently the ship’s (automatic) food processing equipment was damaged in the previous episode…  mean the crew now subsists on bread and (I guess) water.  Needless to say, the crew’s morale suffers.

Screenshot (397).png
The Yamato decides they will resupply at Planet Beemala – and that decision leads Niimi to get all sexy with Navigator Shima.  Why?

Screenshot (398).png
We also see Misaki once again at the Autonomous Navigation Room…  and then wandering the ship asking questions about the Wave Motion Cannon.

And after all this, the two threads come together at…

The Battle


Screenshot (399).png

General Domel’s plan is simplicity itself…  Harassing forces will get Yamato to make an ill considered jump, and pass by a neutron star that will pull them out of hyperspace.  The Gamilas will be waiting there in strength and will defeat them.

Or not…  What enemy fire her shield doesn’t absorb, she easily dodges.  (Maybe the Gamilas gunners went to the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship School?)  She even sideswipes the superdreadnought Domelkaze with little damage.

And that introduces one of my pet peeves with the series…  That Yamato possesses nearly impenetrable Plot Armor (TV Tropes link).  Even when she is damaged, she’s quickly repaired and right as rain by the next episode.  Grrr….

This time she’s saved by a command from Balun – General Domel is commanded to break off combat immediately and return home.

Screenshot (405).png
And there the matter rests for this week…

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