Worth Reading – 3/12/18


It’s been a couple of weeks, and I’ve collected a link or two…  So, let’s hit the jump and take a look at what’s Worth Reading!

Tim at Thoughts That Move post a brief review of Shirobako in: Shirobako, of old and new.  It’s an interesting look at how the series illustrates growth and change in the anime industry.

This month Manga Toritsukareru Koto hosts the February edition of Jon’s Creator Showcase.  I’m a huge fan of the new format of the Showcase because it lets different editors give their take on the “best of”.  Because it ends up looking two months behind, it also allows for work that might have gotten lost in the press of the “now” to be brought back into the light.   I also love how Auri sorted related articles into categories.  It would be nice to see something like that continued, so long as is doesn’t become a straitjacket.

If you somehow don’t know what the Showcase is, it’s all explained at the link.

Tsuyuki at Anime Corps takes a look at the 2nd Annual Yuri!!! on Ice Awards.  My take on this is simple:  His article title more than adequately illustrates the basic problem with the Awards and how they’re organized and presented.

As soon as I saw how many categories that My Hero Academia was nominated in, I knew who was almost certainly going to sweep.  (And I wasn’t entirely wrong.)  Why?  Because it’s not an award, it’s a popularity poll.  There’s nothing wrong with popularity polls per se, but when you dress them up with “judges” and present them as being significant…  that’s where I have a problem.  If you want a serious set of awards (like the Oscars or Emmys), then run them like a serious set of awards.  If you want to run a popularity poll, then drop the false pretense and call them a popularity poll.  (I.E. Crunchyroll’s People’s Choice Awards.)

Reading the judge’s choices and comparing them to the popular choices is illuminating.  Academia still receives its fair shake – but no longer dominates.

Aldael at Aldael’s Attic reviews the Welcome to the NHK light novel.  I’ve only seen the anime, but his review could apply there at well…  Anime (as a genre) often takes hikikomori pretty lightly, often presenting them as a source of humor.  Welcome to the N-H-K take a more serious look at persons suffering from it.  It’s not easy to watch, not only because of it’s more serious subject matter but also because of pacing problems – but it is well worth it.  On the other hand the pacing could be described as more naturally following the cycle hikikimori experience.  The series is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, and if it’s available in your region it’s well worth checking out.

Jon at Jon Spencer Reviews presents what is probably this week’s most interesting and thought-provoking article: [Insert Title Here] – A Discussion on Creative Bankruptcy.  A discussion on the problem of running out of stuff to write about and being unable to meet your standards.  I’m kind of lucky in that respect, in that I have my weekly post to carry me through.  I very often (all too often) have the problem of not being able to write something insightful, but I never lack for a topic.

On the not being able to write something insightful…  Yes, I know sometimes it seems like I have a lot of problems that affect my posting.  But I’m trying to be open rather than simply disappearing. I never, ever want to face what I did last year where I stopped posting, which lead to guilt, which lead into a spiral of not posting because I was guilty and then not posting became a habit.  Never, Ever, Again.  I’d much rather come clean and possibly look bad than get myself into that ugly place again.  I’d rather be inconsistent than “that guy who keeps skipping weeks”.

He also says something that grinds my gears:  “I can’t just write nothing or what I want to write about specifically all the time.”, a statement I’ve seen in various forms by various bloggers and which I Just Don’t Get.  It’s your blog, your rules, your decision.  Again, my outlook may be biased by having my weeklies at the core, and that gives me a certain freedom to experiment with other stuff or just not post if the spirit fails to move me.


Speaking not being able to write…  an update on the situation the lead me to not be able to write my weekly 2199 last week.

We visited Miss Molly at the vet’s on Friday night, and she was not recovering – they were unable to wean her off of supplemental oxygen and she was fighting to breathe.  She’d also lost a dangerous amount of weight in her struggle to breathe, so even if her lungs did miraculously recover we’d be pitched right into a new crisis.  And she was nearly seven years old, which is 85-90? in human terms (and very old for a guinea pig).  Like the little trouper she was, she’d fought various health issues over the last six years but this time she was so frail that a happy ending was unlikely.

We held her for a little while and fed her some lettuce we’d brought with us and said our goodbyes.

But… there’s an odd sequel.  A gentlemen was there who I’d spoken to while out having a smoke had recently rescued two piggies and was unable to care for them properly and asked if we were willing to adopt them.  We were going to need to adopt one soon, since Miss Emma has terminal cancer and that would leave Miss Abigail without a companion…  We’d already planned to do so once either Miss Molly or Miss Emma passed…

My wife and I had a long talk as we’d only planned on adopting only one even though we have room for two.  And it’s only the fastest we’ve adopted after a loss, not the first.  And if two girls needed a forever home… then two girls needed a home we could provide and that was that.


Saturday afternoon, Miss Clara (the dark one on the left) and Miss Anna joined our household.  They’ll have to live in a separate cage for a couple of weeks until their health is checked and their used to our routines and their new diet, then they’ll join the others in the main cage.

By Sunday morning, Miss Anna was already comfortable enough to loudly complain that she could hear breakfast being prepared and that she thought humans should be moving much quicker in delivering it.  (For some reason my phone didn’t flip this horizontal, sorry.)

Thanks for reading!  If you like something I linked to, be sure and leave a comment on the author’s blog!

7 thoughts on “Worth Reading – 3/12/18”

  1. Thank you for including me this go around Derek :) I really appreciate it, especially with what’s going on. The other links and things look great too! Especially that showcase thing XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, someone could make use of that wheeking for making some animal dubstep. Adorable creatures (guinea pigs, not (necessarily) dubstep producers).
    And thanks for the mention!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I must admit I had no idea what dubstep was, the Wikipedia entry turned out to be… charmingly opaque. :)

      No problem, it’s an older series that deserves a lot more attention. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you more around the Lounge!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry to hear about Miss Molly. But she seems to have made it to guinea pig old age and seemed to have a good life with you. (In terms of longevity nothing beats a turtle or a parrot, but I’d take a guinea pig over any of them.)

    I hope the new additions settle in well and get along with the current residents.

    Going to read some of the articles when I have the time. Welcome to the NHK deserves the spotlight every now and then.


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