Winter 2018 – the time skip edition

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to skip this week’s review post.   Please hit the jump for more information (probably too much information).

When I posted on Monday it looked like things were going to start returning to an even keel…  Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way.

Both of the piggies we adopted on Saturday suffer from malformed feet because their nails were not properly cared for and also likely because they were not kept on proper bedding/flooring in the past.  The upshot of this was we spent Monday evening at the emergency room because one of Anna’s paws was bleeding badly.  She’s recovering, but that’s not the end of it…

You’ll recall I mentioned that Emma was suffering from terminal cancer.  We got up Tuesday morning and found her unresponsive.  She crossed the Bridge in my wife’s arms a few hours later.  Even without having just lost little Molly, this was a hard blow.  We’ve raised Emma and her sister Abby from literal babies.  When we went to the shelter to adopt, we couldn’t even do so right away – they’d just arrived an hour earlier from the foster home they’d been born in and weren’t even in the system yet.

So we spent Tuesday in a literal daze.

The practical effect of this was that yesterday (Wednesday), I kept struggling with my weekly entry and backing off because I couldn’t deal with the stress (of trying to get it all done in just a few hours).  This morning, already late, I’m just going to de-stress by just skipping it.  Instead, after dealing with housework and administrivia for the photo club (also behind because of this week), I’m going to try and get back on track by concentrating on tomorrow’s 2199 post.  (Happily it was a simple and straightforward week.)

I know, I know, more information than you probably wanted.  I’m not going to claim my problems are as bad or worse than a some others in the community as experiencing right now…  But as I said on Monday, I’m trying to be more open rather than just cryptically vanishing for a week.

Despite everything I’m caught up on everything, so feel free to comment.

And wasn’t this week’s episode of March a total kick in the *ss?  I don’t think I’m far off past in pronouncing Yanagihara’s brief arc as probably among the finest March has given us so far.  And the competition for that honor is fierce.

I think the only real disappointment this week was Yorimoi – and that only by comparison.  But it did set up something we’ve known was going to happen…  a journey to where Takako disappeared.

Thanks for reading, drop me a line and let us know how your week in anime went and your thought’s on this week’s shows!

11 thoughts on “Winter 2018 – the time skip edition”

  1. Good god, it’s really not a good time for guinea pigs, is it? I’m hoping things go well from now on. Best of luck to the remaining little piggies.

    March was an excellent episode. It’s so good to have the show back!

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    1. Thanks Dawn! We took the bandages off of Anna’s foot this evening and she’s healed nicely. So, crossing fingers.

      I’m still flattened by how good those two eps were.


  2. sorry for the loss. I know how horrible it feels to lose someone that close. I’ve raised a lot of kittens that basically are given a bad hand and dies very young. very experience makes us stronger though, so I’m sure you’ll be fine :)

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