Worth Reading – 08/10/2018

Man… it’s been far too long since I published an edition of Worth Reading…  I’ve been collecting links, just never got off my butt and edited and published.  That error is now rectified and here are a few posts that are long overdue for your reading pleasure and appreciation.

So, let’s hit the jump and take a look at what’s Worth Reading!

Luminous Mongoose at Otaku Essays has two very different but very interesting posts:

  • The essay Why Disabled Characters Are So Captivating is fascinating.  Three characters are featured, and the surprising one is All Might (Boku no Hero Academia).  I would have said disadvantaged rather than disabled, but Mongoose still makes an interesting argument about the handicap(s) he faces.

Alfredopasta discusses a trope we’ve all seen (too many times IMO) – Indirect Kisses: Do They Really Mean Anything? Me, I never even heard of them until I started watching anime on a regular basis.

Remy at The Lily Garden tackles a provocative question:  Is There Any Room for Average Anime Series Anymore?

Oncasteve at Marshmellow Pastel writes a review of  the first season of A Certain Scientific Railgun that stands as an interesting counterpiece to Remy’s: A Certain Scientific Railgun: In Defence of Competent Mediocrity.

Seriously, you should read both of those.  Taken together they make for some interesting food for thought.

Two interesting posts from TPAB at The Pantless Anime Blogger:

  • Equally interesting is his June 2018 wrap-up post with more thoughts on YuuYuuYuu.

Speaking of handles…  I hope that one day TPAB reviews Grand Blue Dreaming – which features the diving club PAB, who are frequently sans pants.

Kevo at &cetera tackles a fascinating topic: Just How Much Does Aqours Actually Perform During Lives?  A question that it never occurred to me to ask.  But then the closest I’ve ever come to an idol concert is skipping through a video of WUG on YouTube to find my favorite songs…

Irina at I drink and watch anime writes: What Your Top 5 List Says About You.  I especially commend to you the comments on the article.  Personally, I think a well done list/listicle can be interesting and useful.  Problem is, very few are well done and the format has been demonized by overuse by clickbait publishers.

6 thoughts on “Worth Reading – 08/10/2018”

  1. The post about disability has intersting timing. I’ve just been watching Angelic Layer, and the show is so not what I expected it to be. At the heart of the show is a mother/daughter relationship, where the mother left the daughter with relatives and kept her own disability (a disorder of the nervous system) a secret. The way this ties into the doll-battle plot is downright amazing, and the payoff was astoundingly impactful. I do so love pleasant surprises. (The good thing about slow seasons is that you catch up with the backlog.)


    1. The good thing about slow seasons is that you catch up with the backlog.

      If only my real life weren’t so freakin’ busy and I didn’t have so many competing hobbies! :) :)


  2. Thank you so much for the shout out. I also particularly recommend the comments section of most of my posts. I have really smart readers..somehow…

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