Worth Reading – 09/07/2018


It’s been a month since I last published an issue of Worth Reading and there’s been some Good Stuff posted…  So, let’s hit the jump and take a look at what’s Worth Reading!

Made in Abyss - Reg and Riko

If there’s any constant among the articles I pick for Worth Reading, it’s that I LOVE content about older anime.  (By which I mostly mean “not current season”.)  In this edition we’ve got some real doozies:

  • AniB Productions posts a well done review of ERASED.  (A tip o’ the hat to Karandi for linking to this post.)
  • Xenodude at Xenodude’s Scribbles is currently watching Magical Girl Raising Project (Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku) and doing a bang-up job of episode by episode coverage.

Speaking of Karandi…  I think this is the first time I’ve featured so much content from a single writer in a single Worth Reading post.  And that’s setting aside the number of times I’ve “borrowed” an idea for a feature article from her…  All of the following links are from her blog 100 Word Anime:

  • And last but not least Karandi and Raistlin have created the Blog Evolution Tag, where bloggers partner up and review how they’ve grown over time.

Comiket is a stock feature of otaku life anime…  and FrogKun deflates some myths and injects some reality in Comiket Sucks.  Yet, even after reading that I still want to go.

Over at the Otaku Lounge, Artemis shares a snapshot she took while traveling through Japan – Life in Japan in Photos: Rice Fields of Fukui. A new feature and one I encourage her to continue as there was some nice conversation in the comments.


Feel free to comment below…  But as always, if you enjoy these links, be sure and let the original posters know!

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