Worth Reading – 03/10/19

Alita Battle Angel.jpeg
Just by the roll of the dice…  this edition’s theme is anime movies.  So, let’s hit the jump and see what’s Worth Reading!

First up, Jon at Jon Spencer Reviews wrote a nice mini-review of I Want to Eat Your Pancreas.  For my part, I thought it was good but not great…  It didn’t really bring the feels as much as it obviously wanted to.

Also on the topic of anime movies…  John at Pirates of the Burely Griffin reviews Alita: Battle Angel.

My wife and I went to see Alita, and enjoyed the heck out of it.  It was the second weekend of it’s run, and even in our small city the theater was packed.  The bar for live action anime movies has been seriously raised…

I’m bracing myself for the inevitable wave of “me-too” movies.  Some will be bad, some awful, but hopefully there’ll be a few good ones in the mix.  Anime may finally be on the verge of going mainstream…  and that will have a variety of interesting effects, good and bad.  That’s a topic for another time I think.

And last, but not least on the topic of anime movies – Crispyn64 at There Goes My Kokoro writes some Quick Thoughts on Mirai.  I did enjoy the movie, but I don’t think it quite lived up to the hype.

Reviews of older series are a staple of the Worth Reading feature – and Merlin of Merlin’s Musings lets me keep that alive with his review of Servant x Service.  It’s also relevant because that series has been on my radar forever, and his review just makes we want to see it more.

Servant x Service is currently streaming on Crunchy, but damm…  my time is (as always) short.  (Says the guy who just finished a marathon rewatch of Saekano.)

A bit late, but also on the topic of older series, Scott at Mechanical Anime Reviews kicks off Mecha March with Five Mech Shows for Beginners.  I’d have to say that my favorite mech show is the insanely over-the-top Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


And that wraps up the latest edition of Worth Reading!  As usual, feel free to comment/discuss here or on the original post – but if you enjoyed a particular article be sure and let the original author know!


8 thoughts on “Worth Reading – 03/10/19”

      1. I’ve heard about the anime a long time ago, but never saw it besides trailers and AMVs. I thought it would be good to finally watch it because of the movie and I’m even going to review it on one of my blogs, so stay tuned.

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    1. Not every movie can be great, and it was good. No regrets at all!

      Yes, if you can swing it (I know your situation), you need to see Alita.

      You’re welcome!

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