Summer 2020 – Week 6

Asuna and Yuuki - Sword Art Alicization

The heat is finally mellowing, and I’ve mastered the deuced block editor enough to make a reasonable post…  So, hit the jump and let’s run down the best parts of this week.  (Though the image should tell you what I think.)

The shows that I am watching are in bold, shows my wife and I are watching together are in bold italicsstrikethrough marks dropped shows and (*) marks shows that are watched but not regularly reviewed.

A Certain Scientific Railgun T Episode 19

Looks like I spoke too soon about Saten not being involved. At least it was (more-or-less) an accident this time. And why do connections between the main cast (the good guys) and ITEM (nominally bad guys) keep popping up? Where is this going to go?

Deca-Dence Episode 6

I’m not so fond of this episode… It does show us part of the cyborg world we haven’t seen, but then it trips over it’s own two feet. I mean, if a chance at salvation is rare – then there must be a LOT of bugs for the facility to be so full.

It does go into Katsuragi’s personality, but other than the influence Natsume has had over him, we’ve seen it all before.

The worst part is that much of it is basically stuff we’ve all seen before. Much of the episode’s structure and main plot points are basically every prison movie ever made.

Deca-Dence Episode 7

Natsume, wasn’t surprising…  I mean, we expected her to get tougher and she’s getting tougher.  What did surprise me is Katsuragi deciding to take a more passive role (at least in-game) and not reveal his identity.  Outside of the game, he’s even more determined to buck shatter the system for the sake of the Tankers.  (Now that he knows that Solid Quake is willing to kill them for the sake of convenience.)

Was it the kinda predictability that made this episode work?  I dunno.  Unlike Ep 6, I didn’t really feel like I was watching something I’d seen a million times before.

Fruits Basket 2nd Season Episode 20

Something of a quiet episode…  Well, quiet in that it doesn’t have tons of Soma family drama.  Instead, it’s student council drama.  The important point of the whole affair though is this – Yuki is steadily becoming more comfortable with relating to people.  First, with Tohru, with ‘family’ outside the Soma’s.  Now, with Kakeru, with ordinary people.  (Which kinda sounds bad, but Tohru is anything but ordinary in the usual sense.  If that makes sense.)

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax Episode 6
(Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Kan)

No comment beyond “this was a damn good episode”.  I’m not always so good at capturing why, especially for the slow burners like this season of Oregairu.

Rent-A-Girlfriend Episode 6
(Kanojo, Okarishimasu)

Kazuya finally gets a shred of self awareness…  and realizes what the audience has known for 6 episodes.  He’s a garbage human being.  How long will his vow to improve last?  That’s a tough row to hoe even if you aren’t the protagonist in a rom-com anime. 

Mami is temporarily, and thankfully, absent…  But I wager we haven’t seen the last of Her Vileness.

As to Rusaki, no doubt she’s a rental girlfriend too.  And I don’t think this is going to be a harem…  Maybe Kazuya chases her for a bit, but he’s going back to Chizaru.

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld: Part II Episode 6

Alicization - Asuna and YuukiThat was a feckin’ excellent episode!  Not just because we saw Badass Asuna, but because it emphasized how the main (SAO) cast is interconnected…  And that it’s not just all about Kirito.

With the episode title “Memories”, I was afraid it was going to be all flashback and Kirito’s internal monologue…  but they were nicely woven in between the action.  Doesn’t surprise me that he’s carrying so much guilt – or that he feels guilty in the first place.  We often forget he still a teen and he’s carrying a heavy burden.  Though honestly, even an adult would likely feel pretty awful after all he’s seen and done.

The scene of Kirito actually waking up was pretty well done, I love the slow dawning of awareness from the other characters.

Sword Art Alicization - Asuna Angelic GoddessAlso, I NEED this as a figure.  But then anyone who knows me knows that I love Asuna.

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Episode 6
(Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!)

The inevitable beach episode… Which displayed all the tropes you’d expect – especially the trashy ones. Let’s just say this episode wiped all the gains in my opinion over the last few episodes.


I seriously do not like the Block Editor. I can see how powerful it can be, but it makes the simplest tasks so feckin’ difficult. It’s so alien to the “put the cursor there and do stuff” paradigm that’s been so prevalent for decades.


Anyhow, all that aside… How was your week? Hows the summer (or winter for those on the other side of the equator) treating you?

Drop a comment, and let’s chat about whatever!

2 thoughts on “Summer 2020 – Week 6”

  1. I don’t think I’ve struggeled to talk about anime this much in a long time. Even about the shows I like there’s just nothing to say really.

    DecaDence is really giving us a straightforward story, with all the quirky aspects appearing mostly ornamental. The correctional facility is just… a prison? I expected them to have some sort of re-programmable AI component or something, but nothing we’ve seen so far makes for a need for them to be non-human. They’re working towards some lame reveal maybe? Or they just don’t care? Decent plot progression, good but conventional characters, inconsistent worldbuilding with too much ornament and too little substance. Mediocre anime. At this point I’m liking Gibiate better, and Gibiate is… bad (but works for me as camp nonsense). I’m seeing how DecaDence is the brainchild of the same person who’s responsible for Death Parade, same strengths, same weakness, same wasted potential.

    Uzaki-chan, well, it’s among my favourite new shows this season only because it has little competition. I actually like Uzaki’s voice work. Looked up the voice actress, and it’s Oozora Naomi, who also voiced Chio in Chio’s School Road (and I remember noticing her there, too). Other roles of note: Stanaichia in Gabriel Dropout, and Kiriha in Tsugumomo. I think I’m going to remember her name.

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    1. I don’t think I’ve struggeled to talk about anime this much in a long time. Even about the shows I like there’s just nothing to say really.

      With everything that’s going on, and it being a second tier season at best… Yeah, I get it. I’m facing the same problem.

      Deca-Dence is especially hard to write about. The author is trying to make a point… And everything is in service to that point. The result is a show that’s kinda lacking in spots because the polish and continuity just isn’t there.


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