Winter 2017 Week 9 – Gomenasai!

Got busy, didn’t have time to watch let alone write, and so missed a week…  Then was mostly caught up, but didn’t want to write because I wasn’t caught up…  around and around in self-reinforcing cycle.  Bad.


Gomenasai!  I should have at least posted a note or something, and will do so in the future.  You the reader can’t discuss weekly if I don’t post something each week.

Anyhow, let’s get caught up up and move forward…

Just as a reminder, shows that I am watching are in bold, shows my wife and I are watching together are in bold italics.

Mostly, this will be ‘quick looks’ to catch up to the present day…


Demi-Chan has slipped into a pleasant groove, neatly blending slice-of-life with deeper insights into the lives and challenges of demis.  Finally, we’re learning more about Sato-sensei and just how deeply her succubus nature has shaped her life.


Much has happened in the last few weeks.  I’m not terribly happy about Fujinomiya’s arc, as she was fated to suffer so Our Hero can find his True Path.  On the other hand, that True Path is the whole point of the show…   And now, just as Adagaki is realizing what’s happening – we cliffhanger.  Is that Masamune in disguise, a ringer, or something else entirely?  Given Masamune‘s tendency to veer off at odd angles, I’m not making any bets.

Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club – Ep 5 – dropped.

Formerly listed as “on hold”…  and actually it was until I read this piece at There Goes My Kokoro, which crystallized my thinking on why I was increasingly unhappy with the show.  So, dropped.

Miss Koyabishi’s Dragon Maid

Honestly, as time goes by I’m becoming less and less enamoured with Maid Dragon.   While the brilliant character moments that made the show so delightful earlier on are still there…  There’s just too many characters being introduced and too many interactions that are pulling away from our main duo (trio? family?).  Fafnir at least brings something about humanity to the table, but Luoca is just annoying and pointless.

I did enjoy the ‘cosplay’ scenes in Episode 7’s visit to Comiket…  They neatly wrapped up why I go to SCA events and cons and suchlike – it’s an opportunity to be myself and hang out with my tribe far from the concerns of the madding world.

And is it just me, or are a there more shows than normal going to Comiket this season?

Scum’s Wish

Wish has been getting harder and harder to watch…  but in a good way.  Just as it usually is in real life, the character’s lives are messy and their inexperience just makes thing worse.  Experience can also cause you to do things that make things worse too – you just can’t win.

And now, Ep 8.   Wow.  The crowning glory of the season so far.  Possibly one of the single best episodes in the season to date.  Setting aside Eechan’s scenes with her cousin (outstanding in their own right) – the heart of the episode are Hanabi’s and Mugi’s confessions to their love interests.  Though the confessions went predictably, that’s because the writers have done such a job of building the characters.  Hanabi has long known how her confession would go, and has steeled herself for it…  and accepted Kanai’s gentle acceptance of her feelings and his equally gentle and unspoken rejection.  For the first time, she’s happy.  Mugi on the other hand, once again revealed himself as real piece of work.  He knows going into things that Akane is going to manipulate the hell out of him – and willingly falls into her trap.  Just as he did with Moca, he hopes to “save” herself from herself.   This will not end well.

Seiren – Eps 5-8, Toru’s arc.

I know I complained about how Toru was too ‘perfect’ (top athlete, top scholar, top game…), but they did flesh out all but the athletics as the arc progressed.  Overall, while still weaker than Hikari’s arc – I actually find the ending more believable somehow.  Maybe it’s because their relationship, having common interests rather than just being thrown together, felt more natural.

That catches us up on all the biggies…  I’m still behind on Bang Dream and Schoolgirl Strikers though.  (Hopefully I’ll catch up this week or next.)

Speaking of next week, my entry will be rather thin if there’s anything at all.  Thursday, my lovely wife and I are going to see SAO:Ordinal Scale.  Fri-Sat-Sun I have an SCA event (Kingdom Arts & Sciences – a weekend of serious historical nerdery).  Monday, our local indy movie house is showing The Red Turtle.  So I’ll probably just drop a place keeper on Monday for all of you to post your weekly thoughts.

And with all that said…  What do you think of the past few weeks?  Anything you thought particularly cool or notably sucked?  Let me know down in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Winter 2017 Week 9 – Gomenasai!”

  1. Ah, you’re back. Don’t worry too much about not posting. Watching anime should, above all, be fun, and it probably won’t be fun for long, if you pressure yourself. Oddly enough, I’ve also fallen behind during that stretch (due to personal circumstance); I’m still behind on Onihei, but I’ve mostly caught up with the rest.

    One of the surprising things this season is that I’ve grown quite fond of Urara Meirochou. It didn’t look like much in the beginning (apart from appealing visuals), but it’s sort of grown on me, while other shows fell by the roadside (such as BanG Dream, which was good at music, but bad at pretty much everything else).

    Masamune is a mixed bag for me. It’s got the typical harem complication comedy; a bit better maybe, because the developments make sense in terms of character and theme, even if they’re not terribly interesting. I still love the soundtrack. Fujinomiya is so much the Nisekoi-Marika type that it hurts. I find the show mildly entertaining, but not memorable, and sometimes I only vaguely remember important plot points from week to week, which makes watching harder.

    I’m not as hot on Demi chan as I was at the start of the season, even though its still near the top of this season’s offerings. The show’s interest in the topic sometimes devolves into academically detached proselytizing, with not-so-funny jokes thrown in. An example would be, when Tetsuo talks to Sakie about Succubus attraction, and we get his perspective complete with illustrations, and we learn that Sakie has a different take, but we don’t learn what it is. That’s so typically “distracted proffessor being too much in love with his own thesis”, which would be fine as a characterisation technique for our well-meaning teacher, but I’d like the show not to fall into this trap. That said, it’s still a pretty good show.

    Scum’s Wish is very good at empathy towards its characters, but I’m losing touch with it, because the oppressive mood is so constant. There’s a certain watcher’s fatigue that settles in with me, so that in the end I just don’t care too much, anymore. I sometimes wonder if that effect would be stronger or weaker, were I to marathon the show.

    Seiren: I actually think that Touru’s arc is the better one. Hikari is the better character (in the sense that she feels more nuanced), without a doubt, but I felt more romantic chemistry here all through the arc. I think Hikari’s arc might have been better, had they just focussed on sexual tension and dropped all romance, leaving them with a deeper mutual respect but no profound change in their relationship. // The first episode of the new arc introduces two characters who are dead-ringers for two equivalent characters in Amagami SS (i.e. Rihoko’s tea club sempais). Seiren has never been that obvious about the connection. // Finally, I think Seiren‘s going to be a split cour, since there are six girls in the opening. I’m not that excited about it, but Seiren is a comfortable and fun watch all the same.

    I’m pretty much with you on Maid Dragon. The one caveat I have is that Lucoa might be having a stealth role that becomes clearer later on. With the conflict between Chaos and Order Dragons, Luco seems to occupy neutral ground. That may or may not become important down the road. Hopefully, the background plot will not become too complex. It’s just not that sort of show.

    Konosuba is good fun, and ACCA is probably the most consistent show of all: it’s very confident in its story, knows where it’s going, and I love the dry and off-beat delivery. I’d say it’s the best new show this season.

    My undisputed favourite is still Rakugo, but the show’s so far ahead that I find it boring to say so.


    1. Sorry to take so long to reply… it’s been a crazy week. (And I’m currently avoiding writing my Ordinal Scale review, which just will not gel.)

      Demi-Chan‘s great strength is that it has found it’s groove. Demi-chan‘s great weakness is that it’s fallen into a groove. I think that sums it up nicely.

      AIUI, if Seiren‘s numbers are good, they’ll give us a second cour covering the remaining arcs. I agree, while Hikari is the better character, Toru’s is the better arc.


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