Winter 2017 – Week 10

As predicted last week, our insanely busy schedule meant we only watched two shows last week…  After the jump, a quick look at Maid Dragon and Konasuba and the week(s) ahead.


Just as a reminder, shows that I am watching are in bold, shows my wife and I are watching together are in bold italics.

Very tired today, it’s been a heck of a few days…  Fun, and busy is better than bored, but a bit worn out.  (And then this week is the three-meeting-week of the month!)

Miss Kobayashi – Ep 09

Maid Dragon returns to it’s core strength with one of it’s best episodes…  It’s Sports Festival time at Kanna’s school, and Miss Koyabashi declines to attend due to being in a time crunch at work.  Kanna, who has come to regard Kobayashi as a surrogate parent is heartbroken.  But after Tohru casts perception blocking on her, she observes Koyabashi at work and after seeing how hard she’s working…  accepts the necessity.  (The scene of the heartbroken dragon flying away was… heartbreaking.)  But after conversations with Tohru and Makato, Kobayashi realizes her error and works herself to the bone to make time available.

Y’know, this is supposed to be a comedy…  and while it has had some funny moments, Maid Dragon is actually one heck of a light drama.

Konasuba – Ep 09

Honestly, I’ve forgotten most of last week’s episode.  That’s not just due to how busy I’ve been for the last four days…  it’s pretty much the nature of the episode.  I remember them running a joke into the ground, but that’s about it.  Though it’s high points have been very good, Konasuba has run hot and cold all season and the Arcanretia arc has run long enough to empty the tank.

So, looking forward…  I have a post on Ordinal Scale that’ve been pecking away at, and hopefully that’ll be up tomorrow or Wednesday.  (Short version – enjoyed it!)  We’d planned on seeing The Red Turtle tonight, but one of our guinea pigs is acting like she’s ill, so that’s up in the air.

This weekend is clear, so we should be able to get caught up on our shows.  (If we don’t get distracted by the World Baseball Classic.)

We did finish Cyborg 009: Call of Justice, and I hope to get a series review posted in the next couple of weeks.  I’ve also got a series review of Wakakozake that I’ve made some notes on, and want to get finished before the new season of the live-action premiers in anticipation of Crunchyroll picking it up.  (Having picked up the anime and both seasons of the live action.)

But mostly, I’m going to trying to keep this (the blog) running a little lighter.  As Dawnstorm said last week, this is supposed to be fun – not a chore.  I need to find a better balance towards the former.

3 thoughts on “Winter 2017 – Week 10”

  1. I agree about Maid Dragon. It’s very good in its quieter moments. Also, Kobayashi is amongst my favourite characters this season.

    Konosuba is okay, but I agree they were running a joke in the ground. I can’t even remember how long its been; two episodes?

    I’m constantly falling behind this season. It’s partly due to real-life circumstances, partly due to anime fatigue (I can see myself watching a little less every season now), and partly because the season isn’t that great. It’s not bad, but there’s very little I’m actively looking forward to, and there’s a lot that’s always at the cusp of being dropped. I’m looking forward to Uchouten Kazoku 2 next season.

    Ordinal Scale is the SAO movie, right? (I didn’t really enjoy SAO much; I liked it well enough to finish season one, but not enough to continue with season two.)

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    1. Yeah, some lights are brighter than others, but overall this season has been a steaming pile of meh. I think that’s also playing into my writing problems… Frankly, if it weren’t for 3gatsu and Iron Blooded Orphans, this season would be a wash.

      SAO II… The first two arcs (Phantom Bullet and Calibur) are eminently skippable. But the last arc, Mother’s Rosario, is damned good in it’s own right. You can pick up with ep 18 (Forest House) with no problem as the arc is essentially standalone and the one new character introduced (Sinon, in Phantom Bullet) doesn’t play a large enough part that you need to know anything about her. (She gets like 30 seconds of screen time and one or two short lines.) If you get a chance, it’s well worth checking out.


      1. For me, this season runs mainly on Rakugo and ACCA, but 3-gatsu no Lion is great, too. Loved the Shimada arc; great character.

        I’ve become quite fond a few shows I wasn’t that hot on initially: Urara Meirochou, Gabriel Dropout and Akiba’s Trip all turned out to be more entertaining than I thought they would. I’m still enjoying stuff like Demi-Chan or Maid Dragon; they’re very good when they’re good, but they also have those frustrating face-palm moments. I think I’m currently liking Maid Dragon better.

        Mother’s Rosario is ep18+? Thanks for the info; I might check it out one day. I heard a lot of good things about it. To be honest, I’m not that optimistic. I’ve read a summary, and I don’t really have faith that SAO handles that sort of content in a way that clicks with me. But, then, I liked Accell World better than SAO, so there’s evidence that the writer’s actually developing in the “right” direction, so who knows? I’m still curious.

        I’m hoping there’ll be some good new shows next season. I’m almost certain that Uchouten Kazuko 2 is going to be my spring favourite, and there’s little else that looks interesting, though there’s a lot with potential. One of the interesting new shows, and certainly the one I’m looking forward the most, is Alice to Zouroku. That one looks right up my alley. Cautiously optimistic.

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