Spring 2017 – Week 1

Whew Premiere Week (and some) is finally over. There’s a few keepers so far, but also quite a bit of out-and-out meh on track for a third ep drop… Which I really need to do if I want to cut back to a more manageable number this season.  Surprisingly, only one first ep drop this season!

Hit the jump and find out my thoughts, then leave yours in the comments!

Just as a reminder, shows that I am watching are in bold, shows my wife and I are watching together are in bold italics.

Eromanga Sensei (Premiere)

I try as much as possible to avoid other comments/reviews/criticisms before I check out new shows so I go in with an open mind.   However, the hue-and-cry over Eromanga Sensei was so prevalent it could hardly be avoided…  Still, it couldn’t be that bad, could it?

It was.  Cliche characters, rote/trope interactions, unsettling camera angles… and trying to be Oreimo without any of Oreimo‘s good points.

Verdict: Congratulations Eromanga-Sensei!  You’re the first drop of Spring 2017!

Sakurada Reset (Premiere)

There’s some potential interest in the setup as delivered…  but damn was the acting wooden, the pacing glacial, the characters one-dimensional, and the endless exposition excruciating.

Verdict:  I can’t take much more of this.  My hand is inching towards the eject handle…

Tsuki ga Kirei (Premiere)

One of the more realistic romance anime (at least in the first ep) I’ve seen in a long time.   (Though Seiren tried so very hard…)  Despite the glitches, I loved the animation style, its very reminiscent of both Wandering Son (a good series in its own right) and somehow also of Grimgar.  It would be nice if it picked up the pace some, but it wants to amble along at a iyashikei/slice-of-life pace, that could work too.

I have a feeling that there’s a good chance that Tsuki ga Kirei could turn out to be interesting.  On top of it’s realism, they dropped a number of hints of background stuff…

Verdict:  Keeper.

Hinako Note (Premiere)


CGDCT that’s pretty much as advertised…  Though slightly offbeat, it pretty much colors within the lines.  No genki girl though – so far.  Looking at the OP, we’ve a character yet to be introduced so I fully expect them to tick that box next week.

While it’s no Three Leaves, Three Colors, it’s not actually bad…

The fanservice-y bits right at the end were a bit odd and unsettling for a CGDCT comedy though.

Verdict: Keeper

Twin Angels Break (Premiere)

About as generic a magical girl show as you can get…  But oddly enough, it’s airing in the late night otaku time slot rather than a kid friendly time slot.  Really, that’s about the only reason I’m sticking around, to see if I can get an answer to “WTF are they thinking?”.

Verdict: Meh.

Renai Boukun (Premiere)

Well,  I can see why folks might think this is funny…  but it really didn’t resonate much with me.  Possibly because I was planning on swearing off harem comedies this season… (Well, other than Saekano.)  That I haven’t seen the show it’s paroying probably doesn’t help either.  By the end of the ep, they really hadn’t given us any reason to care about the characters. It’s not bad enough to drop right off, but it had better shape up fast.

 Verdict: Approaching the drop zone…

Anonymous Noise (Premiere)

A boy, a girl, a boy, a long separation, a high school band…  other than the gender swap, it’s Fuuka all over again.  The two series even have the same VA (Hayami Saori) voicing a female lead fer gosh sakes!

And the story itself, what a mess.  They tried to cram twenty pounds of backstory, emotion, and plot into a ten pound sack…  The result was all rush-rush-rush with no time for audience to catch their breath and assimilate.  Maybe it will get better now that they’ve got all that out of their systems.

(Plus it’s committing the cardinal sin for musical anime – failing to subtitle the songs!)

Verdict: Meh.

Alice to Zouroku – Ep 2

Interesting, we learn of Sana’s past, and are introduced to Sanae (Zouroko’s grandaughter).   Is it just me, or are those two somehow peas in a pod?  And for a humble florist, Zouroko seems to have an awful lot of shady and/or interesting contacts.  Alice is still posing more questions that it’s answering…

I find the opening interesting…  While it does invoke a sense of wonder, it mostly concentrates on what looks like slice-of-life.

My Hero Academia – Ep 2

Now this was closer to Academia‘s best…  A nice blend of exposition and action.  It was kinda unexpected to see Todoroki leap ahead with such ferocity, but an accidentally encountered spoiler makes sense of it.  (I won’t repeat it, you can find it easily enough if you care to.)

If you haven’t read it, I cannot recommend Frog-Kun’s Crunchyroll feature The Death of Superman in “My Hero Academia” enough.  (Go on, read it, I’ll still be here when you’re done.)  Some pretty powerful stuff there about the literary roots of Academia and the deeper aspects of the story.  Also on Crunchyroll, Bobduh’s regular “Why It Works” column also features AcademiaShadows over “My Hero Academia” is worth reading too.

Attack on Titan – Ep 2

Another hard-hitting episode (I think I’m going to be typing that a great deal this season), concentrating on Sasha’s background (and why she came to be constantly stealing food).

In other news… How in the haitch-e-doublehockeysticks did Forest Fairy Five get a second cour?

And… Your Name.  TLDR version – My brain is slightly disappointed, but my heart sings!.

Longer version – I’m still trying to figure the whole thing out. There are bits and pieces that don’t quite make sense, and some bits I don’t like how they fit…  but OH the feels. Oh, the FEELS. (All combined with Shinkai’s trademark gorgeous animation.)

3 thoughts on “Spring 2017 – Week 1”

  1. I’m not that surprised you didn’t like Reinai Boukun. It’s more the genre than unfamiliarty with Death Note. The resemblance with that show, like anything at all in the show, is shallow. I’m not sure you’re supposed to care about the characters. They’re basically straightforward constructs for the tour de force of silly jokes. The best I can say is that I like the main girl’s character design. From what I hear, the show’s not getting better, so you might as well drop out now.

    Sadly, I agree about Sakurada Reset. Biggest disappointment of the season so far. The plot is stupid, the dialogue makes no sense, the characters and pacing is dull… How did the director of Tanaka kun come up with that? Oh, yeah, he also did Kokoro Connect.

    I didn’t like episode 2 of MHA much better than episode 1; it was better, but not by much (for me). I’ve read Frog Kun’s article, which was great and pretty much explains what I dislike about the show. (I dislike Superman for both being an unlikable power fantasy and for being dull.) What I do like about the show is its sense of style. It’s… quirky. (Pun not intended, but noticed before finishing the sentence, hence the elipsis.) I’ll probably get into it eventually.

    AoT had a connective episode mostly, with Sasha’s background. I like her, so I’m okay with that. Little else to say.

    Same goes for Hinako Note, which was moderately fun, but doesn’t really give me much to talk about.

    I didn’t watch the Twin Angels show; there’s another, earlier show in the franchise with different characters. I didn’t watch that either.

    Eromanga sensei was better than expected, but probably not good enough for me to watch eipisode 2, but who knows? I’ve finished worse.

    Tsuki ga Kirei is my favourite premiere this season that doesn’t involve tanuki. I’m really, really happy with how it turned out. Excellent characterisation, with all characters acting believably different with different characters, while still remaining recognisably themselves. I’m also very happy with episode 2 of Alice to Zoroku, which was cute and somewhat surreal.

    While I’m at it, both Suka Suka and Grimoir of Zero are worth checking out. Neither are masterpieces, but both are very competent, and both have a good route and a bad route (overly corny melodrama and boredom, respecitively). If you check out neither show, that shouldn’t be a great loss, but if you do, you’ll probably gain at least one entertaining show out of it. If you don’t check out either, at least check out Grimoir’s adorable ending.


  2. Tsuki ga Kirei is starting to get a lot of well deserved buzz. So far, Tsuki, Sakura, and Alice are the best of the (non-sequel) lot. Hinako and Twin Angels have problems, but they’re pure mind candy with no ambitions to be anything more, so they get a lot more latitude. Outside of those five and the sequels, I’m seriously considering just pre-emptively dropping the balance. Most are already on track for a second or third ep drop anyhow.

    Honestly, I couldn’t stand Tanaka Kun because (at least to me) it was pretty boring… That kinda puts me in a minority, but so it goes.

    I’m seeing a lot of people speak positively of SukaSuka so I supposed I should check it out. The premise as stated holds no attraction for me, but I’ve been wrong before. (Way more than once…!)


    1. Plenty of people didn’t like Tanaka kun; it’s just most couldn’t be bothered to repeat it over and over again, like they sometimes do for other shows. That show isn’t for everyone. I loved it. I’ve seen another show by the director I remember little about; it was one of those child-again anime, I think: Asatte no Houko. That one was good, too. Sadly, I don’t click with Sakurada Reset. There may well be an interesting twist in the future, but this one of the cases where reading spoilers is probably more entertaining than watching the show. I’m fairly sure I’m out. It’s a little distrubing to sit there and think: “Ah, this is where I should be feeling bad for the characters.” (I just come fresh from episode 2.)

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