10 thoughts on “Thanks to all of you!”

  1. Initial curiosity peak, and after that a steady upwards trend (with a negligible downwards movement of visitors from Feb to March). The numbers are looking good. Nice momentum.

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    1. February’s drop off is also probably related to my meltdown during the Winter season and skipping out on posting for most of the month… Lost a lot of trust (which I’m still earning back). In April and May, I’m back to regularly posting and into Spring. At least that’s how I see the data.

      But yeah, there’s still upward momentum and that’s a Good Thing.


      1. It’s good to see what you can do, but I wouldn’t over-interpret data. For example, while visitors are slightly down, views are slightly up. One possible reason for this could be that – for some – reason people were checking in with less devices (I assume “visitor” is really “unique IP-address” or something similar; if that’s the case, I account for two visitors. A person can account for many visitors: desktop (work & home), tablet, phone…).

        If you’re right, and you did lose some trust in February, then you’d have to explain how this translates to more views. One possibility I could see is that the folk who did remain checked in more often to see if there any updates. (Is this plausible, with twitter being available? I genuinely can’t judge that.)

        Would also be interesting to compare numbers with other blogs. Sometimes, what looks like a personal trend is part of a wider trend. Sorry, if I’m rambling; it’s my background in sociology coming to the fore. But with numbers such as these, it’s the trends that are more reliable. Outliers can have any number of reasons or none.

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