Summer begins to fade… Summer 2017 Week 11

Well, it’s the first day of Fall today and we’ve already had our first round of cold and rain here in the Pacific Northwet.  That fits perfectly with this week’s summer season shows, which are almost all finale or penultimate episodes.

Screenshot (107)

Let’s hit the jump and get right to it!

Konbini Kareshi

Didn’t see it this week because of the monthly photo club meeting.  And though I need another project/commitment like I need another hole in my head…  The County Parks Dept has approached the club about volunteering to document their parks (all 65 of them!), and I volunteered to be part of the project.  I talked myself out of volunteering to lead/manage the project though.

Love and Lies, Ep 12 (Finale)

As unsatisfying a final episode as I’ve seen.  The first half was a Deep And Serious conversation between Yukari and Ririna, which mostly just covered ground already well trodden.  The only ‘surprise’ was the reveal of yet another loophole in the Yukari System.  The second half was pretty much the three main characters professing their love and desire for each other…  The whole episode could have taken place anywhere in the last seven weeks or so without seeming out of place.

At least the characters weren’t quite as badly off model as they’ve been the last couple of weeks, so there’s that.

Made in Abyss, Ep 11

No less intense than ep 10, though thankfully much less brutal.   The two big things I came away from this episode with…

The first is Reg.  We got further confirmation that somewhere in the past, he’s intimately connected with Lyza.  He wasn’t just watching her as intimated in the papers of her returned from the Abyss in the first ep, but actively interacted with her.  Did she fake her own death?  There’s something very funny going on there.

The second is Mitty.   He (or it’s hinted it may be she) may lost his humanity, but he’s still very much a living creature.  He reacted very positively to Nanachi’s (obvious) affection.  I find this profoundly moving, and profoundly disturbing.

Screenshot (108)

Two eps (one normal, one double length) remaining, and many mysteries left to clear up. They almost certainly won’t, as this is an ongoing manga… But they wouldn’t break our hearts with a cliffhanger would they? This is Abyss, they just might.

My Hero Academia, ep 23

If I didn’t know this wasn’t filler, I’d say it was filler…  It seemed designed to dispose of the remaining tests for the members of Class 1-A not yet covered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Princess Principal, Ep 11

Just WOW…  With tons of action and intrigue and building on the characters, this was a busy, busy episode.

I expected Ange to volunteer to be the one to carry out the hit on Princess.  And I expected them to try and evade her bodyguards/watchdogs.  (And the evasion and the fight  sequences were nicely done to boot!)  I expected the Princess to decline to run (that was shown way back in Ep 2)…  But I didn’t expect her to so viciously reject Ange’s overtures.  A few episodes back, she said she was “one of the bad ones”, and this episode she showed what that really meant.  Princess want the throne so badly, she’s willing to destroy the re-union that’s her main motivation for grabbing the throne in the first place.  She’s finally snapped and forgotten who and what she is, and her reasons for doing what she’s doing.

Screenshot (109).png

This does not bode well for the future.  I can see the two of them making up, but it will be a long time (if ever) before their relationship returns to anything like it was before.  I’m hoping they don’t go the cheap route on that.

Speaking of the cheap route…  They did indulge in one trope, Breaking Up The Team.  This usually leads to a Dramatic Appearance in which the team spontaneously re-assembles.


Re:Creators, Ep 22 (Finale)

As expected, the finale was all about the victory lap.  All of the surviving Creations made their peace and had their final farewells with their Creators.  Blitz was a bit of an asshole about the whole thing, but that’s actually consistent with his character.  Their returning ‘home’ bothers me a bit…  they’ve had free will, and now they’re returning to their chains?  That’s a bit disturbing.

One big plot hole, after being put on a bus two episodes back, Magane vanished from the show entirely.  The weekly reviewer over on ANN points out that like Meteora she’s almost certainly depowered, so there’s that…  But it’s sloppy writing.  She’s still a murderous psychopathic bitch and you’d think the government wouldn’t want her just wandering around unsupervised.

Screenshot (107)

And I can’t be the only one hit in the feels when this flashed across the screen – or who thought to himself “I’d watch the hell out of that”.

  • Humble Ace has an interesting piece on the music of Re:Creators.

Sakura Quest, Ep 25 (Finale)

As much as I’ve criticized Sakura over the past weeks, they managed an oddly satisfying ending.  Despite the show’s assorted flaws, in the end they managed to hit all the right notes.

The highlight of the episode was the production of Maki’s play.  They didn’t show us the whole thing, but we’ve heard enough of the legend and seen the rehearsals to follow along.  It didn’t occur to me until today how the legend mirrored Yohshino’s arc – from the rejection of the outsider, through struggles, to acceptance.  (Further made plain by the birthday party in the previous episode.)

Ririko’s performance of the Dragon Song was beautiful, serious kudos to her VA, Chiemi Tanaka. All the villagers who’ve been with us through the show were given quick callbacks as the camera panned through the crowd.

The back half of the episode was pretty much the usual farewell stuff.  The Queen and her court recounting their memories and looking forward to their future plans.

My only complaint was the ‘Sister City’ plotline being essentially dropped, especially after it was used to provide (force) such drama in the first half of the episode.  Well, that and skipping the carvings in the train station again.  That’s very odd considering how carefully they built on and called back everything else over the course of the show and in the finale itself.

The Reflection

Dropped after 3 eps, no motivation to go back. I haven’t watched it in weeks, so this makes it official.

Next week’s post (the 29th) will be delayed, probably until Monday (the 1st), so I can include the Abyss and MHA finales.  I have another meeting next Thursday, so that will also let me include the Konbini finale.  I think I’ll try and have the first batch of season reviews available by Friday instead.

10 thoughts on “Summer begins to fade… Summer 2017 Week 11”

  1. @Konbini Kareshi: Satisfying follow-up, one episode to go. I’ll say more once you’ve seen it.

    @Koi to Uso: I’m not as hard on this series as you are; I do see development. But it’s still not an especially great ending, so I don’t feel like going into any sort of detail. All I’m saying that sometimes people may do the same things they’d have done earlier but they carry different emotional meaning. That’s the sort of story I’ve been seeing here. But I’d have to substantiate it to be credible, and I don’t really want to since the series’ pace is too slow to make that interesting.

    @Made in Abyss: It’s always hard to talk about this show for me, because by the time the post comes up my mind’s always alredy with the next episode. Nanachi is a great character, and I’m very scared for Mitty. The ending basically shows Nanachi as a “party member”, but there’s no place for in Mitty in this set up..

    @My Hero Academia: When is Mineta even more annoying than when he’s awful comic relief? When they try to give him depth. I can’t stand this character, and seeing all those cheering for him was… not what I wanted to see for the episode ending. Am I supposed to cheer for the underdog here?

    @Princess Principal: The show’s losing me the more they try for story. I should have been emotionally involved in that breakdown, but I felt oddly detached, and I sort of don’t care what comes from it.

    @Re:Creators: I, too, had a problem with them going back, but for me it’s not a moral problem. Re:Creators ultimately hasn’t managed to show me a coherent way that the meta-world works in this show. The story they go back to shouldn’t exist, logically. Even if I allow for interpretative lee-way, they’ve gone to a world that doesn’t exist and have knowledge that’s true only on a meta-level: the world they have gone to doesn’t exist in their reality. Similarly, there’s a version of them in the story whether they go back or not: if that’s true what does going back even mean? Can a creator go, too? In the end, the entire meta thing was all for flavour; the interesting questions were left untouched. That’s fine for the show it is, but having them “go back” points out that problem, for me, because “going back” is a metaphor for… what? The show won’t say. I’d have loved for a creation to try and take over her world by writing it. What would you do with your own fictional alter ego? (Magane would be perfect for that, except I can’t see her being disciplined enough for the actual writing part.) In the end, Re:Creators was much better than I feared it might end up, but it also didn’t really comprehend its own potential.

    @Sakura Quest: I liked the final episode well enough, but I have to say, in terms of atmosphere PA Works usually does a better job with festivals (especially Hanasaku Iroha and NagiAsu had stunning festivals). This festival was decent at best. Hm, maybe that was even the point? Other than that, nice final episode. The farewell scenes were all pretty good.

    @The Reflection: It’s okay. No big loss on your part, I’d say, but if you’d ever find yourself bored enough you could do worse than watch this show.


    @Gamers: A half-way decent non-ending and a “to-be-continued” end card. Split cour? Read the Manga (ln?)? It’s not what I wanted for a last episode. The series is still good fun, though.

    And finally: Tsurezure Children: Savvy enough to end on a happy note, but not conclusively. I’d soooo love a second season. These kids are all so lovable. (Yay, for progress!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @Konbini Wow, just I thought I’d seen every possible twist on that situation… but that’s something entirely new (at least to me). It explains why she was crying during the festival ep, and makes her ‘onegai’ last ep all the more poignant. Much of Konbini has been paint-by-numbers, but they did a good job here.

      @Abyss With the massive difference in time zones between us, that’s going to happen for shows that air on post day… Even when it’s not a shared show and I have to wait for my wife to get home. No biggie.

      @Tsurezure Children Dmmit. I keep forgetting *Children. Not so much that it’s forgettable, but because there’s not much to say. Sometimes that’s bad, but it’s not this time.


      1. @Konbini Kareshi: Yeah, that was one twist I couldn’t have seen coming in a million years, but it’s the missing link that has everything come together. That’s really, really rare. Good job, there.

        Also, more people need to watch [i]Cheer Fruits[/i]. Only around 5.4k people have it on their MAL…

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  2. Princess Principal was great this week and I loved how it dealt with Ange and the Princess and their reactions. Really looking forward to how that show finishes this season.
    Still haven’t got around to even trying The Reflection. Just reading reviews of it has kind of made me want to avoid it but I really should give it ago before I decide it isn’t worth my time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m crossing my fingers on PriPri‘s finale… But I have confidence, after the weak midseason, they’ve come back with a bang.

      From what I’ve read, if you can get to midseason Reflection starts coming together. I just couldn’t get to that point.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah, great point about how the legend behind (and the play of) the Dragon Girl mirrors Yoshinio’s own treatment at the hands of Manoyama natives. I had always associated the Dragon Girl with Ririko.

    PriPri’s finale is here and I’m too scared to check it out right away!

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