Fall 2017 Week 5 – Sort of.

Well, it’s one of those weeks again…  Busy with other stuff, life happenings, and writer’s block = three strikes to presenting a post this week.  (Writer’s block comes up so often here at the Lounge that I swear I’m going to give it it’s own tag or category.)

Screenshot (159)

I was going to use the image of two guys bowing I usually use for such posts, but I just couldn’t sit on this screenshot any longer… Konohana Kitan is slowly growing into such a good show.  I could have done without the creepy doll, but the second segment and especially it’s finale was so well done.

With that, let’s hit the jump and dig into everything going on…

Anyhow, I digress.  We got behind on watching shows for two reasons…  Last weekend was insanely busy, and Miss Emma had a bit of setback in the form of a post surgical complication.  She’s recovering and doing fine, but the extra work/treatment my wife has to do means we’ve only had an hour each evening to catch up on anime.  We’re finally mostly caught up with where we should have been yesterday…  all that’s left is Inuyashiki and Land of the Lustrous (and last night’s ep of Konohana Kitan).  So, we can chat about all the other shows down in the comments.  (Or anything else you want to chat about.)

Going to the movies also warped the schedule.  Friday we went to see Thor:Ragnarok, which was good though the comedy fell a bit flat.   Tuesday we went and saw A Silent Voice – which was flat out awesome.  Crunchy has the manga, and I can’t wait to read it…

Next week’s posting schedule may also be off, because Saturday is full to the brim.  Not only am I making miso (from scratch), but there’s a bunch of pickling and preserving going on.  Among other things planned, cranberries are finally popping up in the grocery stores, so I want to take advantage of that before the holiday madness sets in.  Then there’s Thanksgiving the week after that, which is a Very Big Deal for me…  I’ll be cooking and planning from Monday onwards.

Saturday, my wife is also baking my birthday cake, and Sunday is my birthday dinner.  We’re going out to a local steak-and-seafood place which I like very much.

My actual birthday (celebrating 54 trips around the sun) was yesterday…

And I am a very lucky man to have such a bride…  Two anime DVD’s, a book on Japanese pickling and preserving, and a new book on the Japanese culinary landscape by Anthony Bourdain…


an Asuna figure I’ve wanted very badly since it was announced earlier this year.

So, there you have it, the craziness of my life over the last week and how things look over the next couple of weeks.  I’ve got a much delayed Worth Reading almost ready for tomorrow….  and a couple of other potentially fun posts to work on in my abundant free time.

How did your week go?  What shows did you watch this week and what did you think of them?  Let me know down in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Fall 2017 Week 5 – Sort of.”

  1. Happy Brithday! Such great gifts!

    Sad to hear about Emma’s complications, but to glad to hear it’s looking good.

    A Silent Voice was great. I’d love to see it on the big screen, but that’s just not going to happen around here, and if it does then in the capital when I don’t have the time to go.

    I had a rather stressfull week, and I’m in a strange mood, impossible to satisfy by doing things, but too restless doing nothing, and sort-of background anxious all the time. I’ll snap out of it eventually, but the upshot is that I don’t really have much to say about this week’s anime either.

    Inspired by one of Irina’s posts over at the Drunken Anime Blog, I’ve been re-watching R.O.D -the- TV. I remember loving the show, but I didn’t remember just how good the cinematography is in this show. It’s downright amazing, almost always doing multiple things at once and spelling out very little. Excellent bodylanguage all around. This show feels just so alive!

    I’m also re-watching Re-kan at the rate of around 1 episode per 2 days. It’s a comedy show about a girl who can see spirits with mediocre production values, but perfectly competent. It’s charming and occasionally touching, and occasionally even works as a comedy, though I could do without the pervert cat (doesn’t fit the show’s style at all), and without the standard-comedic violence against the sole highschool-boy in the show (who is surprisingly likable for his type). I don’t think many people watched this one as it aired.

    For me, this season isn’t quite living up to its initial promise. Both Children of the Whales and Ancient Magus Bride are very good shows, but they’re not quite as engaging for me now as they were early on. Konohana Kitan, as you say, is getting better. Juuni Taisen is pretty much itself, and I expect it to stay that way. Animegataris is starting to lose me. Shobitch has had one of its worst episodes yet; don’t even try to imagine it. MMO Junky is consistently entertaining. And there are a lot of reliable sequels, above all 3-gatsu no Lion and Classicaloid (too few people are watching Classicaloid: Junichi Suwabe as Antonin Dvorac who has to contend with being a pygmy hippo is a stroke of genius, even for this show).

    I’m not particularly attached to this season (which explains why I find myself re-watching a lot).

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    1. Thanks!

      I don’t know that A Silent Voice would be any better on the big screen, it’s not like there’s any big action or scenery. (It’s quite cramped actually.) But a movie theater is always more immersive, at least for me, so there’s that. Since it was mid-week and with all the stuff going on with Emma, I’m just glad it was close. (Both Your Name and Ordinal Scale were over an hour away.)

      Yeah, this week’s Anime-Gataris was decent, but it also really brought out how they’ve bringing up and then dropping plot threads. There’s not a lot of truly great this season (though Girl’s Last Tour is trying really hard), but at least for me it’s serviceable.


  2. Happy birthday :) Looks like you got some pretty cool stuff there. Seems like you are plenty busy too. Glad to hear your pet is doing a little better though. I watched a bunch of stuff in my hiatus week, so I think I might do a post about some stuff rather than catch ya up here :)

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