A question for my readers…

Pondering on a site redesign, and I realized I knew nothing about how people visit the Lounge…  So, if you’d please take a moment to answer the poll I’d appreciate it.  If you use more than one method, check all that apply.

If you have any other comments/questions, feel free to drop a comment below.


11 thoughts on “A question for my readers…”

  1. I currently see no poll, but I’ve that problem before and switching to a different computer solved it. I’ll be sure to vote (and notify you whether I could) when I get the chance.

    Desktop, Win7, Firefox (for both computers), but different security software.

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      1. Yeah, but if you remember compatibility issues on early PCs… Or if you’ve ever edited typos with a mechanical type writer…

        But, yeah, there are issues.

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  2. And… voted.

    Also, this has nothing to do with anything, but I just realised they’re going to release the Eccentric Family in my region in spring. It’s a good year for favourite anime; right now 2/3 of Usagi Drop are out. It’s as if they waited to get a few good ones together. Yay!!!

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  3. At one point I used the WordPress app to read people’s posts, but that was when I spent most of my time at work on my phone. These days I sit down at my laptop at home to do a bunch of reading all at once.

    Meaningless comment but just wanted to illustrate how preferences can change, I guess.

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  4. Voted and good luck on the redesign if you go that direction!

    As someone who redesigned their site a few weeks ago, I know the process can be a little time consuming since there’s so many options. I hope everything turns out well.


    1. Thanks!

      Yah, filtering through the various themes and options… not easy or quick. And the differences can sometimes be subtle. I really have to spend some time with each.

      Not helping is that WordPress doesn’t sort the themes in any way that makes it simple to just work down the list. I wish they were alphabetized.

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  5. I’ve redesigned my blog a few times to try and stay modern and up to date with mobile viewers. I don’t know how much it helped, but it gives me piece of mind.

    As for my own reading habits, I tend to read WordPress blogs through the wordpress app reader section on my phone and tablet. I find it easier to see all my subscriptions in one place like that and work my way chronologically rather than going directly to someone’s site. I also read non-Wordpress blogs through my rss reader Feedly, and only go to the website directly when I want to comment.

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    1. This is for my own piece of mind, no doubt. I set this blog up and chose the theme in something of a hurry, and I’ve never liked it. On the other had, after a year of living with it and being immersed in other blogs I have what I didn’t then – a decent sense of what I do and don’t like or want.

      I kind of use the WordPress reader… It makes it easy to scan everything chronologically, but I’m on my desktop so I right click to open entries I want to read in a new tab. (Which means I see their design.)

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