Yamato 2199 Group Watch – Episode 25

Episode 24 – Battle Without End (The Forever War)

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Racing for to deliver Earth’s salvation – Yamato faces another deadly hurdle.  Will she survive?  Will Earth survive?

Hit the jump and let’s find out!

Yamato Side:

Screenshot (608).png
As the episode opens, it’s been two months since Yamato left Iscandar (in the previous episode), and eight months since they left Earth.  We’re treated to a montage of the crew in a relaxed mood, highlighting some of the relationships formed over the months.

But there’s also sadness for the many crew members who sacrificed their lives on the quest to obtain the Cosmo DNA and save Earth from total destruction.

They’re in transit to Balun – hoping to use the subspace gate there to jump back to the Milky Way and save months in transit.  Before reaching Balun, they receive a Mayday call – and it’s Celestella, the Jirelian “witch” and former counselor (and fiercely loyal) to Lord Dessler, believed to be deceased.  She refuses to believe he would abandon her and that he is dead.  She is imprisoned aboard Yamato.

Gamilas Side: 

The would be leaders of the new Gamilas meet…

Dessler Survives!:

Screenshot (613).png
But, as it turns out Dessler has somehow survived – and remains fixated on destroying Yamato and uniting the universe under Gamilas, his, rule.

Encounter at Balun:

Screenshot (614).png

When they reach Balun, they make a run for gate…  Only to jumped by Goer, whose fleet has spent the last months making their way from Beemela.  Yamato refuses to engage in battle, raising her shields, stomping on the accelerator, and running for the gate.  Which seems to be exactly what Goer intends…  Why?

Confusion ensues when UX-01, the dimensional submarine, appears on the scene…  But it turns out that he’s there to aid Yamato…  And to arrest Goer.  I guess it was one of those “dead or alive” things, when Goer refuses to come quietly – his ship is destroyed.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Yamato enters the gate and makes her escape.

Battle in subspace:

Now sh*t gets real – and complicated, so I’m only going to hit the high spots.

Once in the subspace tunnel…  Yamato find herself being boarded and under attack – by Gamiloids.  (The robot Gamilas soldiers we’ve seen many times before.)

Screenshot (622).png
At the height of the battle, Lord Dessler himself joins the fray…  Intending to have a word with Yamato‘s Captain.

He encounters Yuuki – and remembers her as the “false princess”.  Celestella has been broken out by the robot soldiers, and when she encounters Dessler she shouts (verbally and telepathically) with joy.  Dessler shoots her down…

Screenshot (623).png
After failing to kill Dessler in her despair over his betrayal, Celestella turns her weapon on herself…  and when Yuuki leaps to stop her, a burst of gunfire cuts them both down.

Yamato unleashes a computer virus on the robot troopers, and they collapse.  (Alter was a Gamilas robot soldier who was captured and examined by Yamato‘s crew back in Episode 9.)

Screenshot (626).png

And as Kodai cradles a dying Yuuki, Dessler orders his guard not to shoot and departs.

Unable to use normal beam weapons – Dessler prepares to use the Dessler Cannon.  Only Yamato has a secret weapon – physical projectiles.  (Last seen all the way back in Episode 6, where they were used to destroy the Pluto base.)

Screenshot (629).png

The episode ends with Kodai cradling Yuki as Yamato exits the subspace portal…

We’ve come a long way, and as a battered Earth comes into view at the end of the preview, there’s no countdown – only a reminder that the next episode is the final one.

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