Anime OP AMVs, crossovers & parodies…

I know, I know.  A couple of weeks back I said that “it’s unusual to use the music from one anime to make an AMV for another”….  But there’s actually a special case where that’s less unusual.  Combining the OP track from one anime with footage from a second anime to create a crossover or parody opening sequence.

NNB Ren chon

And why does Renge feature as my introductory image?  You’ll have to hit the jump to find out!

Attack on Titan becomes Madoka Magica:

When the first season of Attack on Titan aired, there were a ton of crossovers and parodies using the opening theme…  There was even one for King of the Hill!  For some reason though, I find the ones crossed with Madoka Magica to be the most interesting.  Maybe it’s same theme of fighting against fate and impossible odds?

Darnit.  One of my favorites (Yamato 2199 become Kancolle) seems to have vanished from Youtube…

One Punch Man becomes Yuuki Yuuna Is a Hero:

Another pairing that was quite the fad a few years ago…  They fit very nicely together in my opinion.

In a comment to the Your Lie in April AMV post, reader WingKing reminded me of these and that inspired this post.  Even though I should be working on other posts, like my weekly review for tomorrow…  Once inspired I just had to to get it written and posted because my brain often works that way.

One Punch Man becomes My Hero Academia:

I didn’t even know this one existed until I was searching for the OPM/YuYuYu crossovers…  I think it’s actually pretty well done.

One Punch Man become Non Non Byori:

Saving the best for last…  a laugh out loud funny crossover that casts Renge as Saitama.  I’ve watched it through (and laughed) at least three times while writing the rest of this post!  :)


Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed these.  Drop me a comment and tell me what you think!


15 thoughts on “Anime OP AMVs, crossovers & parodies…”

  1. Two weeks ago, I literally wasted a whole hour just going through a bunch of different OP music for the MHA S3 OP because of how fun it was.

    Asphyxiation from Tokyo Ghoul:RE works PERFECTLY with the MHA S3 OP.

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    1. It’s REALLY easy to waste hours on Youtube on anime music, OP’s, AMV’s, and scenes isn’t it? It took me much longer than anticipate to write this is entry because of that. :)


  2. Hm, I’m a little beside myself these days: None of the OPM videos worked for me; I felt there was little synchronicity with the music. Then I became suspicious and watched the original OP – didn’t fit either. Yeah, it seems I’m in a strange mood (little sleep due to allergy). Oddly enough, the AoT videos work. (I remember my favourite of those being Zetsubou Sensei.)

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    1. Ouch, I hope you feel better soon! Been dealing with some of that myself, something is blooming that’s got me all stuffed up.

      Interesting that one worked and other didn’t… I’ve never seen Zetsubou Sensei, but I checked out a couple of mashups with the AoT theme on Youtube, and they looked pretty good.


  3. You’re welcome! I saw that NNB video once before, but I’d totally forgotten about it. Fun fact about the collarbone attack at 1:20 – the animation for that particular episode was outsourced to David Production, AKA the studio behind the recent seasons of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

    Bringing it back in the other direction, here’s a cool One Punch Man AMV set to my favorite OP song from Naruto:

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    1. I know I posted the NNB video to MIaB in a comment, and I’ve posted it elsewhere many times. It’s an all time fav.

      I’ve never watched Naruto, but that looks pretty cool. Love that included Mumen Rider, he’s my fav character I think.


    1. Well, Madoka’s OP trolled the user on purpose… :)

      I don’t know the show, but both of those look really cool. Somebody spent a LOT of time on the first one.

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      1. Yeah, but as they changed the ED once the things turned darker, the same could’ve been done with the OP. Though I guess it would work either way.

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