Less of a hiatus, more of a staycation

Honestly, I think it’s time to pull the plug on weekly coverage this season…  Ever since my hiatus (due to family emergency) back at the beginning of the season, I haven’t been able to get my feet under me…  And after the press of a busy holiday weekend and the upcoming Medieval Faire the prospects for doing so before the end of the season look increasingly dim.

Not to worry though!  I’m not going anywhere.   I’m going to spend the time working on some feature content…  I’ve still got this season’s Looking Back post, some tag posts I’ve been meaning to get to forever, and a five part special to finish.  (Which I think you’ll like!)  I also have a long awaited update to my anime playlist post.

I’ll be busy and I won’t long be absent from your screen.  Look forward to it!

12 thoughts on “Less of a hiatus, more of a staycation”

  1. Well, if you’re going to sit out a season it might as well be this one. I’m down to below 20 shows and I can’t remember when I last went that low. 2010? 2009? (Of course, I’ve also become pickier than back then and motion-sickness drops due to CGI camera are getting up there in numbers, too.)

    The good shows are good, but I have weekday mornings/evenings with literally nothing to watch.

    I was wondering about the 4-years-ago show. So it’s still in the line? Do things at your own pace. The happier you are with what you do, the better the content, too. Or so I think.

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    1. The good shows are good, but I have weekday mornings/evenings with literally nothing to watch.

      Good time to catch up on your backlog… Of course, at the rate you watch shows, do you even have a backlog?

      Of course the 4-years-ago is still in the line, this time around I get to talk about Euph!


      1. Oh, I do have a backlog, but mostly I watch random shows I didn’t think about much, leaving my backlog alone. I’m not really using open days for watching older shows, though. I like to binge those, and for that I like a little more flexibility than I have during the week. (There’s never an empty weekend.)

        Shows I watched last year (alphabetic order): A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Angelic Layer, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Koihime Musou, Modern Magic Made Simple, Solty Rei, Uninhabited Planet Survive. I’m probably forgetting some. Don’t think I’ve watched anything this year, yet.

        Oh, so it’s Euphonium time? That sort of surprised be, but I couldn’t tell whether I thought it was too early or too late (an odd feeling). To top it off, I thought 4 years ago was 2014 for a while… The passage of time isn’t something that I track intuitively, it seems.

        Also it seems its my turn to attend a funeral soon. I got a not-so-pleasant call this morning.

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        1. What’s the point of having a backlog if you watch it? Then you don’t have a backlog! :) :) I think every serious anime fan has a deep backlog….

          Also it seems its my turn to attend a funeral soon. I got a not-so-pleasant call this morning.

          I’m sorry to hear that, my condolences.


          1. Thanks.

            (As for backlogs: If I want to make sure I never watch the show, I buy them on disc…)

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  2. Looking forward to the new content! That spring 2015 season is still my biggest single season ever (offhand I think I remember finishing about 8 or 9 shows) so definitely plenty to talk about there. Quite a contrast to this spring season where it’s all I can do to keep up with one show.

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    1. Already have one ready to go tomorrow. :) OK, yeah, it was a short one sitting in my drafts and all it needed was some quick polish…

      Spring 2015, there’s some good shows to talk about – and one or two rotten ones.


  3. Not sure where to leave this so I’ll leave it here. For those of you still watching Shingeki no Kyojin, tonight’s episode will have a post-credits scene, so be sure to watch all the way to the end.


    1. Here works! We haven’t even started on this weekend’s anime, been busy with the medieval faire for the last week… But will definitely watch the post-credits when we get to AOT. Thanks!


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