Worth Reading – 7/15/2019

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In this edition…  Shirobako, Land of the Lustrous, some thoughts on the responsibility of anime fans, and a couple of AMV’s.

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Land of the Lustrous - Phosphophyllite

Alex at The Afictionado has an interesting take on the keys theme’s of Phosphophyllite’s character journey – Land of the Lustrous as a Story About Burnout.

In my season review, I characterized their journey as coming-of-age.  The story is one of transformation – Phos starts as an innocent child, and slowly becomes a world weary adult.  I’m not entirely certain that Alex and I aren’t saying the same thing from different angles.  Most days I certainly feel that adulting is little more than wearying…

Irina makes some darn good points – Top 5 Reason Anime Top Lists Are Good Content

Lists and and listicles have gotten a deservedly bad reputation…  All too often they’re clickbait, or are attempts to cover up awful writing.  But in the anime community, I see a lot of well thought out lists.  Lists where the author takes the time and energy to explain and (where needed) defend their choices.  In many instances, they invite readers chime in and join the discussion.  Discussion and comments are always good.

But then you knew I’d say that…

Speaking of lists…  Ethan at Anime as a cup of tea posts one the best formatted lists ever.  Don’t just take my word for it, check out 10 Anime On Love and Memory

Any more comment from me would be superfluous… Just click on the link and enjoy.

Shirobako - Aoi, Ema, Midori, Misa, and Shizuka

They don’t use author tags over at BAYOG, so I can’t tell you who wrote this fun short review of the inimitable Shirobako – A Review on An Anime Animating Anime.

I can tell you that it’s criminal that nearly five years after it premiered, there’s still no OVA’s or sequels.  There’s a movie coming sometime in the future, so there at there’s that to look forward to…

You can also read my Looking Back retrospective on Shirobako.

And because I happened to have them floating around in my bookmarks…  This seems as good a place as any to stick in a couple of Third Aerial Girls Squad AMV’s.

If there’s a Rule 34 of AMV’s it’s this:  If an anime features combat or war machines, there exists an AMV using Sabaton for it’s music.  No Exceptions.

Danger Zone is another popular soundtrack for aerial combat AMV’s…  I probably could/should make a post of them one of there days.

Rai at Rai’s Anime Blog posts a very thought provoking article: Rai’s Guide To Being An Environmentally Friendly Anime Fan.

Not a topic I’ve put much thought into, but certainly something we should all think about.

Last but by no means least:  Scott at Mechanical Anime Reviews weighs in on a perpetually contentious topic in the anime community: What Counts As Older Anime?


I don’t make that big a fuss about it myself…  But it is useful to separate eras from one another.


I’m trying yet another new format for Worth Reading…  Not sure this one works any better or worse from the others I’ve tried.  But it does set off the links from my editorial comments.

Anyhow, if you enjoy these links – be sure and drop a like or comment on the original post!  If you feel up to it, you can a drop a comment here too.

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