With a heavy heart.

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If you follow my Twitter, you no doubt saw the news…  My mother passed away unexpectedly on Thursday.  So, for now, I’m on indefinite hiatus.

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This is…  especially hard because my Dad died a few years back.  And my other parents (my in laws) before that.

The funeral is the week after next, and then I go into the annual madness of the Kitsap County Fair…  So the hiatus will likely last at least through the end of August.  I have a few editorial pieces I may work on as my head allows, but I make no promises.

Bear with me folks, it’s a rough time but I will be back despite all the crazy in my life.  This blog, this community, is an important part of my life.

20 thoughts on “With a heavy heart.”

    1. Hell of a time for your first comment here… :) :) I kid, I kid. I know you don’t follow anime and I do appreciate the comment!

      Yeah, the screenshots are specific and deliberate references. I often use screenshots as a form of iconography. Most readers will get the first, not many will get the second.


  1. 2019 really isn’t easy on funerals, is it? I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Take all the time you need and most of all take care of yourself. We can wait.

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    1. The third so far this year… My uncle, my wife’s cousin, and now my mother. If the universe were to take a break from this, I wouldn’t complain.



  2. I couldn’t believe it when I read your tweet – my condolences to you and your family. This year’s really sucked for a lot of people hasn’t it? One of my friends lost her grandmother just last weekend, another friend lost her uncle in a car accident in May, and now this on top of everything else you’d already been going through. Can we just fast-forward to 2020 already?

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    1. Like I was saying to Dawn, this is my third this year. (The second, my wife’s cousin, didn’t involve travel or hiatus, so I never mentioned it before.)

      Half of me says, yeah, let’s fast forward… the other half says, but this season is shaping up to be so good!



  3. My deepest and heartfelt condolences go out to you and your loved ones.

    I lost someone very important to me a few years ago and it was very difficult trying to navigate life with them no longer there. I wish I can say the pain goes away, but it doesn’t especially if you were close with your parents and mother. But it does get easier one day at a time.

    Please, Derek, take all of the time that you need to focus on yourself and your grief, as well as loved ones who may need it. Your emotional and mental head-space if far more important than the blog, even if its near and dear to your heart. Whatever shall help you the most, focus on that. Sending you many thoughts and hugs (if you’re a hugger).

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