Fall 2019 – Week 2ish

Getting restarted is hard folks…  But I’ve managed to write a little about each of the shows I’m watching this season.  Some great, some good, some… not so much of either.  (I mean the shows, not my writing!)

Without further ado, let’s hit the jump and dive in!

The shows that I am watching are in bold, shows my wife and I are watching together are in bold italics, strikethrough marks dropped shows and (*) marks shows that are watched but not regularly reviewed.

Azure Lane Dropped, 1 episode.

After pondering on how awful the first episode was…  Yeah, I don’t think it’s going to get any better.  Didn’t go back for the 2nd ep.

After School Dice Club /  Houkago Saikoro Club Ep 2

I would be really, really bad at Cockroach Poker.  I’m bad at card games generally, and I have absolutely no poker face.  That being said, they introduced a fourth character and did it well without really taking the focus away from the core trio.

I haven’t seen the 3rd ep, but will before I read the comments, so feel free.

Ascendance of a Bookworm / Honzuki no Gekokujou: Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan wo Erande Iraremasen Ep 2 Dropped, 2 episodes.

Main (Myne) is just annoying.  I could also write a rant about the accumulating errors in the show, but that would just annoy me again and annoy you too.  Ascendance goes into the discard pile without further comment.

(*) Bananya and the Curious Bunch / Bananya: Fushigi na Nakama-tachi

I will say that it’s very different from the original…  and I’m not sure I like it as much.  But there’s not enough there to justify a weekly entry, so it’s going on the “watched but not commented” list.

Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious /
Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru Ep 2

Surprisingly, they made the one-trick work a second time…  and it turns out Our Hero is a bit of a self-centered _sshole on top of being cautious.  I’m not sure the two aren’t related though.

This is no episode 3 this week due to Typhoon Hagabis.

Chidori RSC / Rifle Is Beautiful Ep 1

I really want to like Chidori RSC… It should be right in the middle of my wheelhouse.  But the actual execution of the show was just awful.  Even if it hadn’t been paint-by-numbers, the hideous animation and worse combination of 2D and 3D would have been a serious turn off.  That the back half of the show was a series of only tenuously connected short skits just sealed the deal.

Dropped after a single episode.

Dr. Stone EP 15

Closing out the first part of the village arc…  Overall, I enjoyed the arc and Senkuu’s growth as a character.  (Making the cola for Gen was an unexpected soft touch.)

Kandagawa Jet Girls Ep 1

I really only watched it to see if it really was as bad as many reviewers said…  It wasn’t.  It was worse.

Kemono Michi: Rise Up / Hataage! Kemono Michi Ep 2-3

After the second episode, my wife said she wants the giant guinea pig…  Other than that, I really don’t have much to say about the episode.  Unlike Cautious Hero, Kemono Michi didn’t really go much beyond the boundaries of it’s one trick.  They did add one new trick (“Don’t call me that name!”), and by the end of the episode they’d driven it straight into the ground.

The third episode did change things up a bit, but didn’t really introduce anything to strongly catch my interest.  One more ep, and then it’s likely Kemono Michi gets dropped.

Kono Oto Tomare! 2nd Season Ep 2

Mostly a bunch of stage setting, so I don’t have much to say.  I will say that I wish the obvious couples would just get it over with already and start dating.  OTOH, it could be argued that the ongoing tension is part of the plot…  I’m sympathetic to that argument, but the amount of time dedicated (wasted?) on somewhat repetitive scenes is a little annoying.

My Hero Academia 4 / Boku no Hero Academia 4 EP 1

A clip show that actually wasn’t quite a clip show…  I actually enjoyed the parts about dorm life, and the reporter talking to Deku.  It was also interesting that they went out of their way to place My Hero Academia The Movie: Two Heroes firmly into the anime canon.  No complaints from me in that respect!  I’d love to see more of David and Melissa Shield, and to learn more about the young All Might.  Bit by bit, we’re learning more about his past – and I really want to know more.

ORESUKI: Are you the only one who loves me? /
Ore wo Suki na no wa Omae Dake ka yo Ep 3

Not commenting on episode 2, because the real meat is in episode 3.  And boy, did that go in all kinds of directions I didn’t expect it to.  In the span of a single episode, we’ve gone from a one-note plot to something…  well, with a lot more promise.  I’d watched episodes 2-3 expecting a drop, and now it has a new lease on life.  I’m curious to see where all the drama leads.

And why does Pansy hide her true nature?  Heck, there’s a lot of duplicitous and not-very-nice characters here and that’s actually a refreshing change from the usual rom-com fair.

Outburst Dreamer Boys / Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy Ep 2

Though the “attacks” on Mizuki turned out to have a mundane cause, the boys go full chuuni to adress the matter.  I loved it.  If the whole series is nothing but the madcap intersection of the real world and their fantasy world, based on this episode we’re in for a fun ride.

Nanako now…  How does she fit in?  She certainly seemed accepting and willingly played along with Kazuhiro’s chuuni madness.  Is there a romance in the offing?  That could be fun.

Stars Align / Hoshiai no Sora Ep 1

A slow, quite generic, start…  The the last ten minutes happened.  From Maki asking to be paid, to those painful closing scenes I was enthralled.

I haven’t seen the 2nd ep, but will before I read the comments, so feel free.  (This may be late Fri my time (PST, GMT-8) as we’re both watching it.)

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld EP 1

At first, I didn’t care for this episode…  But over time, it’s grown on me.  Between Kirito’s condition and Alice’s despair, the whole thing was more emotional than Alicization has managed so far.  But, overall, this series still has long way to go before it wows me.  The storyline is still moderately weak, and the episode and story pacing entirely too languid and lackluster for my tastes.


Except for Chihayafuru (which doesn’t premiere until next week), that’s the lot.  If I don’t drop anything, that’s eleven shows this season…  which likely means a lot of short reviews each week.  Now that I’m (hopefully) getting out of catch-up mode, shows that rate it will get deeper/longer looks.  I’ve gone the review-every-show-in-depth route, and down that road lies madness.  Also, not every show really rates a deep weekly review…  There’s nothing wrong with After School Dice Club (to pick one example) but there’s just no meat there.

As far as scheduling goes, still pretty much up in the air.  Taking a look at my watch schedule for the season, there’s only one day without any shows…  and I am not going to spend my Sundays head down over this keyboard.  I might just stick with the “whenever I’ve got enough to post” method, even though if does lead to irregular postings.


So, your thoughts?  Your thoughts on my thoughts?  Any shows I’ve missed that I should be watching?  Drop a line and let’s chat!

10 thoughts on “Fall 2019 – Week 2ish”

  1. Both episode 2 and 3 of the dice club I liked better than the first episode; it’s basically a cute comfortwatch. I was afraid I’d get bored after episode 1, but it didn’t happen.

    Bananya: yeah, I liked the slightly surreal feel of the first season. There’s something out-of-place about banana cats in a regular home. A kitty-themed planet gets rid of that tension; you just slip into the mode. Also, the direction is far more on the nose, with the bananyas being louder, and the direction in general far less subtle. Decidedly inferior, IMO.

    I’m pretty much the opposite regarding Cautious Hero and Kemono Michi. Ep2 of the former felt like more of the same, and diminishing returns lessened my enjoyment. Meanwhile, Kemono-michi expands the shows horizon without expanding the main character’s horizon (most obviously his disinterest in Orcs). There are quite a few non-sequiturs in Kemono-michi (in ep3 he has his cape again, but he’d left it behind with the princess if I recall correctly), so it’s not exactly a tightly plotted show, but there’s a sense of development I didn’t expect. Cautious Hero, IMO, desperately needs new characters to improve the dynamics – Rista-Hero isn’t going to cut it for me.

    I like Bookworm. I know nothing about any of the topics they brought up, so I didn’t catch any inconsistencies. And I have little to say about the show. I also have little to say about Kono Oto Tomare, or Ouburst Dreamer Boys. I like them well enough.

    I actually sort-of half-liked the first episode of Kandagawa Jet Girls. As far as ecchi shows go, it’s upfront and honest about it’s priorities. Ep1 looked pretty good and had a good eye for body language, and it sort of trickled pleasantly along until they started racing when it turned… strange. The show certainly likes skintight suits and that you have change into and out of them, and they have a “safety purge function” (huh?). Okay, I can live with this. Did you notice that I said ep1 looked good? Well, ep2 didn’t. There was an awkward shot of CGI boats near the beginning of ep1. That’s how most of ep2 looked. Oh and the plot? We need to re-establish a club… and our lead is whiny about it. Yeah. Ep1 was bad? You got out in time. Never look back.

    Stars Align is my undisputed favourite premier of the season. I adore the artstyle. A great eye for character animation. The characters themselves are okay, and the story… I’m unsure about. A lot depends on how they play it. Part of me worries that our choleric glasses guy is going to beat transfer student’s Dad to death with a soft tennis racket because he’s in the way of the club. But the direction and pacing is awesome: the scenes have good impact, and the show doesn’t dwell on the drama. This show can be really special or a trainwreck, or anything in between. But I’ll still love the art style.

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    1. Oh, forgot about Oresuki. Ep2 was when I was most interested. With ep3 I felt they put concept over character dynamics; I can’t get a good feel for the characters, and there’s next to no chemistry between any of them. I’m mostly curious, but have no emotional involvement. This suggests a drop of interest once I figure out what the show wants (there are plenty of characters in the opening we haven’t seen yet.)

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    2. We’ve watched the 2nd ep of Stars Align, and they’re still adding layers to the story. Who is Mitsue? And why didn’t Maki speak up about his father? I almost didn’t pick it up, am glad I did.

      Both episode 2 and 3 of the dice club I liked better than the first episode; it’s basically a cute comfortwatch.

      There’s nothing wrong with comfort watches! Plenty of seasons we’ve needed ’em to balance out the other stuff… Episode 3 certainly went in an unexpected (though not unwelcome) direction. Didn’t expect quite that level of drama in a CGDCT type show.

      Having seen some GIF’s from the uncensored version of Jet Girls, your comment about “body language” makes me chuckle.


      1. I hadn’t seen the second episode of Stars Align yet when I said I worried about glasses guy beating abusive Dad to death with a sof tennis racket. The ep2 starts with bullies backing off when he appears… All I had to go on was body language and his mom’s reaction. This show is seriously good at visual characterisation (see that amazing dance-ending; I hear it’s animated solo by the same guy how animeted the Slime opening solo, too).

        @Jet Girls: I didn’t see that double entendre coming, heh. Yeah, well… (I haven’t seen any uncensored footage, but the censored one’s suggestive enough. This parituclar part of body-language was better in the first episode, too, IIRC.)

        Finally, comfort watches are very important and the backbone of my weekly watching experience. (There’s also Iruma-kun this season, which is quite cute.)

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  2. Yeah, we’re not going to have much to talk about on the seasonal front. But while I wait for FGO Babylonia to get out of its Funimation embargo (and HSG2 to get out of Netflix jail), I’ve been putting a decent dent in my watch/rewatch backlist. Since the last time I commented I’ve finished Persona 4 and also rewatched Liz and the Blue Bird and Aokana. Right now I’m in the middle of Sound of the Sky, and after that I’m finally going to rewatch the original Bubblegum Crisis for the first time in almost 20 years. I actually found a neighboring library that had the DVDs for it and they just arrived via interlibrary loan delivery today. It turns out that taking my laptop offline has actually been good for my anime-watching, since I’m not wasting nearly as much time noodling around on the internet now.

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    1. I need to rewatch Liz, especially after essay Bless posted yesterday…

      I keep saying I need to get to my backlog, but somehow it never happens. At a very minimum, I need to get through some of the anime movies I have in various queues/watchlists.


      1. Oh, thanks for letting me know that Bless wrote something. He posts so rarely anymore that I don’t think to check very often.

        A few weeks ago I reorganized my DVD shelves; all the anime that I haven’t watched since I got them I grouped together on their own shelf. It was up around 30 TV shows and movies I still needed to watch, so it was getting pretty ridiculous. That’s helped me a lot with going through this backlist – I’ve already gotten three TV shows and three movies off that shelf since I reorganized. I’m not sticking just to those – Sound of the Sky is a CR watch, for instance – but if I’m watching anything from my own collection I’m disciplining myself to only choose DVDs from that group until I’ve gone through them all.

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        1. You can subscribe via email, or use the reader…

          Forgot to ask, did you catch the Bunny Girl Senpai movie? Can’t remember if you watched the series or not.


          1. I know. I’ve just never gotten around to it, since he’d already basically stopped posting long before I set up this account. And it’s kind of depressing having feeds in my reader that never update anymore. I miss Remy, too.

            I loved the series but was not able to watch the movie, unfortunately. I was pretty ticked off about that, but I was working late shifts and hosting library programs on both nights that the movie was scheduled to be in theaters, and there was no way to get out of those responsibilities (like really? Out of every possible weeknight in October, they had to pick THOSE two nights?). So yeah, I’m afraid I’m stuck with waiting for it to come out on video, at Aniplex prices. Without spoiling anything, did you enjoy it?


        2. Reached max threading depth… so I have to reply here.

          I’m a little worried about Remy, he stopped tweeting too a couple of weeks back. I’ve been meaning to send him an email, will do so promptly after finishing this reply.

          The most I can say w/o spoiling is that it’s a fine capstone for the series. We enjoyed it very much.


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