Photography in Anime – Photographic Genres – Sing Yesterday Episode 5

Sing Yesterday - Portrait photography
Minato’s thoughts on photography inspired a few thoughts of my own on the topic… I agree with him on some things, disagree on others.  I also look at other ways he can indulge in his budding passion for documentary photography.

Hit the jump and let’s look at some pictures!

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Photography in anime – Just Because! Episode 1

The just premiered anime Just Because! features Ena, whose hobby is photography…  and her character and the photography details the anime’s staff put into the show caught my eye.  (As I’m an enthusiastic and experienced amateur photographer.)

Screenshot (121)

A new series in which I talk about photography and photographers in anime.  I hope both photographers and anime fans find it useful and interesting.

Originally, this was part of my first impression post for Just Because…  But it got to be very long and very nerdy and made more sense standalone because of the potential for a series of such posts.  Plus, having spent over three hours researching, thinking, and writing it deserves the spotlight on its own.

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