Final Episodes (and season reviews)! Ready! Go! – Winter 2021

Whew! It’s been a long, busy, crazy season! But here we are, wrapping it up. Not much to say in the intro this week, because I say lots down in the body of the post… Hit the jump and let’s run the season down!

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Diamonds and coal – Winter 2021 – Week 8

Some shows bring joy to my heart this week… and others bring out my grumpy old man. And a bit of a side trip into canned coffees. All that after the jump!

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Winter 2021 – Week 7

A day late and little less complete than I hoped because my wife and I spent good part of yesterday dealing with the aftermath of an overflowing washing machine… But I decided with all these shows, I didn’t really want to delay it an entire week.

Plus, if I waited an entire week I wouldn’t be able to talk about the premiere of Kiyo in Kyoto: From the Maiko House!

Hit the jump, and let’s dive in!

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Mid season gut check! -Winter 2021 – Week 6

I forgot to make notes this week – so it’s all a wing and a prayer from memory. Which is probably a good thing given that it’s mid-season gut check week… When I take a good close look to make sure I want to keep spending time with a given series.

So, let’s hit the jump and take a look!

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Now I’m hungry! – Winter 2021 – Week 5

Crazy busy week this week… Lots of good episodes, and yours truly is also knee deep in stuff for the photo club. (A committee to overhaul our web/’net presence.) But still, I have Stuff To Say and that’s what you came for – right?
So, hit the jump and let’s dive right in shall we?

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Everything changes… – Winter 2021 Week 4

Last of the third episodes this week…. And on their third or fourth episodes, many shows either upset applecarts or double down on their narrative. (And yes, a couple of shows earn a third episode drop.)

Hit the jump, and let’s see what happened this week!

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Third episode rule – Winter 2021 – Week 3

A raft load of third episodes this week… And some truly impressive episodes. I think this season is (mostly) shaping up just fine so far. Hit the jump, and let’s run ’em down.

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Pizza! Winter 2021 – Week 2

In this episode your humble scribe briefly discusses his second favorite food and this week’s episodes of way-too-many anime. Also, a drop, a new show, and the first shows to cross the three episode threshold. Grab a slice of pizza, hit the jump, and let’s dive in!

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Winter 2021 – First Impressions – Part 2

Just a few quick impressions of the shows I’ve seen so far… And I swear it’s completely happenstance that Part 2 is basically sequels…

It’s not many shows, but they’re all good, so hit the jump and let’s chat!

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A slightly clever pun – Looking forward to Winter 2021 Part 2 – Sequels

Platelets ready to move out.

OK, I couldn’t resist making the second part of this post all about the sequels… too cute to pass up. But these aren’t second place shows – I’m looking forward to all of them!

So, hit the jump and let’s start!

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