Final Episodes (and season reviews)! Ready! Go! – Winter 2021

Whew! It’s been a long, busy, crazy season! But here we are, wrapping it up. Not much to say in the intro this week, because I say lots down in the body of the post… Hit the jump and let’s run the season down!

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Plans revealed! – Winter 2021 – Week 11

I almost titled this week’s post “Endgame“, but that’s not an easy word to use lightly nowadays… Right or wrong, Avengers: Endgame loaded it with baggage and unsubtle connotations. But for Attack on Titan: Final Season and Dr. Stone: Stone Wars it’s definitely suitable.

Hit the jump, and let’s enter the endgame!

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Best Girl! – Winter 2021 – Week 10

Of course I would choose a picture of Best Girl being gleefully happy for this week’s featured image! One of the best scenes this week. (And there were a number of contenders.) Anyhow, hit the jump and let’s look at how things went this week.

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Final Arcs – Ready! Go! – Winter 2021 – Week 9

Busy, busy week as many shows are either setting up for or diving into their finale arcs! Lots to chat about this week and lots to look forward to.

Hit the jump and let’s chat!

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Diamonds and coal – Winter 2021 – Week 8

Some shows bring joy to my heart this week… and others bring out my grumpy old man. And a bit of a side trip into canned coffees. All that after the jump!

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Winter 2021 – Week 7

A day late and little less complete than I hoped because my wife and I spent good part of yesterday dealing with the aftermath of an overflowing washing machine… But I decided with all these shows, I didn’t really want to delay it an entire week.

Plus, if I waited an entire week I wouldn’t be able to talk about the premiere of Kiyo in Kyoto: From the Maiko House!

Hit the jump, and let’s dive in!

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Mid season gut check! -Winter 2021 – Week 6

I forgot to make notes this week – so it’s all a wing and a prayer from memory. Which is probably a good thing given that it’s mid-season gut check week… When I take a good close look to make sure I want to keep spending time with a given series.

So, let’s hit the jump and take a look!

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Now I’m hungry! – Winter 2021 – Week 5

Crazy busy week this week… Lots of good episodes, and yours truly is also knee deep in stuff for the photo club. (A committee to overhaul our web/’net presence.) But still, I have Stuff To Say and that’s what you came for – right?
So, hit the jump and let’s dive right in shall we?

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Everything changes… – Winter 2021 Week 4

Last of the third episodes this week…. And on their third or fourth episodes, many shows either upset applecarts or double down on their narrative. (And yes, a couple of shows earn a third episode drop.)

Hit the jump, and let’s see what happened this week!

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Third episode rule – Winter 2021 – Week 3

A raft load of third episodes this week… And some truly impressive episodes. I think this season is (mostly) shaping up just fine so far. Hit the jump, and let’s run ’em down.

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