Spring 2017 – Week 6 and some midseason musings.

So, what do we have this week?  A little more on Sakura Quest vs. Shirobako (and why I think Sakura has improved greatly this week).  Some thoughts on which shows stand where at midseason.  (Time for the mid-season gut check!)  Plus the usual weekly thoughts on what I’m watching…

Screenshot (35)j

Hit the jump and let’s dive right into it!

Just as a reminder, shows that I am watching are in bold, shows my wife and I are watching together are in bold italics.

Man, sitting here on a Monday morning trying to write…  I make notes in my head as the week progresses, and comments on Twitter and other blogs, and it’s all a mish mash come Monday.  Note to self:  Make notes.  And get a second cup of coffee.

When it comes to dropping shows, I generally have three milestones.  First, obviously the first ep.  Maybe it doesn’t catch my attention, or it just looks bad, or whatever.  Then there’s the three-ep rule, to give a show a chance to establish itself.  Finally there’s the midseason gut check, a close look to make sure I’m fooling myself by simply having fallen into the habit of watching.   This week, it’s time for that gut check.

It’s not a perfect system, after all I watched drek like Dimension W and Big Order all the way to the end thinking/hoping they might get better…  But generally it works.

That being said, let’s jump into the shows!

Anonymous Noise – Ep 6

We finally see Momo’s view of the love triangle – and why he’s unwilling to face Nino/Alice…  Taken on a guilt trip by his mother, he sold the songs he’d written for Nino to raise cash to repay the family’s debts.  In his eyes, whoring himself out has made him unworthy of her.   Which actually is kinda original, a refreshing change from the usual reasons for avoiding a childhood friend.

But speaking of change, Nino/Yuzu’s side of the story was much less believable.  Did they think that nobody would notice that in NO hurry’s lineup had changed?  The crowd that was there were certainly pumped by Alice’s (ahem) “unconventional” singing style, but you can bet the homebodies were getting setting Twitter and the chans ablaze.  It’ll be interesting to see how (if) they deal with that.

Midseason thoughts:  A very frustrating show, one that always seems to be just on the brink of breaking out.  That is, when it doesn’t seem to equally on the brink of complete collapse into mediocrity.  Keeper, mostly because I can’t tear my eyes away from the developing train wreck.

Alice & Zorokou – Ep 6

Honestly, this episode delivered everything I’d been hoping for ever since I first read about Alice.   Charming slice-of-life informed by science fiction, with an emphasis on humanity.  And it wouldn’t have worked without the lengthy prologue.

I particularly liked the way they introduced Alice to the concept of family…  She had ‘friends’ and ‘family’ at the Lab, but they were forced upon her for their own ends (though inhuman as she was at the time, she didn’t grasp that).  Now, she’s learning the value of a real family – one where the people care for each other rather than use each other.  Equally, she’s also learning to live more like a human and to not rely on her powers.

Screenshot (36)j
Isn’t it wonderful to find a place where you  belong?

Midseason thoughts: I’m not entirely certain where they’re going to go from here, but I’m willing to wait and see.  Even though I wasn’t entirely happy with the bait-and-switch prologue, they’ve told a decent story.  Keeper.

Atom: The Beginning – Ep 5

From how this episode went, it looks like the odd divergence of the last couple of episodes may be over and they’re headed back to their main theme – the greater relationships between humanity and robots.  On one hand, when the bad guys from last ep screw up the computerized traffic control system we see what can happen when things go bad.  But by Six’s actions, we also see what a powerful tool for good they can be.

Very interesting though…  the Bad Guys from eps 4-5 were ultimately stopped not by the Good Guys – but by the Bad Guys from eps 1-2.   And make no mistake, I think the Bad Guys from 1-2 are indeed Bad Guys, even if their motives are obscure in this ep.

‘s OP is honestly my favorite this season, though Alice & Zoroku‘s is a close second.

Midseason thoughts:  Atom started out strong, then lost steam and went astray.  Maybe now that they’re coming back to the core of the story things will get better.  Keeping with crossed fingers.

Attack on Titan 2 – Ep 7

Long on action, long on Eren’s constipated internal monologues, short on plot advancement.  Meh.

Midseason thoughts:  When it’s been good, it’s been very good.  When it’s been bad, it’s been awful.  Still gonna watch though.

My Hero Academia 2 – Ep 7

A pretty good episode overall.  All For One appears to be much more than previously advertised…  And I wonder why All Might was so dismissive of what Midoryia saw or thinks he saw?  I think this is the first time he’s tried to mislead/misdirect him.  Todoroki’s portion of the episode, with his massive over reaction to his father was very well done.   I found it interesting that he was willing to use his father’s power – to undo the results of using his mother’s power.

Karandi at 100 Words also has some interesting observations.

Midseason thoughts:  Just like in Season One, MHA blows hot and cold, often mixing too much exposition with too little action.  But the characters are well drawn and the character beats well executed.  Overall, still well worth continuing to watch.

Saekano – Ep 5

This episode is all about trust…  Particularly Tomoya’s trust in Eriri and Utaha-senpai’s attempts to weaken it.  Seriously, is she a meddlesome, manipulative, and controlling  so-and-so or what?  Despite this, Eriri’s pride as a creative won’t let her fail (and the end of the ep implies this comes at a cost).

The scene where Eriri was visualizing the characters really hit home.  As a creative myself, the moments when something hits and you know, you know

Screenshot (35)j

The voice over was a fascinating contrast, while the characters were pouring out their hearts… Eriri was giving voice to her deepest desire, that Tomoya recognizes her.  Not that uncommon in harem anime, but powerfully expressed none the less due to the connection with her art.  Ultimately, we create with our hearts.

Midseason thoughts:  Not quite as good as the first season, when everything was fresh and new and lacking a little bit of the urgency…  But still pretty good overall.  They’re hitting some nice character beats, and when all else fails there’s always Megumi.  Keeper.

Sakura Quest – Ep 6

Last week I was talking about Shirobako and comparing and contrasting it to Sakura.  In the comments, Remy Fool asked if I thought Sakura Quest would be as rewatchable…  And I answered honestly, “I don’t know”.   Out of curiosity I went back and looked at some of the stuff I wrote back then (as comments on Mage in a Barrel), and by turns I praised it and panned it, so there’s no help there.  The  big thing I didn’t like, and still generally don’t is Monster Roadblock of the Week Weak format.  It’s a pretty common format, and in retrospect isn’t as bad as it seemed at the time.  Sakura is going down the same road, which is annoying even if it is inevitable, but without quite the same strong character beats.

Which leads me to this week’s ep…  Over on Twitter I said that I thought it had taken its first real step forward this week but I couldn’t articulate why.  (Especially in light of how critical I’ve been of it.)  After a few days thought, it finally hit me – so far Sakura Quest has been so danged claustrophobic.  Almost all of the action has taken place in offices, homes, shops, and narrow city streets.  All the interaction to date has been among the same core set of ill-defined characters.  By the original setup Yoshino should be the center of things (like Aoi or Ohana), but so far she’s been the least among equals.  (With the exception of last week’s art installation, she’s mostly reacted rather than acted.) All that changed this week with the introduction of the film crew and their interactions with the core cast, plus getting out and about the village.

When you haven’t defined a character, it’s hard to define others by relationship to her…  While the film crew are largely stock characters, they’re known quantities against which the core characters can be measured.  Some background characters are settling into the same role – not a bad thing as they can serve as ongoing points of reference.  Reacting to the short term and immediate goals of the demands of the film staff serves much the same role.  Concrete and short term actions give us a much better idea of the characters than ‘fighting against fog’, the long term and nebulous goal of bringing life back to the town.

Getting out and about the town also plays to P.A. Work’s core strengths, not just their lush backgrounds, but their ability to create a sense of place.  We’ve seen so much of the cramped and abandoned business district, and now we’ve so much more of the living (if fading) parts of town.  The (too brief!) scene with the taiko drummers gives us a better sense of Manoyama as ongoing place filled with daily life.

OK, all that being said… They really made us feel for poor Maki this week, and her reclusiveness is much more understandable. (Props to Remy Fool for making clear what I’d missed – Maki is from Manoyama.  Saved me from making an ass of myself on my own blog.)  She left home to make it big, and slunk home having failed to do so.  Now she’s at a crisis point – step up to the plate and swing even though she might fail, or walk away forever.

Shiori is the interesting one…  What’s going on in her head?  Why is she so unwilling to see that particular place burn?  She found other places and seems willing to let them burn, so it’s not just a simple desire to preserve what was.  There’s a connection there – childhood friend or relative.

Midseason thoughts:  Before this week my thoughts on Sakura weren’t very charitable, especially given that we have eighteen odd eps stretching out before us.  But my confidence has gone up markedly.  So, tentative keeper.

SukaSuka – Ep 5

Finally, we get the story of what happened at Island 15, and find out by inference that the military has signed off on Willem’s new system of fighting rather than simple kamikaze.  (Though Ctholly has a bad case of survivor guilt, which is not surprising given how she’s been conditioned since birth.)  Then they go off on wandering another travelogue of the sights of Corna di Luce…  Followed by Willem breaking his passive role (just a few minutes after he’d reiterated his philosophy of nonviolence and non-interference).   We ended with Willem and Ctholly once more in an emotional standoff, before he was diverted by what seems to a name (and baggage) from his past.

Honestly, I’m conflicted over SukaSuka…  There’s some good bones underneath, but they’re obscured by bad pacing and constant zigging and zagging all over the landscape.  The latest addition (political drama) on top of the existing interpersonal drama and Ctholly’s increasing issues does not bode well.

Midseason thoughts:  SukaSuka is now on double secret probation.  If they don’t improve in two weeks – overboard it goes.

Tsuki ga Kirei – Ep 6

Wow…  Our two young sweethearts make real progression in their relationship, but they also get some real kicks in the teeth.

The part where they pinky swore to support each other, and then suddenly realized that was dangerously close to holding hands and looked shyly away from each other was both funny and very touching.

Screenshot (34)

This was followed by less happiness.  Akane loses her race, and fails to qualify to advance because of her poor time. (Because her head isn’t in the game.)  Kotarou is told he’s not cut out for writing great literature, but hey! the publishing house is willing to exploit him as a light novel author.  (I just wanted to punch that slick jackass in face.)  But Akane and Kotaru double down – committing again to their dreams and each other.  Honestly, I half expected her to reject him and back down, especially since she knows Chinatsu is ready to pounce.

That ending scene though…  Poor Akane to face such an innocent question from Chinatsu when she’s so insecure to start with.

Also funny, the offscreen noises of Akane’s father gulping something down (a beer?) after the revelation that she has a boyfriend.

Over on Crunchy, Nick Creamer writes a very cool piece about how the Tsuki uses framing and presentation to control the moods presented, check it out – Tsukigakirei’s Romance of Distance.

Midseason thoughts:  At first wasn’t entirely sure about Tsuki, the slow pacing was frustrating.  But episode by episode it’s really grown on me…  more subtle and well executed than I first gave it credit for.  A keeper for sure – and far and away out front as the contender for AOTS.

Twin Angel Break – Ep 6

OK, there was the squick a couple of episodes back, but despite the extreme stupidity (even by the standards of a “paint by numbers” anime) of last ep, they appeared to have gotten over it.   Then came this week…  They’ve swapped to individual attacks and they open with an older male attacking a middle school girl (echoing the squick of ep 4).  Strike 1.  Then some rather disturbing and suggestive BDSM references…  Strike 2.  And the double down with another such set… Strike 3.

Midseason thoughts: I’m generally tolerant, but something about the whole direction they’re going (and I haven’t even mentioned the Angel counting the seconds since “Onii-chan” contacted her)…  Dropped.

Also, last weekend for some reason I ended up marathoning Girls und Panzer.  I need something mindless to watch, and it fit the bill.

And thaat’s all for this week folks!  Drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s episodes or the season so far!

18 thoughts on “Spring 2017 – Week 6 and some midseason musings.”

  1. Funny, I just started reading the manga adaptation of Girls und Panzer. A lot of silly nonsense, but I do enjoy the tank battles & all the stratagem. Probably works better in anime form tho.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d never thought to look at, or even for, the manga version. Actually, I didn’t even know there was a manga version!

      But every form of media has it’s own advantages and disadvantages… Action may be better in motion, but manga can concentrate more on a single moment.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you here at the Lounge in the future!


  2. I’ve dropped Fukumenki Noise a couple of weeks back, but I keep thinking that I should maybe come back to it one day. Your posts seem to confirm my confusion more than help me make a decision. It seems it’s that kind of show.

    (For what it’s worth, I feel similarly about Kabuki bu. I liked the characters, but the performances were painful and just one season after Rakugo, the drop in performance quality (even for a non-expert like me) was hard to take. I haven’t given up on the show yet, but I’m not currently watching.)

    The Twin Angels I never picked up and none of your comments made me think I should. (I didn’t like the first series [with different characters], so I didn’t have high hopes.)

    Tsuki ga Kirei is easily my favourite new show this season, but Uchouten Kazoku stands head and shoulder above the rest for me. This season, for the time in weeks, it trended downwards, but there wasn’t much higher to go, so… It’s just the show’s basic philosophy that appeals to me. You have to be a fool to enjoy this world, and if you’re already a fool you might as well go all out. What is fun is good. It’s such a magical show.

    I was glad to have Alice to Zouroku back. (Not the show’s name is Alice to Zouroku and not Sana to Zouroku; there’s a bit of emphasis in that, I think.) I really liked this episode, but for me it’s not all that different from the others, despite less plot and more slice of life emphasis. It’s fairly consistent for me, in what it’s doing.

    I also really like Suka Suka, but I do think the pacing is… very quick. I suppose they’re trying to cram too much into a single cour. This should have been a two-cour, I think. Grimoir of Zero continues to be a really solid fantasy show, too – living from the excellent chemistry between the protagonists (which is pretty much what I’ve been saying all along, so no change there).

    Both AoT and MHA are mid-tear shows for me; good fun but with caveats. MHA has a good chance to rise in my esteem when this arc is over; AoT is likely going to fall in my esteem to the extent that Eren creeps back into the spot light. I’m glad it’s MHA and not AoT that got the two-cour treatment.

    It’s interesting to read your take on the PA Works collection. My interest in Sakura Quest has fallen slightly, but remained steady on that level. I don’t feel they need to emphasise the MC more, and I thought de-emphasising Aoi and co. made Shirobako a better show. Ohana certainly was the centre of Iroha, though, the weighted end of the generation axis. But that one’s a coming of age story, while both SQ and Shirobako are basically there to show off behind-the-scene work. I do agree that getting outside is a good thing for SQ.

    Watched Girls und Panzer? Fun show. I was about to drop it as the initial gun battle triggered my motion sickness, but luckily that was an outlier. I loved humour; they played it completely straight, with old ladies reminscing about tank models and traditional wall scrolls with a tank motive. My favourite girl was no doubt sleepy-head driver (I forgot pretty much all the names). Oh, and that Russian war propaganda insert song (“Katyusha”) was utterly unexpected and brilliant.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Good fun but with caveats”, a nice turn of phrase. Don’t be surprised if I “borrow” it sometime in the future. :) :)

      There’s a lot of folks reading tea leaves right now trying to figure out how Alice will go… But you’re right, a lot of the SOL flows directly from what was established in SF/Action ‘prequel’. They’ve been pretty consistent there. As to the title, that’s food for thought.

      GuP is one of my favorite kinds of comedy – take a single ridiculous premise and play it completely straight. Which really isn’t different from an old SF writer’s adage – “you’re allowed one impossible assumption”. Bless has been watching, and (at least on Twitter) Mako is his favorite too. If I had to pick one, it would probably be Hana (the flower arranging girl), her cool elegance is just, well, cool. :)


  3. I feel that the narrative structure of Alice to Zouroku is very similar to Yuuki Yuuna, so I think it will go down the same path.

    BTW you misspelled Tsuki ga Kirei.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Y’know, I looked right at the tag (which I know to be spelled right) as I was typing and still transposed the two letters. Thanks!

      In terms of reaching the ‘traditional end’ early in the season, Alice is certainly following the same path… Are you thinking it will turn dark or that it will swing back to SF/Action-adventure?


      1. I compared Alice to Zouroku with Yuuki Yuuna right from the first episode or two, but I didn’t expect it to be this similar. The real reason I think it will go back to sci-fi again is because there are some loose threads remaining in the plot.


        1. There’s a lot of loose ends remaining in the plot… But it’s an ongoing manga series, and we don’t know how they’re going to close out the plot.


  4. I’m going to admit, Alice & Zoroku just hit my dropped list and hit it hard. The overall slice of life theme taking out most of the sci-fi and action elements killed it for me. I didn’t mind the little bit of cute while those other plot points had some time in the centre but I just couldn’t do a solid slice of life.
    Thanks for including the link.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome, I thought you caught some nice points.

      I’m curious though… The promo material for Alice made it look like it would be SOL (which is why I picked it up), so what attracted you to it in the first place? Or did I miss something in the promo material?

      Thanks for dropping by!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t tend to check out promo material and just try the first eps (unless I already know a bit about the title). The first episode, while it had slice of life elements, definitely wasn’t focussed on that so even though the show has been leaning that way since the beginning, there was enough other stuff going on to keep me interested. Episode 6 kind of tossed all those parts out, which is fine, but I’m not interested enough in the characters to stick with it at this point.


  5. Uchouten Kazoku: The best show of the season (or rather, the year so far) produced an episode so, well, eccentric that I don’t even know how I feel about it. But one thing is for sure: it’s writing and visuals are as good as ever.

    Tsuki ga Kirei: My favorite show of the year so far produced their best episode so far, making use of a lot of subtle details and scenes. This series is just so adorable lol.

    The Rage of Bahamut: This show is surprisingly really good. Also, Nina and Charioce is the funniest couple on this list.

    My Hero Academia: Bounced backed from a subpar episode last week. I like the themes of heroism and publicity that this show focuses on.

    Re: creators: Probably the most interesting show this season. It went back to the action that was present in the first 2 episodes. I wish that they showed more of Sota finding out about the “Military Uniform” girl.

    Grimoire of Zero: For the last few episodes, I really wished that they would focus more on the relationship between Zero and the Mercenary. We finally got some of that in the second half of the episode. But the first half of the episode (the Albus dining scene) didn’t make much sense to me (maybe it’s the bad writing?).

    SukaSuka: I have mixed feelings about this show. I like the mysterious atmosphere present in the show, but I dislike some of the character writing. Also, the fan service = :(.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SukaSuka really caught me with the prequel part of the first ep, and the rest of the ep was interesting too… But it’s really been sliding downhill since about the third ep.

      Tsuki ga Kirei has really been attracting a lot of attention as we swing through midseason, and I can’t think of a more deserving show. I was a bit impatient at the beginning, but sticking with it has really paid off.

      Thanks for stopping by. I love it when people share their thoughts, even about shows I’m not watching. Hope to see more of you!


  6. I agree with you on SukaSuka, i really want to like it but to me something is just off. If it doesn’t happen soon ill be dropping it too!

    Your mid season thoughts on Attack on Titan made me laugh out loud! I really like the show but damn if what you said isn’t spot on haha! Sometimes i think Eren should just speak far less

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That Titan improves with the absence or at least silence of Eren is a pretty common opinion! :) :)

      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you back in the future!


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