An unexpected hiatus


After last week’s optimistic post, well, Life happened.  (Literally within a couple of hours of posting.)  Something has come up which is eating almost all my physical, emotional, and mental energy.

Not to worry it’s none of what you’re thinking!  We’re healthy, happy, married (and planning on staying that way), employed, have a roof, aren’t on the lam from the law, etc…  It’s just a thing that has to be done and that’s all I really want to say.

The upshot is, it’ll be another week, possibly two, before I can even begin to contemplate getting caught up and collecting myself enough to write coherently.  (And then try to figure out how to salvage the trainwreck.)   I may try writing some short blurbs, but I make no guarantees.

13 thoughts on “An unexpected hiatus”

  1. LOL, timing is everything! :D But seriously, take the time you need, and hopefully you’ll be back before you know it! :D I hope everything is okay, but I understand how Life just happens – it’s constantly throwing us curveballs. sigh wishing you the best as I await your return! :)

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  2. Sometimes life keeps you busy. Don’t let the blog become a source of additional worry. See you when you’re ready.

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