Mostly about the weekend, but also about anime.

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Wow – the 4th of July holiday has really messed up my writing schedule.  My lovely wife took most of Monday off, which made it essentially a four-day weekend.  We got a ton of much-needed chores done (yay, new bookshelves in the bedroom!) but we also had fun and ate well (YAY! for having a new grill!!).  The best part was the strawberries…  Fresh from a local farm, we served them over homemade cheesecake and made strawberry ice cream.

Nothing matters but the weekend 
From a Tuesday point of view…

But I digress…   We’re caught up on premiers and I plan on getting out my first overview post today or tomorrow.  The Atom finale is this weekend, so Mon or Tues I’ll get the final post for Spring 2017 up which will also catch up other ongoing shows.  I’ll also be talking about the special ep of Demi-Chan which aired over the last weekend.  (If you haven’t seen it, Crunchy has it, go watch it!  It’s very good.)  The season wrap-up post should follow shortly thereafter.

Other digressions, and also some stuff about anime, after the jump.

Other digressions…


Steam had a summer sale going on, and I picked up Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet.  We watched the anime last year and enjoyed the heck out of it,  I ended up choosing it as my AOTS.  (Which was a tight race and a hard decision since Summer 2016 also included Orange and the wonderful Sweetness and Lightning.) I’ve been curious to play the VN, and since Steam had it on sale for $2.99, it was a no-brainer.

I also picked up SimCity 4 and have been playing way too much of it over the past week.  I think of it as a long visit with an old friend…  I’ve been playing SimCity off and on ever since it came out for the Commodore 64 way back in 1989.

But it hasn’t been all work and games over the last week.  On top of the premiers, we also indulged in a little re-watching in the evening to relax.

We watched Barakamon, making it to episode 3…


We (though mostly I) also watched random episodes of Encouragement of Climb (mostly working my way through favorite eps of season 2).


We’re eagerly looking forward to the third season coming out next year.

Speaking of looking forward to…  We’re going to see Spider-Man: Homecoming on Saturday.  It’s an interesting bit of synchronicity, my wife and I met on July 8 back in 1989, and our first date was seeing Batman – which also starred Michael Keaton.

So, that about wraps it up!  For my US readers, how did your holiday weekend go?  For my international readers, what about your weekend?

10 thoughts on “Mostly about the weekend, but also about anime.”

  1. “The best part was the strawberries… Fresh from a local farm, we served them over homemade cheesecake and made strawberry ice cream.”

    This sounds ridiculously good, I’m jealous

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Then I probably shouldn’t go into details about the cheesecake… Which was made, in part, with fresh eggs from another friend’s farm. Tasted fantastically almost like a cheesecake custard. :)

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  2. A new grill? For some reason, reading that made me want to eat grilled bell peppers. Cut them into stips, put them inside down, don’t leave them for too long…

    You remind me that I need to get back to Yama no Susume some day. I got stuck in the middle of the second season for some reason I can’t remember, but I really liked that show.

    As for weekends: unusual work-time means I don’t really have them. I’m free whenever.


    1. You and my wife would get along, she loves bell peppers… I can take or leave them, and prefer to leave them.

      It’s a short, so it wouldn’t take much time to catch up! :)


  3. Barakamon is one of my favorites! I really love that anime! Can’t wait to see what you thought of the premiers! I’m thinking about writing my initial thoughts as well. :)

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  4. I also like Interview With Monster Girls. Someone asked if there were any anime characters who would make great parents, and I chose the main character from that show (Takahashi).

    I came to your blog looking for inspiration for mine. I found it, and I followed you on Twitter. Good job.


    1. Welcome to the Lounge and thanks for the follow!

      I didn’t get around to posting a season wrap up for Winter 2017, but Demi-Chan would likely have been my AOTS.


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