New Feature – schedule page!

The things I do on Sunday mornings on my first cup of coffee…  Sometimes, they’re even a good idea.


Presenting – my viewing and posting schedule!

Last season, I kept a draft blog entry to keep track of my watching schedule…  As I was working on this season’s schedule I thought “why not make it public?”.    As I was cleaning it up to make it presentable, another idea occurred to me – “why not add links?”.  So I added links to the tag page for each show (including the archived list from last season, just because) and to the season category.

All that being said, it’s not that heavy a schedule this season, if only we can get caught up!  We’ve watched a ton this weekend, and with only one show for me and one show for us left to catch up on, we’re nearly there.  (We won’t get much done this afternoon though, we’re off to see Kiki’s Delivery Service at the theater.)  Then we can get started on the remaining shows we want to check out.  I’ll try and get out a post this week on the Season So Far, but my RL schedule is still a little wobbly.

4 thoughts on “New Feature – schedule page!”

  1. That’s an interesting feature and good for overview. (There’s one grievous oversight: You need Action Heroine Cheer Fruits on that list.)

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    1. I’d love for Cheer Fruits to be on that list… But it’s not available anywhere I have a subscription to. I could subscribe to HIDIVE I guess, but not for a single show. Plus I loathe watching on my computer screen rather than my TV.

      One of these days I do need to figure out how to connect the two if possible… They’re only inches apart after all.


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