Local blogger hits milestone!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled weekly post to bring you breaking news!

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A local blogger has hit a significant milestone!  Hit the jump for more information!

(A little old skool music – also my high school class song…)

Wow!  How time flies.  One year ago today, I hit publish and my first official entry went live.  Seems it was just yesterday…

Still, I have the easy part – writing.  The hard part is slogging through the nonsense I generate on a weekly basis, so huge thanks to those of you who do so week after wearying week.  And in my view a blog isn’t a one-way street, it’s a community and it’s the commenters that make it complete.  So, a shout out to Dawnstorm, WingKing, Jon Spencer, Remy, Karandi, Noop, and so many others who comment and take part in the discussions.

Also, this is my 101st post!


Year in Review:

Let’s take a look at how the year has gone…

Top five posts of the last year by number of views:

#5 Fall 2017 Week 2 – In theory, the Lounge is based on weekly reviews…  Yet, this is the only weekly review post in the top 5.  (The next isn’t until #7.)  There’s a bunch of weekly related content in the #10-#20 range though.

#4 Some Favorite Anime Scenes – Still occasionally getting hits today, and a topic I need to revisit someday.

#3 Making Miso – Batch 1 – Not at all surprised this one ranked so high…  I posted it in culinary groups all over Facebook.  Still need to write the miso soup recipe article I mentioned though.

#2 Anime Avengers Assemble! – One of my favorites, and the third most commented article for the year.  I would have thought it the first…  It seems that way in my memory.

Aaand a drum roll please!

#1 Photography in anime – Just Because! Episode 1 – A post that started as a side comment, then took on a life of it’s own…  Also my most widely linked post, and the most commented post for the year.   And a reminder that I need to write Part II, which exists in my head and is more a reflection on Ena’s processes and my own and how much I get her.

Top five posts of the last year by comments:

As I said above, comments make community, and it’s interesting to see what topics got the most comments. (Posts not linked were linked in “by views” above.)

#5 Worth Reading: 9/28 – 10/13 Oddly enough, not even the inaugural Worth Reading.

#4 Fall 2017 – First Impressions Part III (Finale) Much discussion of the YuYuYu sequel.

#3 Anime Avengers Assemble! (Linked above.)  Generated a ton of comments on other people’s teams and the characters.  Some fun side discussions on roles & missions and the philosophy of team building.

#2 Will I find love? Anticipating Fall 2017 Again, much discussion of the YuYuYu sequel…

(No cheesy drumroll video this time, I figure I can only get away with that once…)

#1 Photography in anime – Just Because! Episode 1 (Linked above.)  No surprise here…  The most viewed article is also the most commented article.


Screenshot (256)

Some nice growth over the year, even if my meltdown in the winter season is so apparent…  October and November stick out because of the very popular posts in those months.


You can’t have an honest review without looking at the warts and the problems can you?  There are some things I don’t like about what I’ve done…  The attack of stage fright in the Winter season.  The number of times I punted or was late.  That I’ve never managed a full set of season reviews.   All I can do is try on do better next year…

Looking forward!

So, here’s how I see the upcoming year…

  • Weekly Episode Reviews/Comments:  Not always the most popular, often the hardest to write because of the unforgiving deadline, but I still see it as the heart and soul of the Lounge.  For the nonce it remains my number one priority.
  • Worth Reading:  You may have noticed the lack of these over the past couple of months…  Frankly, that’s because of the additional time eaten by the long form Yamato 2199 groupwatch posts.  Look for it to return if the Winter season turns out to be light, or when the groupwatch is over.
  • Feature content: AKA, “ideas that occur to me in the shower” and/or “stuff that sounds good on my first cup of coffee”.   Often fun to write, sometimes hard to write, but unpredictable in frequency.  But I have some notes on ideas and there will be more of that coming as I find time/energy.

And there you have it folks!

Screenshot (246).png

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for all your support, thanks for being here!

21 thoughts on “Local blogger hits milestone!”

  1. Congratulations on the milestone! Loved the touches you included in this post from the newspaperesque title and the videos (the drumroll in particular).

    Like you said, you do seem to struggle with the weekly reviews, but said feature is probably the cornerstone of your blog. Hopefully it’s easier for you in 2018.

    I do miss your Worth Reading segment. Fingers crossed for when it returns. Same goes for Featured content.

    Here’s to a lot more from you in 2018, which should hopefully be an amazing year.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Remy!

      Loved the touches you included in this post from the newspaperesque title and the videos (the drumroll in particular).

      Some of the stuff you and Jon have been doing recently inspired me to try to mix things up a little.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratualtions on getting to this milestone!

    Good luck with everything that you plan to do in the upcoming year! I can’t wait to see what you bring out. ^-^

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats. So it’s been a 100 posts?

    That photography post is excellent: posts where anime intersect with hobbys that bloggers are passionate about are always among the most interesting reads.

    If I had a blog, December would systematically be my worst month: the spirit of Christmas won’t let me rest. I don’t think my nerves’ll settle down until New Year’s Eve is through. Also I’ve had to buy a new computer; my old one decided to finally break down (after 8 astounding years of service) – during the holidays when shops are closed. (It’s the strangest breakdown ever: about the only thing it’s still good for is… to watch anime [even though I have to switch it off manually after each episode and reboot it].)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I was astonished myself… A post every four days on average. I must be insane.

      From Thanksgiving week (Nov 25th) on, it’s been a bear! There’s just so much going on, thankfully that settles out next week. I hope to revisit photography soon, once life settles down. I hope Crunchy gets Yama no Susume S2 back, because there’s a photo post there too…

      Buying new electronics is always a PITA… and moving into a new computer (tablet/phone) is kinda like moving into a new house. It takes a while to get everything in it’s place.


  4. Congrats, and cheers to a successful first year! I’m always looking forward to your new posts.

    Also, sorry I haven’t been commenting much the last few weeks, but I’ve hardly had time to watch any anime at all this month, so I couldn’t participate in the weekly discussions because I’m behind on every show. I’m actually going to end up extending my Strike subscription for one more month, just to give myself time to finish what I need to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!

      I hope it’s been good busy, not bad busy. Buckle in when you get a chance to get caught up on YuYu, it’s getting good!


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