Favorite Anime OP’s & OP Bingo contest! – Introduction

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This should be fun and different!  A little while back, there was a thing going around on Twitter about making a Bingo card with your favorite anime theme songs…  And I’ve decided to turn it into a bit of a contest here at the Lounge.

Hit the jump, read about the contest and see what you could win!

So, here’s how it works:  I’ve taken the images for twenty four of my favorite anime OP songs, and put them on a Bingo grid.  To make things a bit harder more fun, I’ve made them black and white, and blurred them.  Even more fun?  Some of these anime have more than one OP tune!

You get to try and get a Bingo by figuring out the anime and song.  (A Bingo is five across a row, down a column, or diagonally from any corner.)

Leave your guess in a comment using standard bingo notation.  (I’ll leave you on your own honor to not read anyone else’s guesses before leaving your own.)  You can guess as many songs as you like, but only one Bingo guess per person and it must be explicitly stated. (For example: B1= Cyborg 009 “What’s the Justice?”, I2= Promised Neverland “Touch Off”, N3= Free Space, G4= Flip Flappers “Serendipity”, O5= Girls Last Tour “Ugoku Ugoku”.)

Comments on this post will be locked next Monday prior to posting the first batch of reveals, so don’t dawdle in getting your guesses in!

Bingo Grid

Every Monday for the next five weeks, I’ll reveal five squares – and we’ll see who got it right (or who got it spectacularly wrong).  Will anyone have a Bingo?  If nobody has a Bingo, I’ll see who got four right, then three (if needed), etc…  Someone will win, it could be you!

In the event of a tie,  I’ll make a random selection between those persons making a correct guess.

The prize is three months premium subscription to Crunchyroll, paid via a Crunchyroll digital gift card.  (Please read Crunchyroll’s terms & conditions for the card.)  And we all win from one point of view, five weeks of talking about anime theme songs!

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21 thoughts on “Favorite Anime OP’s & OP Bingo contest! – Introduction”

  1. I have no real need for a prize, but:
    N1: A Place Further Than The Universe – The Girls Are Alright
    N2: Spice and Wolf – Tabi no Tochuu (is the one i like more)
    Free Space
    N4: Sweetness and Lightning – Harebare Fanfare
    N5: Cowboy Bebop – Tank

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    1. Haha, took the easy one XD I knew those ones instantly. I’ll see if I can figure any actual BINGO’s out beyond this one. I can get a few individual ones here-and-there but some are actually quite hard.

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  2. Blurred out stuff is hard for me to look at for too long, so I’m not sure I’ll get many. Also, I don’t actually know the song titles often, so I’ll have to handwavily describe that.

    Here’s the ones I can guess:

    I1: Erased; only had one opening as far I can recall (the one with the cinema styling is what I’m thinking about).
    N1: Unsure. A Place further than the Universe? Only had one opening, but I can’t remember the title.
    B2: Unsure: Euphonium? Don’t know which season’s opening, though.
    N2: Spice and Wolf. Fairly sure it’s the Something-tabi or Tabi-something opening (that’s the one you tend to post)
    B4: Nana – Broken Rose (I think that’s what it was called?)
    N4: This looks like Sweetness and Lightning. Only one opening as far I can recall.
    G5: Looks Love Live style, but I can’t tell which season (or even Sunshine)

    The closest I get to a bingo (If I’m right to begin with) is N, and there’s a few shaky ones in there, and the freebie helps, too. Also, I didn’t get a single O, though O1 looks the most familiar.

    Reading the replies now to see what others have guessed. (It’s fun.)

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  3. I can pick maybe three of them but honestly I’m struggling to make out anything outside of blur on them and the ones I can figure out don’t line up with anything else. Fun game though.

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  4. I don’t really need the prize either, but this is too much fun to pass up. Let’s go with this set:
    B5=Angel Beats, “My Soul Your Beats”
    I5=Yuki Yuna is a Hero, “Hoshi to Hana”
    N5=Grimgar of Fantasy & Ash, “New Day”
    G5=The Idolmaster, “Change”
    O5=Princess Principal, “The Other Side of the Wall”

    I’m 100% confident in three of those, one I’m pretty sure of the anime but no idea which song (I can’t remember you talking about either of its OPs, so I just picked the one that I like better), and one is just a wild guess that’s probably totally wrong.

    As for the rest, I’m sure I can name both the anime and the song for I1, N1, B2, G2, N4, and O4, while I know the anime for N2, I3, B4, and (I think) I4 but would have to take a guess at which song from those. I can’t make out any of the other inkblots.

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      1. Well I was trying not to leave too many accidental spoilers for other players, but if you insist. I’m guessing on G5’s song and N5’s anime, though now having read the other comments and looking more closely I think Marthaurion might be right about N5. I just saw a vaguely sword-shaped blur of light there and was trying to think of some fantasy shows I knew you liked. B5, I5, and O5 I’m quite sure about, and I’m fairly confident about G5’s anime even though I haven’t seen it (just watched the OPs a few times each); I can’t think of any other franchises I know you like that would pack that many characters into one poster.

        As for the others, I’m confident about Erased (I1), A Place Further Than the Universe (N1), Sound! Euphonium (B2), Made in Abyss (G2), Sweetness & Lightning (N4), and Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans (O4). Euph’s song should be “Dream Solister” and IBO’s should be “Raise Your Flag,” since I remember you liking those, and the other four only had one OP each as far as I remember, so those songs are givens as long as I’m right about the anime (Re:Re, The Girls are Alright, Deep in Abyss, and Hare Bare Fanfare). As for the ones where I’d have to guess at the song, I’d guess “Tabi no Tochuu” for Spice and Wolf (N2) and “Kiss You” for Silver Spoon (I3). And while I think I recognize Nana (B4) and Wake Up Girls (I4), I know nothing about any of their songs so I’d just have to google those and blindly pick from the list of their OPs.

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        1. Sorry! Didn’t mean to make you feel like I was putting you on the spot. I was genuinely curious as to what people are seeing.


        2. It’s amazing how obvious things can get once someone points them out. Your posts made me see a lot of things I didn’t, or I was wrong about. (Despite running for 4 seasons, I don’t think Nana had more than one opening, but just to be sure I guessed the song title – one of the few I actually remember.)

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