Favorite Anime OP’s & OP Bingo! – Week 1

01 Anime OP Bingo - Week 1.jpg

One thing I didn’t expect is that nobody would be interested in the prize!  Either way, folks seem to be enjoying the challenge – so let’s dive in and look at this week’s reveals.  Who guessed right?

B1 One Punch Man
THE HERO!! • JAM Project

What’s not to like here?  A rockin’ tune sets the table for Saitama unleashing his titular One Punch.  The OP sequence is practically an AMV/tribute to the anime and the main character.

Speaking of AMV’s – some that use THE HERO!! as their background music can be seen in a post I wrote on Anime OP AMVs, crossovers & parodies.

Re:Re: • Asian Kung-Fu Generation

I have always enjoyed the opening imagery, with an older man and a younger boy.  It’s not until you’re a couple of episodes in that the meaning is revealed.

Correctly guessed by Dawnstorm and Wingking, though not part of Bingo bids.

G2 Made in Abyss
Deep in Abyss • Miyu Tomita and Mariya Ise

Another OP that can be seen, in some ways, as an AMV…  it starts with Riko and Reg as individuals, then reaches it’s climax when they find each other.  That does recap one of the main themes of the show – their ever tighter partnership.

Correctly guessed by Wingking, though not part of his Bingo bid.

G3 Uchū Senkan Yamato 2199 (Space Battleship Yamato 2199) / Star Blazers 2199
Uchū Senkan Yamato • Sasaki Isao

I love this OP for two reasons, one is that it’s a stirring introduction to the show. It’s also a trip down memory lane, taking me back to watching Star Blazers in high school.

Interesting trivia –  the OP sequence for 2199 was designed by Hideaki Anno

Just for fun – the original English opening, awful 1970’s lyrics and all.

I4 Wake Up Girls!

Tachiagare! (Stand Up!) • Wake Up Girls!

Only used once for the OP…  But I had to include it because hands down, it’s my favorite tune by the Wake Up Girls!  (This would have been the song for the Bingo, but nobody chose that square…)

The second OP, and also a favorite – “7 Girls War”.

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7 thoughts on “Favorite Anime OP’s & OP Bingo! – Week 1”

  1. I should have guessed at least the show for Wake Up Girls, considering I was actually looking for it. Heh.

    And thanks to Wing King I already knew my Made in Abyss guess was wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Them standing in that V-shaped row is rather iconic, so I’m a bit miffed that I didn’t get the show. Not that it would have led to bingo, anyway, since I had little chance of guessing the opening.

        I’m still trying and failing to figure out O1.


  2. Songs on my own iTunes playlist: 1/5 (One Punch Man)

    You know, it occurred to me afterward that if I did win I could have asked about the feasability of passing the prize along to one of my anime club kids instead as a reward for winning one of our games or contests, because I know some of them don’t have streaming subscriptions. Dunno if that would’ve been possible anyway, but it was a thought.

    Anyway, nice to see I was right on the 2.5 of these that I guessed. I was kinda on the lookout for either OPM or HeroAca somewhere, but I couldn’t decipher that OPM blob up there.


    1. It’s just a digital code, so I’m sure something can be arranged if needed…

      I can tell you, HeroAca appears nowhere on the card… It’s OP’s have varied from meh to serviceable, but none have really wowed me.


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